By Goth Mohamed Goth  

The Current Prime Minister of Somalia Mr. Said Abdi Shirdon becomes the first serving public official to visit grave and pay respects to the late dictator Mohamed Said Barre.

The Somali Prime minister accompanied by several minister of his cabinet and MPs paid a visit to the grave of the late dictator Mohamed Said Barre which is located in the town of Garba-Haaray ,in Gedo region his ancestral home.

xabaasha siyaad bare

PM Shirdon who happens to be kinsman of the late dictator led lengthy prayers for the late President Said Barre during a visit to his burial place.

The visit by the Somali PM to the grave of a man who orchestrated one of the worst killings of this century is seen by many as adding insult to injury  , not to mention his recent immunity request for a convicted war criminal and r has also dealt another major blow to the already fragile relations that exist between Somalia and Somaliland.


  1. Pray for our late leader ! we need more people

    like him for somalia ! inchallah jannah for Comrade Syad !

    • afwayne was a great leader for your tribe but not for everyone else. He tried to turn mogadisho to a darood city while trying to exterminate the issaqs. He brought so many daroods from the country side to take up high government positions which was subsequently the down fall of the republic.

      i hope i did not offend you

      • No at all Dont worry Sir.
        On the Syad Barre Matter The only thing i know is that under Afweyne Régime Somalia was Educated and Mighty. And above all for the first time of the somali People history there was a A never ending sense of nationalism And unity. i think i dont have to remember you that Somali People in their history have never been United due to their Nomad and clannish nature.
        All in all my point is that No mater how hard some tribe Will try
        to Bring him down on the one hand they Easy to Forget who
        Teach them How to read and Gave them Scholarship on the other hand.
        Hawiye, Darood and Issaq (own member of my family) and all the rest got Free education
        and a guaranteed job after University.
        Of course the man was a dictator but if you Ask me Somalia Will need the likes of Chavez, khadafi, Meles and Syad right now.
        Not perfect men but Men with a vision !

          • Thats because he is a Very complex man.
            To fully understand his legacy you must leave
            any Manichaeism Perception Apart.
            For example He was a paranoid Guy like Every dictator but he managed to understand long before everybody the clanism disease.

    • I surprised Shabab did not exhume his bones…

      Besides he was born in Ethiopia not Zoomalia.

    • Nope Nigeria treated him like a High foreign official until his death Then pay his Transport
      To his homeland. Thats called Common Courtesy between 2 official countries.
      Please remind me when a Somaliland leader éven manage to get in a foreign country without his diaspora Foreign Passport ?

      • Ayanle that is our grand father's fault for having a fat dream of Somaliweyn…

        We won't make that mistake a second time.

        That is reason enough to never enter into another UNION with morons.

        • Your british Master have already Said the word. That is why your government is forced to hide The ongoing Talk with Somali Official.
          You have been Waiting for 20 years but the answer From the IC isn’t what you have expected.
          Deal with it…

  2. I though he was buried in a Nigerian toilet.

    Secondly if the PM has paid tribute to this man, then sheekh hassan should pay another tribute to the late Gen. aydiid who was responsible in saving the hawiye sub-clan from a forth coming genocide planned by daroods.

    • Curna,

      Actually, Aydiid killed many of his own Hawiye folks, when he couldn't find any Darood to fight he then turned his gun on his own people and eventually his own people turned against him and killed him. So you see my friend this fellow didn't do any good for his kinship.

    • Stop stealing other people’s joke little troll.
      Please Come up with something original.

      • Joke????

        The hell you talking about?

        I didn't steal any joke, what i did was state a historical fact and if you don't like it then there is nothing i can doing for you son.


  4. This is the reason SOMALIA has been the most Failed state for 22 Consecutive years. Only in a place like this can people pray for a brutal tyrant who 's actions destroyed his own country.

    Can you image the Germans praying for Hitler, the Italians pray for Mussolini or the Spanish for General Franco? This would be UNTHINKABLE!

    Utter disgrace.

    • Khandar,

      I am not a fan of this PM or the former regime, but do not blame the PM for doing what he did because i guess it is a Somali trait to always support your clan leaders no matter what crimes and wrong doing they do or did. Every year thousands of Hawiye hutu zulu zombies pro mooryan anarchist make their pilgrimage to Aydiid's burial site and pray to him, now keep in mind this was a person who murdered hundreds of thousand of Darood and other non Hawiye people and yet there is no complain from your folks.

      Also many isaaq see Silanyo and other isaaq SNM leaders as heroes when they are responsible of numerous atrocities against Dhubahante, Warsangeli, and other non Isaaq people in northern Somalia right after the fall of Siad Barre. Now how hypocritically is that.



      • Kiro,

        Do your people have sufficient amount of fire power to march all the way to Gedo and avenge your losses?

      • Revenge have never crossed my mind, wallahi. But the war have affected my life very much. It was just last year i started to think about how i can start living life again.

        • After 2 decade you have decided to live your Life
          Again ? Lool boy are you Issaq ? Only Issaq brother are so Spiteful !

          • I dont think you will ever understand how war can affect a child's life. I am now 27 years old, but I can remember everything. That's my curse, young man. It's the greatest curse that's ever been inflicted on the human race.

          • Watch your mouth boy we are the same age.
            2 of my Issaq uncle Died Fighting Syad régime. They fought for their Ideas till the end but my family After many years Manage to forgive and
            Get over this. Living in the past Will only Stop
            You from moving on and living.

          • Bro, ALI.

            It's time to move on, in mogadishu i know they guy who lost his whole family not only him but there are thousands like him who lost all their families.

            In somalia as whole horrible thing happen.

    • your little brother was a filthy TERRORIST and a tribalist minded RAT. Whoever died fighting for the TERRORIST millitia of SNM deserve to die and rot in the deepest HELL. stop your crocodile tears for a SCUM of a human being.

    • @ ALI I am Sorry for your Loss walalo, ilahay ha u naharisto.. you have my deepest sympathy.

      shame on you guys, how can y'all be so heartless, no one deserves to die.

      • Amirah, thank you walal. I don't understand how this guys can say a little innocent boy deserved to die. You guys are either stupid or just more evil than the devil

  6. I think a lot of you Should hear what Prof Samatar

    a proeminent Issaq Scholar has to say about Syad Barre. Basically he Said that Syad legacy

    can be divided in several part.

    One Very good that is the image of a leader

    And a builder of a nation.

    the Second of A power thirsty and Fierce Dictator with a Obsession For loyalty that cross Clan.

    All in all Samatar A more than 60 years old man

    explain to us that Syad was a complex man

    Not A angel nor a démon.

  7. Mr. Goth, how good is your spy network? because i checked other Somali sites and i did not see these photos. So have did you obtain these picture?.

    • إن شاء الله they both will one day.

      The real great Hawiye Warrior AUN Mujahid Caydiid may have turned on his own people but nobody can deny that in the beginning not only did he free the Hawiye from oppression but also at the same time stopped the ongoing genocide against the Isaaq and even Mj's.

        • LOL Sahra common

          The victory poineers that raped and murdered the Omar Mahamoud in Mudug were given the go ahead by Siayad himselve after abdullahi yusuf and his generals tried to over throw him.

          I am sure xaglatoosiye will have a memorial in buuhodle one day too 🙂 next to Saado cali's.

          • Buuxiye,

            The victory pioneers you're talking about raped and murdered more isaaq women than any other clan. So they deserve a memorial in Hargaysa more than any other location.

          • Irir Samaale you want to build a Memorial for Caydiid? obviously I don't think that there is a comparative of straight in your particular sense I think that your cells in your brain stopped working or either your just completely a dumbass. Caydiid never libreted the Hawiya people in fact he drag them into chaos and darkness. hawiya people were Mohamed siad barre favoured children. They were spoiled children, indeed they would get whatever they want. Mogadishu was considered one of the most beautiful cities in Africa because Mohamed said barre put all his energy into Mogadishu and when he was overthrow he left Mogadishu in it's original package.

            Now please tell us in your own words what happened to Mogadishu? Mogadishu infrastructures have been destroyed, its roads ripped up, and its ancient sites of Sayyid Mohammed Abdullah Hassan and the anti-Italian colony activist Hawo Tako statue in Mogadishu were deliberately blow up into pieces.

            At least If you gonna build someone statue sheikh sharif ahmed is the closest one since he abandoned the terrorist organisation Al shabaab.

          • NO NO NO

            They must build Caydiid's Statue in the heart of Muuqdishu.

            Caydiid is the heart of your nation, he should be in the history lessons of every Somalia school. He must be awarded the highest respect of state and the day he died must be made public holiday.

            May Allah reward Caydiid with Janatul Farduus… And may all his sins be forgiven.

          • LOOOOOL, Buuxiye, I guess it's true what they say, one man's enemy is another man's friend, perhaps we should build Memorials for General Morgan, Dafle, Tuke, Gaandi and etc.

          • Amirah sure ask them to come to Hageysa we will cover them in quick hardening cement so they will stand as a monument of our mistakes in entering a fake UNION.

            I have no issue turning Morgan and any of his relatives into Cement statues so long as they are inside it alive.

            It is a message for endless generation to forever hate and despise those scum of the earth Genocidal Kaafirs.

          • Buuxiye,

            And what about the SNM genocidal Kuffar who slaughtered thousands of Dhulbahante, Warsangeli, and even their own Gadabursi cousins after the fall of Siad Barre?.

            And even to this day the Isaaq clan are committing numerous violent crimes and land grab against Dhulbahante and Warsangeli. Should we also put Isaaq war criminals into cement as a message to generations of Dhulbahante, Warsangeli, and Gadabursi to hate their Isaaq oppression ?. I think it would be a great idea.

            And what about Godane the isaaq mass murderer who leads the largest terrorist group in Somalia.

            This man is responsible for countless of suicide bombing, beheading, kidnapping, assassination, and displacing hundred of thousand of civilians from their homes in south Somalia. I just don't like how you people act like the only victims while ignoring the crimes of kinship.

          • You are merely day dreaming… Somaliland governments have brought stability to Somaliland and is working in the right direction with regards to Political power sharing…

            However a few Terror groups like Khaatumo killing innocent civilians is not a war i assure you. Those they kill are also dhulbahante.

            If you understood Somaliland then you would understand that we are the perfect example to follow as we have achieved peace by diplomacy and tolerance as opposed to you inviting every mercenary group in Africa invested with HIV.

            If you want to succeed copy Somaliland system of governance and focus on your pre-1-July-1960 territory.

          • No, I merely stated historical facts that there are plenty of evidence proving Isaaq clan committed violent crimes against non Isaaq clans in the north after Barre's fall and to this day it continues to happen, and if it wasn't for MJ support for Dhull and Warsan then these atrocities would have been far worse than they are . Many Dhulbahante and Warsangeli clansmen have suffered at the hand of the Hargaysa regime because they simply want to remain with Somalia. Almost all of Warsangeli Sanaag and 2/3 of Sool support the union. And in regard to Khatumo you shouldn't call them terrorists because there are a group of people who oppose you and want self determination nothing wrong with that. And finally I do not hate Somaliland nor the Isaaq clan but my point is let the Harti clans of Sool, Sanaad, and Cayn have a say. Lets have a referendum election and if most of them vote in favor of Somaliland then I will wallahi support them joining Somaliland.

          • Any dhulbahante who dies is usually killed by another dhulbahante who wants his leather boots.

            Stop fabricating history to suit your deluded perspective nobody is buying it.

            When Mad Mule a.hassan was slaughtering the dhubahante they revered him as their savior. If a people welcome only those that are willing to abuse them then perhaps diplomacy was a flawed strategy on our part?

            All wars are started by you Daroods specially the MJ however you turn tail and run as soon as your victims fight back right?

            You have never won a battle in your history and from MadMullah to Siyad barre everyone has taken their turn in annihilating the MJs. However like cockroaches you are a stubborn bunch that refuses to live in peace.

            I don't recognize anything called Harti as a country or a nation state. Somaliland who gained it's independence 26-Jun-1960 attempted a Union with Somalia that gained it's independence 1-jul-1960. Union failed we are thus returning to our original borders.

            Those you call harti if they love Somalia are welcome to migrate there or anywhere else.

            🙂 with pleasure… The land will never move an inch.

          • Buuxiiye,

            Everything that i stated in my previews comment is 100% correct, and there are plenty of evidence proving Isaaq war crimes against non isaaq clans of the north. Most Dhulbahante who kill fellow Dhulbahante are on the isaaq regime payroll. There go after any prominent Dhulbahante who oppose you and that's a fact.

            Kulaaha all wars are started by Darood especially MJs, well does that include the current war being waged by your isaaq terrorist brother Godane? hahahahaha……………………..

            Yeah, i would rather have a pirate enclave than an isaaq khat addict terror supporting isolated enclave.

            Sool,Sanaag and Cayn belongs to Dhulbahante and Warsangeli people they've lived there for ages even before the British colonizers arrived and there is nothing you can do about, i know you would love to see them move away so your kind can move in, but i am afraid it wouldn't happen. I am so sorry to disappoint you son.

          • Buuxiiye

            Well if you believe we can't win a battle then please try to capture Bosaso or Garowe or any MJ land. After all aren't we claiming Sool, Sanaag, and Cayn?. So please try to capture Bosaso or Garowe.

          • You should not use the word annihilation or annihilating to describe what happened to another clan. Because those words perfectly suits the description of the 1988 isaaq holocaust.

          • Buuxiye,

            Now you have completely gone insane Mr. Buuxiye. If you think Darood parents will allow their children to be taught about how "great" Caydiid was then you need to be administered to a mental institution. As far as i am concern the Hawiye can built a statue of caydiid in their own Hawiyeland. " He should be in the history lessons of EVERY SOMALIA SCHOOL" hahahahah wallahi this was the funniest line in you comment.

            What makes you think Darood territories such as Puntland will allow their schools be indoctrinated with Hawiye mooryan curriculum? .

            You know what? don't even answer my questions you are clearly a sick individual. I don't blame you after 20 plus years without recognition would drive anyone crazy.

          • The reaility is if MJ will teach about Abdullahi Yusuf who brough Ethiopian troops into the land… Why not the Hawiye Hero Caydiid and Magool.

            I can picture it the Magool Theater of Somali culture in the heart of Muuqdishu.

            After all a Nation is being rebuilt why not honor the past Heroes of everyone.

          • Like i said the Hawiye can celebrate the lives of Caydiid and Magool all they want so long as they do it in their Hawiyeland.

            Yeah, we'll teach our kids about our heroes such as Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed (AUN).
            A/Y and other brave Darood leaders stopped USC Hawiye militia from exterminating Darood civilians as they were defeated in Galkacyo,Kismayo,Bardhere, and other places in central Somalia such as Balanbale and Cabudwaq. Caydiid had no choice but to put back his forces back to Hawiye territory because of heavy losses. We will never forget our heroes if it wasn't for them then Bosaso, Kismayo, Garowe, and all of Galkacyo would have been under Hawiye control.

          • Further more Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed (AUN) was the founder of Puntland.
            Say anything you want about him, but the fact of the matter is he created an administration for his people in their own land.

            So what did Ceydiid and other Hawiye leaders do for their people?

          • Muuqdishu has become HawiyeLand while you hide in your pirate enclave.

            Don't copy us as we have never really belong in Muuqdishu and we do not care who owns it However you should as it is your capital. Both Darood and Hawiye have equal claim on Muuqdishu because they both migrated there from other parts of Somalia.

            Banadir = Bani dir = people of dir.

            Dir people were the only Somalis that were found there and evn they did not actually live in the city, the Dir only went there to trade with the Sultan of Zanzibar people whose only descendents are the Xamari cadcads.

            If Hawiye can claim Muuqdishu then Darood has equal right there, however instead of fighting for Muuqdishu the Hawiye see your weakness and now they are exmanding their territory into Marka, Kismanyu and soon all the way to Gerowe.

            Considering the possibility Somaliland might even prefer a Hawiye neighbor in nugaal and bari some day.

          • @Guhad,

            kkk, You must be knew in this forum, buxiiye they guy run away mental institution also the Authority are looking if you see him inform the Authority so they can give his medication.

            I remember few month's i was with group old men, they were talking about somali civil one of the old man said i was in jail with Aideed early eighties and he said every thursday Aideed his family and mind use to visit us, they brought us some food and soap. after few weeks later the old man said my soap missing not once but many times. i later discover Aideed use to eat my soap the guy was insane MAD MAX kkk.

            After a year Barre release him and appointed him somali ambassador to India, within a year Aideed his daughter was caught exporting drugs from India to same middle east. so, moryaan will always be moryaan no matter what.

            kkkk, Hawiye moryaan curriculum will include how to loot, how to start destruction, how to keep property does not belong to you, how to occupy government buildings,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

          • So you're for an Airport being named after Abdiullahi Yusuf mind you by an Hawiye because unlike the cry me a river gang we don't hold grudges but not the great savior of even the Mj's themselves.

            Listen the SSDF were a bunch of woman not able to defend their own people against Barre who was butchering them day and night while at the same time poisoning their wells till Aideed came and put an end to it.

            Yes Aideed went berserk after that which in his situation if you thought about it would make sense because her's a man (Aideed) doing all the hard work while his other halve (Mahdi) who was more sunbathing than working become the president.

            Mogadishu yes allot of infrastructure has been destroyed during the fighting but have you been there lately or seen pictures ?

          • I think the MAD MAX aideed harm more Hawiye moryaan than Darood. and if some one build statue how about moryaan will loot and sell to scrap meta yard.kkkk.

            SSDF they were smart enough not to burn their homes, not same as SNM crazzy deluted millitia. one thing is for sure Mogadishu will never go back the way it was because those mogadishu build every somali person but now totaly different mogadishu will become Moryaan head office nothing more WAKE UP.

          • Its like the same person with different names spinning the same garbage like a broken record over and over again how about for once you take it to bin where it belongs.

            History knows SSDF were a bunch of wussies

          • You're funny Ahmed so which names do you think lol seems like someones fearfully paranoid of my intellectual capability.

      • Irir Samale, are you out of your freaking mind? why not build a Memorial for Adan Adde and Hawo Tako those are the real great Hawiye and Somali warriors. Warlord Caydiid not only did he create animosity between Darood and Hawiye but he also killed more Hawiye than any other tribe. the question is will Abgal allow Caydiid Statue in Mugdishu?

        what oppression? Said Barre spoonfed and trusted Hawiye more than any Darood clan and this is how you pay him back? not to mention 60% of SNA were Hawiye (HG)…

        • My tribe is Murusade who under Qanyare fought fiercely with him more than even maybe the Abgaals themselves but i believe a man who literally saved a whole clan (i'm not talking about the Hawiye) from genocide should be forgiven and remembered.

          Barre never spoon fed the Hawiye but was afraid of them so he dictated them lesser than the others but even then the top post went to Darood (even to those from kilil 5 and NDF) because every dictator tends to not trust their own clan members so instead keep their leaders under their armpit but make sure the bulk of the soldiers are from different tribes.

          Did you also know the real coup leader was a Hawiye by the name of AUN Salaad Gabeyre Kediye who was also known as the Father of the Revolution before Barre replaced him and then subsequently executed him in the 1971 power struggle.

  8. Faqash never change no surprise but why they don t take these sellout and traitor Fozia so called FM of Zoomalia as she love to be friend of walanweyn and faqash. Personaly i like this faqash PM as he widen more and more gap between Somaliland and Zoomalia. Be sure hater Blue faqash flag Will fly in Hargeisa day Where none Somalilander is still alive there. Hope PM carry on to spread hateand tension.

  9. After 22 yrs I thought Faqash has been changed and they learned and became humans again. They doing this bc he was their tribe . They know what he has done to somali state and they pretend that they bringing back somali state . this shows what they are another gang who want to suck somali blood .

  10. This picture is a nail in the coffin. For those who blindly hope, Somaliland will somehow, will accept all the injustice done to it and reunite with a failed state called Somalia.

    What this picture tells us is that there are some clan of Somalis which this so called prime minister belong to that considers dictator Af-weyne, a hero because he massacred over 60, 000 innocent Somalilanders. And they continue to think this people to belong to a wrong clan. If the thinking of these thugs is still the same after 24years, then they have yet to repent, which means it will be over the dead body of Somaliland people to ever thing of reuniting with the like of Mr. Shirdon.

  11. i am darood and i would led prayers for Aideed. people fight some die some survive. abdi qaybdiid killed more daroods than anyone living yet daood can get him easily in Galkacyo. but we cant live in the past and we move on while small tribes cry we are everywhere and march on to create next Somali empire.

    • darood everywhere

      As an MJ i was sick to my stomach when PL official allowed qaybdiid to enter Garowe during the road map document signings. What a disgrace, it would be like the isaaqs allowing general Samatar to come to Hargaysa.

  12. This has really angered me, this same Prime Minister sent a letter to the Americans demanding them to release War Criminal, General Mohammed Ali Samatar. This only suggests that he doesn't respect that thousands of Northerners who were killed because of their regime and disgusting behavior. He is only creating a bigger gap between Somalia and Somaliland, which can be seen as a huge plus for Somaliland but also a huge lack of respect.

  13. All of you need to grow up (by this I mean all Somalis) and except reality. Every Clan considers their war time fighters heroes. Just as one clan complains of another there is another complaining of them. The past is the past, there is nothing any of us can do about it.

    There are some who want justice for Isaaqs, there some who justice Darooods, there are some who justices for Hawiyes. Yet these very clans have the blood of there own clan on their hands. Yet there are those who have no one to fight for them or ask justice for them and those people are suffering even now as we speak of BS.

  14. The thousands deads in north-west Somalia was not a deliberate attack to kills civilians, but instead the targets were SNM militias who deliberately hided behind their people, not caring for their safety and so on. Siad Bare was a man who loved his country, the man died without having to resort to stealing public money. He could have run away with billions but he didn't, and that shows what kind of man he really was.

    What happened in Hargeysa was a big tragedy, but the biggest blame lies in SNM who was a militia, and every responsible Government of any country fights such militia, a militia who deliberately used their own people as shields.

    May Allah reward the innocents who died their the highest Jannah, including your brother Ali.

  15. I am sorry I don't see anything wrong in here Mohamed siad barre was a god fearing man and he deserve all the respect indeed he was a humble man and most of all a nationalist. So what if he killed few SNM cockroaches? No civilians were killed it's just propaganda by SNM to hide their losses so they dressed up the dead SNM cockroaches in civilian clothes for propaganda use nothing else.
    SNM cockroaches were considered traitors anyway they were Ethiopian backed militia who invaded my beloved city (Hargeisa) and they deserved to die and I hope they burn in hell.

    The remaining SNM cockroaches holed up in Hargeisa your days have ended you gonna get slaughtered no Ethiopian backed militia will be left to govern the great Somalia.

    Mohamed said barre (May Allah have mercy on him)

    • Mashalla brother PIS you nailed it on the head, there was no genocide as the alcoholics !!dors like to cry for the last 22 yrs. The only ones terminated were the snm terrorists & Ethiopian stooges who were killing their own people I.e in borama…RIP OUR BELOVED GREAT SOMALI LEADERS MOHAMED SIYAD BARE & ABDULAHI YUSUF….AMIIIN

    • Geezer,

      Are even a Majerteen?

      How can you praise this guy?
      The late dictator executed MJ leaders without trial and without even being charged with anything, my uncle who was an army officer and was one of them. He slaughter thousands of MJ civilians Poisoned our water supply and even killed nearly all our cattle in what is now Puntland before moving onto Hargaysa. I don't like discussing inter Darood issue on non Darood sites but you left me no choice. So if you're really MJ then shame on you.

      • Ismail Farah

        inagumed batahay bringing long forgone past events now when we are fighting to defend one of our dead against these !!dors SHAME ON YOU…by the way what did you expect for the failed coup leaders to be treated as sahib they got what they deserved for trying to overthrow the government and any leader would have hang them for trying to dispose his government.

        • Sade,

          And what did you expect when your late father discriminated against better qualified people? instead he hired a bunch of uneducated reer baadiya marexan, what did you expect when the dictator killed unarmed MJ civilians? What did you expect when your father executed MJ politicians and scholars without trial or even being charged with anything? so don't pretend my people and your people are friends.

      • All the rebel (SNM, MJ, etc) they all got what they deserve for standing against the Somali state.
        They finally got the power but see what they have done with it. They should have leave it to Syad.

        • Ayanle

          You only good at farting and vomiting in the internet , and What would you know about standing against dictatorial system and bravery and courage it took those citizen to gather in order to confronted their fear,And faced what was right and just cause for their country.

      • I can understand Sade Xtraordinaire but Mr PIS is a Chameleon and you know what their skills are ill give you a hint they like to blend in.

    • Siyaad authorised the rape of the Omar mahamouds in mudug and then they put poison in the water wells…

      Maybe all the kids of the omar mahamoud born between 1978 – 1980 are all Bantu because the victory poineers were mostly bantu.

        • If one of the Dirta-Waqooyi fake politicians kills one of the Muuqdishu civilains do you think we would accept responsibility?


          There have always been dirta-Waqooyi working in Muuqdishu for their own benefit.

          SNM did not need refugees from Gedo to remove Siyad and his troops.

          • We are not talking about today, and I know you're smart than that.So let's not play games ok!!!

      • @Buuxiye

        Actually we don't allow Bantus in our linage. But i hear the offsprings Bantus, Midgans and D&M foot soldiers during the late 1980's Hargaysa onslaught have been accepted into the Isaaq clan family.

        • Where are the children of the victory pioneers of Siyad barre?

          I bet they are still considered Darood?

          • There are in Hargaysa and Burco and they call themselves Isaaq and have Bantu, Midgan, and D&M fathers and isaaq mothers. No wonder you guys call yourself Habar this Habar because you are illegitimate offspring of siad barre foot soldiers.

  16. MAASHAAA ALLAH I m really glad Mr Saacid visited ALLAHA UNAXARIISTEE MUDANE SIYAAD BARE'S grave. keep visiting other regions and spread peace,,, SOOMAALIYA HANOOLAATO.

  17. Somalia will never get over this war as long as people like this PM pray for a man who not only fostered hate among Somali clans to keep himself in office but systematically tried to wipe out fellow Somalis. All the clan warfare that is going on was something Barre fostered in the hearts of the people like a seed and that seed basically took fruit.

    Some of you are trying to act all Islamic and say well people fight and die and we should just get over it. I am sorry I don't remember the prophet praying over Abu Sufyans grave……

    Evil should never be treated equal to good. And as long as people try to pass this type of nonsense off as ok Somalia and its people will never have lasting peace or trust.

    Its easy to say get over it when you have not lost anyone, but when you remember vividly what happened and how you lost close family this is not only hard to swallow but deeply saddening!

    • NLander,You hit the nail on the head. I have to add that our leaders (however emotional they were about a mirage they named Somali-weyn) erred in 1960, an error with incalculable cost in lives and precious time & resources fighting the only enemy the people of Somaliland has ever known.____Regardless of whether some wanla-weyn dude visits a pseudo-grave (as all know big-mouth escaped & perished in Nigeria) is totally irrelevant to the people of Somaliland. So, I say to those __malfeasants in Moga to try to clean up their own house

  18. Goood !!dor is a dead !!dor trust my uncle….

    The only ones terminated were the snm terrorists & Ethiopian stooges who were killing their own people I.e in borama…RIP OUR BELOVED GREAT SOMALI LEADERS MOHAMED SIYAD BARE & ABDULAHI YUSUF….AMIIIN

    • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

      stop talking and come and take sool and sanaag back you darood scum. we use your dirty women as sexual objects everyday and then sell them on to the ethiopian army to have fun………………….

      syaad is sucking satans d!ck in hell like ever single darood filth will be.kkkkkk

      • guss,

        Last time i checked all of Warsangeli sanaag is under PL control as well as 2/3 of Sool.

        Cayn is in the hands of SSC warriors.

        And in regard to the Ethiopian Army i believe they are using the berbera port and are getting pleasure from isaaq women just like Gunthe Bishoff.

        • @ gus yusuf

          KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK since when is darood land controling sool and sanaag.kkkkkkkk

  19. I love How hawiye and Darood are united with the Prime minister Décision to visit Syad Grave.
    That show the Level of respect People feel After
    All he has done decades ago.

  20. Both Aideed and Magool deserve more than a memorial, they both should have the house of parliament and the villa Somalia named after them. They were certainly great Mujahids who liberated Somalia from Afweeyne dictatorship.

    • Dhugtame

      I actually hope they name the parliament and villa after those two, because it will alienated Daroods and non Hawiye people and farther weaken the Hawiye "government".

      • In a 1man 1vote… Trust me Hawiye will not need anyone other then Hawiye.

        In democracy Hawiye will become the Kikiyu of Somalia-Federation.

        Once Somaliland-Republic is Recognized and Dirta-Waqooyi criminals cannot vote any more 🙂

        Welcome to your NEW reality 🙂 it won't be long before you find Hawiye Boli-Qaran renaming Bossasso airport after Indha-cade or Yalaxow.

        • Hawiye population died the day leader call caydiid said I'm going to guide you to promise land instead he guide all capable fighting age man to graveyard and the rest woman and children to camps all over Somalia, So whether you stay or go their existence from now till the end of world will be minority status, Got that.

          • Sahra you will find that most of the refugees in places like Dadaab and Dollo Ado are filled with your people mostly because of Aideed forget even mentioning the diaspora.

          • Murursada, twenty-four hour that's how long it took Mr Aideed to eliminated you and completely make you orphans. So my early suspicions about you was all alone right.And brother was in Somalia couple months ago and he traveled all over Somalia with his organization and hawiye land is nothing more than camp after camp with full of malnutrition kids and woman who aged beyond their age.And if that's not enough for you,take a look what the resident of marka are doing to this so-called president which happen to have a large dir ajuuraan community and how they feel about hawiye present in their land.

          • Haha Sahra every one knows the strength of the Murusade the David in a land full of Goliath's your talk is amusing tho.

            We know whose tribe is filled up in them refugee camps in Kenya/Ethiopia keep kidding yourself.

          • Sorry the true hurts. daarood can will survived camps, because it's like a drop in the ocean. on the other hand we can not say the same for you and it's hard cold facts that you're a dying breath.

          • Now you've just turned into a nagger i ain't a woman Sahra so i suggest you seek one in order to keep your nagging going.

            PS are you suffering from some sorts of midlife crises by any chance because the tell tale signs suggest so.

          • Maa iska dhahdid abaad, I'm a generous sister and I'll definitely spare you irir my brother kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

          • You're a funny person Sahra hahah.

            In my neck of he woods if you're seen arguing with a woman for a long time and she's not one of your family member or girlfriend/wife then you're manhood will be under thequestion lol.

            We can debate but when the debate turns to arguing is were i say Astalavista.

            Also why do Somalis use the letter K to express they're laughing (no jab intended).

        • Buuxiye,

          Kulaaha Bosaso airport will be named after Indha cade or Yalaxow, only in your dream son. The first Hawiye that comes to Bosaso with that idea will have a bullet in his microscopic brain.

          I am glad the great Dhulbahante and Warsangeli clans have rejected the Isaaq criminal terrorist supporting regime.

        • buxiois.

          The reality is WHEN it comes to one man one VOTE system Hawiye does not have the number. somalis know how many regions hawiye lives. hawiye moryaanos will stay where they are not one INCH does not belong they will be able to take WAKE UP SMELL THE COFFEE.

          @ Guhaad.

          kkkk, naming Bassaso airport Moryaan name will be unthinkable. the folks in Bari they believe Hawiye have TALE.

          • Siyad Barre held government for 21years… Why be Clannists let the Hawiye enjoy their turn…

            Somalia_Road-Map territory is not ready to have any non Hawiye sitting in Muuqdishu as President. Not until there is a proper Somali army which will take 10-20years to build that discipline.

            It is Hawiye Booli qaran time… Let them enjoy it, just like you did 1960-1991.

            It is only fair.

          • please if you call two blocks presidency, compare to siyad bare time which he had the privilege of controlling the whole nation, even thou he was not democratically elected and wasn't what I would want for Somalia to experience and how things unfolded for the great good of the population than I"ll say suit yourself…

          • Buxis,

            When i said WAKE UP and SMELL THE COFFEE You have not got the message. what i meant was today somalia is different compare to 1960-1991 let the Hawiyo moryaanos keep mogadishu in reality no one will go there. as i said many many times somalia will have five to six semi-autonomous states. so, if Hawiye or any other tribe become president of somalia it will not effect anyone because regional states will have the real power.

  21. The prime minister shouldn't have done that. It was a controversial thing to do, which can harm the fragile relation between the two regions ( South and the Somali land)..

  22. Our beloved president SIYAD BARE.. your spirit will live in all of us.

    I'm not defending SIYAD BARE because of TRIBE but It is often easy to tell a real man from a crowd of people.. a real man has haters & lovers, he has followers & runners, he has great words about him & bad rumours around him.. he is visible in every corner and loved by millions.. hate/love nothing deters him from giving his voice to a nation of listeners.. he sees beyond them and his words go further them.. the few may get twitchy but they always go back to their shell.. as he is the incredible, the dynamite, the loved and the never ending story of a soul that has lived, the life meant for a real man.. his soul will rest in peace…. I rest my case.

  23. @Ismail Farah

    Yes I am 100 % majerteen but let's not condone for the little things he did but one thing is certain he was the one of the best leaders to come out from Somalia only to imam Ahmad Gurey and Sayid Maxamed Cabdille Xasan. Mohamed siad barre build a strong Somali government institutions, strong economy and no doubt we had the best army in African and Arab world only to Egypt and he almost fulfilled Somalia's long-held dream the Somaliweyn Ogaden was within our sight if it wasn't for thousands cubans, yemeni and russia's involvement in Ethiopian we could have already conquered the Ogaden.

    Abdullahi yusuf (May Allah have mercy on him) was not a traitor he was an army colonel who fought against the Ethiopian occupiers in the Ogaden war but long after the war had ended he started a small rebellion the Somali Salvation Democratic Front(SSDF) and attempted to oust Mohamed said barre but they reconcile their differences through peaceful means and most of the (SSDF) rebels were formally integrated into Somali National Army. SSDF never had any ties with SNM and USC and they never played no part in the coup in Mogadishu.

    Abdullahi yusuf (May Allah have mercy on him) admitted his guilt when he was elected as the president of Somalia in 2004 when he clearly said if he knew Somalia will turn out for the worst he would have exceeded his powers to crush the ethiopian backed rebels SNM & USC.

    Remember we are not Isaaq we don't campaign for Puntlands recognition majerteen are son of Somalia Somalia was abandoned 20 years ago the Isaaq clan decided to cut themselves from Somalia and declared a colonial white trash village back in 1991and the hawiya sub clans Habargidir and Abgaal were each other's throats and Dolbahante and Warsengeli were threatened with annexation internally by the SNM cockroaches. The majerteen elders and Abdullahi yusuf (May Allah have mercy on him) developed an emergency plan since our country (Somalia) was on the brink of extinction. The Garowe Conference that launched the creation of Puntland managed

    * To protect the sovereignty unity and integrity of Republic of Somalia
    * To stop the Isaaq secession by all means
    * To confront the secessionist Isaaq militia with the aim of taking control of SSC regions
    * To gather enough (Majerteen, Warsangeli and Dulbahante) forces to begin a counter-attack against the Isaaq militia
    * To stop the Isaaq militia aggression against Warsangeli and Dulbahante terrority
    * To establish a new democratic government for Somalia.

    These points where all fulfilled by the great Abdullahi yusuf (May Allah have mercy on him) Today

    * The Isaaq militia have been contained they appear to be weak and this may turn out to favour the hasan sheikh mohamud government.
    * The Isaaq mititia they are slowly losing their ideology and its Influence in northern Somalia even their closest cousin (Gadaabuursi) have abandoned them.
    *The Isaaq mititia are solitary confined inside a dark room.
    * The Isaaq mititia are finished and the few hard-liners holed up in Hargeisa will be crushed with military force.

    Thanks to Abdullahi yusuf (May Allah have mercy on him).

    Somalia's Greatest Hero.
    (1) Imam Ahmad Gurey
    (2) Sayid Maxamed Cabdille Xasan
    (3) Mohamed siad barre
    (4)Abdullahi yusuf
    May Allah have mercy on their souls

  24. if the leaders of somali become the sons of siyaad. "ilaahay naarta ha ku fogeeye" in ay booqdaan wayneeyaan gacanku dhiigle Mohamed siyaad. this shows that still there is remains of that digtator who are sitting the public chiars, if hawiye don't do any things such acts that creating hostility, we will comeback and do something about it. this guys are fools, they should ashamed for themselves.

  25. There is a song that says: who let the dogs out? The day is not far off when Buqland Geezer and people like him will be punished and bunred alive.

  26. @Ali

    I'm sorry for your loss I myself lost some close members of my family too but history has proven again and again that separation is not the solution its just make things even more complicated. I'm sure there are tons of other diferentes things you can demand from the central government in mogadishu but the Republic of somalia sovereignty is sacred and non-negotiable.

      • Jin Stay in your village and If I caught your rear Isaaq militia manoeuvring in Khaatumo state then SNM will lose their salvation they be sent straight back to hell.

  27. Siad Baree was a hooker (daboole) and at the same time cannibal.He was the least educated and the most talkative dictator. He sinned against all Somalis. Let hell eat his flesh, bones and soul as well.

  28. hawiyoow nacas markale aya lagu xukumayaa, oo intuu ku soo kaxeeyay xabaashii dhigtetarka ku dulkeenay hadana ku yidhi ducee. hawiyoow magacaaba
    dadka qaarba wax bayku wanaagsanyihiina orodoo dameerahaagii raac.
    aniguna waxaan leeyahay ale ha u naxariisto hawiye

  29. areee intee dadkeey la soo uruurshay maalee dhahaa ducee
    aree ducee madiidin ee dadkee qiirada ka muuqata aan diididay

  30. @Hanad

    whatcha gonna do about it? You see I am in Hargeisa raising a family and no I'm not a refugee this is me country I just don't recognise your declaration of colonial Isaaq village. I live within the territory of the Republic of Somalia. I have no problem with the people of Hargeisa because they have been good to me In fact mighty good to me since they have trusted me with one of their own daughter yep my wife of three years. How stupid of they? faqash husband with Isaaq wife that would make a good combination wouldn't

  31. This is Crazy that this is useless article get the most attention. It is shame Somalilandpress could not find anything better to right about. Siyad is died period. Whether Someone or anyone Prays Allah for him is upto that person. He is either In hell or haven base on what he did while he was alive.

  32. This SomalilandPrss is a revisionist by allowing these scum commentators while blocking others to express their views. Somalis are complete loosers in the eyes of the world. Who knows their petty clans? Of course no one, yet the hate against each other is uncalled for. You will all suffer without exception!.

  33. If i had my way i would spit and piss on that grave nevermind pray over it, merahan scumbags.

  34. I wonder if German Chancellor visits Hilter's grave how the world will see her?I guess Nazi supporter. I do no see the difference visiting Siad 's grave, what a damn concept . I do not think that Somaliland people will ever trust Somalia again.

  35. The late Siyad Barre and his clan destoryed the defunct "Somali Republic" and killed millions of fellow Somalis , and the late Abdillahi Yusuf called the Ethopians to come and kill his fellow Somalis for him, and these are the Darood's two great hereos! Let me tell you something here and now, no Darod will ever get to a position to cause such tragedies like that again ever, whether in Somaliland or Somalia. Your time is over.

  36. Not only will we never trust Somalia for PAST actions.

    I believe the issue over the last 22years is far more severe as Somaliland's development was hindered by their political espionage. In 1991 the SNM and the political elite within Somaliland were open to continuation of the Union if the errors of political power sharing were corrected. Over a period of 22years the TWO former united states have diverged beyond return to the 1960-aspiration of union. The bulk of both population Somaliland(70%) and Somalia(55%) were all born after 1991. These two population have a Majority that have never experienced the Union.

    Considering that both State's have the old generation in the ranks of their political make up and these two opposing political groups are a dying breed the chances of reviving that Union is Mission impossible. The voting Majority of the TWO populations are devoid of the old sentiment of unity and the desire of Somaliweyn. They have not experienced colonialism and each respective population have had totally different experiences in this last 22years. Their priority is different to our parents generation they are far more materialistic as opposed to over-dozed on somalinimo. They are happy to migrate out of Africa in search of their economic dreams and they are selling their family owned lands and properties to risk their lives among sharks.

    The future generation of somalis do not care about some failed union and if they had the chance they would rather not even be somali considering the status of most failed nation on earth. They want peace, they need jobs and they care about their image. That image is not one which is associated with Somalia or Amisom or shabab or piracy or failure as a result this generation is one that will hold accountable those that have ruined their name and their opportunities and anything that stands in their path to achieve their future aspiration.

    The though of Muuqdishu or Somalia makes them vomit and they have every right to feel so. No himan being with any sense of pride would admit to having anything to do with Somalia which is the only African state that has failed to the point where their President cannot even go to the toilet without an Amisom officer standing guard at his door hearing his every fart and smelling his excrement.

    It is the worst faith that any self respecting human being has to endure… 🙁

    • what do you really want from us Buuxiye? if you want independence for your Isaaq white trash colonial village then we will be happy to offer you we will even give you every cent of our money for you just to leave us alone.
      how's that for proportion ?

      • Not even close enough…

        Your suffering is pleasantly pleasurable, May it long continue so that we have an opportunity to point our fingers in your direction and assign the status of "What not to be" to our generations to come.

        There is a lesson for all in watching you remain a failed state. Why upset the audience that is happy to pay front row tickets to pity your status. How else can the world teach it's population the relevance of democratic rule of law without the practical lessons displayed on ever TV screen by your population and monkeys in suits.

        Remain as you are it is befitting…

        • Is there a word you don't understand? lol your the perfect nutter wallahi why do you have to worry about Somalia? I thought we were Zoomalia this is what your clan (Isaaq) often referred to as innit?
          you should run miles away from us man because we are zoomalia a bunch of barbarians and uncivilised baboons, oh yeah i forgot to tell you something I am a f**ked pirate I extricate money from the ship's I hijacked that's how I make me money Buuxiye.

          Ps I can't wait to hear your stupid joke!!!

          • It seems you are the one trying to be funny…

            If your uncle Morgan is part of the Jubaland formation why don't you also join the party. You can witness Kakumo-Part-2 the long Marathon…


  37. Oh the irony….If you put aside all the horrendous killing he was responsible for…Siad Barre was a Marxist and an atheist. While he was alive, he didn't believe he had a soul…which allowed him to commit all those horrendous acts. No amount of prayer will save his soul now.

    • Every darood is a marxist atheist who believes everything should be nationalized for the benefit of their sub-clan. They all believe that they don't have soul.

      • @Kiro—lool…You know…I think you're right…all you have to do is look at a few of the tribes most prominent members…Ayan Hirsi is the obvious example…I even believe the model Waris Dirie is also.

        @ Sahra—I dare you to name one famous Isaaq or even Hawiye whose an atheist… vocally outspoken like Siad Barre and Ayan Hirsi. You can't….no…it's something only exclusive to your tribe.

        • There's plenty of them but I wont name them.Because some of the people actually have a good reputation, Just different faith and the last time I checked that was gods territory and I have no saying in it.

  38. This is garbage… I don't understand why Somalilandpress waste their readers time with such nonsense. We have all good things going on for Somaliland such as oil drilling, growth in the economy, the SSC terrorist organization was dismantled and most of its leaders have surrendered to Somaliland and yet Somalilandpress presenting a garbage story about Siyad devil.

    Please cover the good news that we care about.

  39. That's a really bad movement from shirdon if this news is true. As somalis i believe that we should move forward and leave the dead people in their graves. Whether that person is hero or zero, the last thing we need to do is to agrivate the wounds of some people. As to our unionists on this site, please don't let the likes of those separatists to drag you into clanism and tribalism because that's how they can live and succeed. Anyone that has killed or took a part in killing somalis shouldn't be labled as hero.

    We are much bigger than this clan or that clan, we are all somalis. Tribal thing belong to those whom they label themselves somalilanders

    • If you are a Unionist and your supporters are attending to pay respects to war criminals and begging the USA to give impunity to others while Morgan is helping create a Federation in Kismanyo then the enemy of your dream is you and your deluded Unionists fraudsters.

      You do not have any understanding of Union. People unite for:

      – Security gain… Sorry your unionists are the only security threat Somaliland has.
      – Economic gain… Sorry your unionists are the 90,000 Refugees in camps in our country.
      – Cultural gain… Sorry your unionists are the ones worshiping Amisom wish is against our culture.

      You are the enemy of UNION, you are the enemy of peace and you are the enemy of progress…

      Claiming unionist ideals is making people run away from the concept.

    • The laangaab is you And the one that has nothing to contribute that's worth while or helps anybody is you.So the day god decides to send you to the other side will be a good day.

  40. the only person missing their to pray for the former president marhuum Siad Barre is Fowsiya the foreign secretary muhuhuhuhu. I'm Hawiyaa and i respect the former President may allah grant him Jannah. But one person that i dont respect is that scumbag Abdulahi yusuf i hope he burns in hell for just being majertaan and bringing our enemies to our capital. No all daroods are bad it's only the majertans they are power hungry and selfish people.

      • No all you hoping will knock your door. and I like when my so-called hater show their inferiority love it. therefore choke your own ugly thoughts and my Allah bless my people.

    • No we are not power hungry we are just better politicians and far more intelligent than you monkeys.
      So keep hating it will only fuel us.

    • dadir-dk,

      Its strange for a Hawiye to praise Siad barre, are you sure you're Hawiye?. If yes then aren't your people responsible so his final down fall?. Aren't you people responsible for the physical destruction of Somalia?. Your people destroyed almost every government and privately owned institutions such as factories,banks,hotels,schools and other learning institutions. Your people didn't even spare the capital city's sewage pipe systems and the electrical cable and wiring of the city. They were dismantle so they would sell it to the black market, turning the once beautiful Mogadishu into a shanty town that's the capacity of the Hawiye brain.

      The true reason why you and your people hate MJ is because we are the only one who offers true resistance to Hawiye aggression and hegemony, and like Guhad said keep hating, it will only fuel us.

      • Ismail leave Dadir-dk alone aslong he/she is praising and hailing former president Siad Barre for a hawiye to recognize Siad barre is a progress and a step ahead for realizing how bad the entire hawiye clan was misused by they leaders during the somali civil war and the somali revolution 1986.

        Hawiye was a peaceful people but was missleaded and used for wrongs things. However they are still guilty for the destruction of Mogadishu and the running civil war for the last 22 years.

    • In 1989 gun fighting broke out across southern somalia from Kismayo and reached Mogadishu 1990 Aidids USC forces was fighting their way to Mogadishu the 3 largest clans had joined forces with him and pointed him as chairman of the movement SPM-Ogaden, Raxanweyn-SRM, Hawiye-USC they all joined forces and after 10 month of gunfires they finally managed to take large parts of Mogadishu but laying those parts in ruin and continued the war thats how General Maxamed Siad Barr falled and just so you know Majeerten was the one who saved him from being murdered by the attacking hawiye forces you see USC-strength was 50% made of hawiye forces.

  41. I am an Atheist and Atheism had nothing to do with what siyad was doing, he wanted all out power for his clan alone and everyone else who could help him he would give crumbs off the table that's it.

    The only reason he killed some religious people was bc some of them spoke out against him, but those that didn't were free to worship! So sorry Atheism had nothing to do with it, just like Islam had nothing to do with what he did.

    He did what he did because he was hell bent on power and that power he wanted in the hands of himself and his clan. END OF STORY!

    • You're either an attention seeker / none Somali or need to repent ASAP.

      I feel like blaming it on the Triangle-Land lol but that would be a cheap shot and i'm not one of those persons .

      • Hutu shiekh mahamoud will do his best to smile and pretend to be peaceful until the London conference is finished also because the Darood demonstrated last time he was here he cannot afford to upset them this time.

        Once the heavy weapons arrive and he gets the money from the london donor meeting… He change his tone.

        All he needs is a reason to send troops to Bari, Nugaal and Mudug after a war breaks out in Gaalkaciyo.

        The international community will turn a blind eye since hassan is saving them from Pirates in puntland and jhabab in Jubaland.

  42. Irir you are a prime example of what is wrong with Somalia. Just because I don't believe as you do doesn't mean I am crazy or need to repent. I will do what is right and stay away from what is wrong without being encouraged with 72 translucent virgins or a threat of eternal burning.

    I will do what is good for goodness sake alone!

    I think, however, that its really funny how allah claims to be the most merciful but threatens humans he made faulty with eternal torture and in the next sentence say he is merciful lol. No Thank You!

  43. NLander are you Somali (Somalilander)?

    If so you must live outside of Somaliland, I advise you to find Allah quick before its to late and your dead

    • We don’t only have to say that we as Somalilanders will never unite with Somalia. We’ve to get over that now. That’s something of past now. We need to take things little farther and seek and hunt down all those criminals who exterminated our people during the worst all time dictator’s rule of former somalia. We’ll have to hunt down the dirty faqash criminals like morgan and others, but the only way to get to these people is to remove the unpatriotic trolls in Somaliland trying to turn the clock back to the ugly siyad barre time, by creating hardships in the Country so we never go forward and think of noything other than chasing after food for us and for our children. I urge all the patriotic Somalilanders in Somaliland and abroad to stand united, not only against our outside enemies but also against those who are against our peoples aspirations to live well in honour and freedom.
      They say the best revenge is live well. I don’t want to dictate to my people what to do, because they should be knowing their way better, but i urge them to support and stand fast with our real patriots who want not a power and money for themselves, but transpiracy and accountability so as not to give any thief a free hand to steal the bread from our already half starved children.