BOSSASO (Somalilandpress) — The president of Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Puntland and a senior delegation from his administration have flown out of the commercial port town of Bosasso on Sunday for hurried Addis Ababa talks.

Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed ‘Farole’ and a senior delegation including his Interior minister, Mr. Abdullahi Ahmed were invited to Addis Ababa for an emergency meeting as crisis between the government of Farole and Puntland’s main intelligence agency intensified.

The issue arose when President Abdirahman Mohamed ‘Farole’ issued a presidential decree, dated March 12th, ordering the dismissal of Puntland Intelligence Service (PIS) director, Mr. Osman Diana, and appointing Col. Ali Mohamed Yusuf “Binge” (see SOMALIA: Tensions high in Bossaso as president shakes up intelligence agency).

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Mr. Osman has defied the dismissal, saying the order is unacceptable and accused the president of trying to take full control of the agency.

According to sources close to Mr. Osman, he also accuses the president of having links with pirates in the region.

Mr. Osman has also since seized full control of PIS’s second office in Lanta Hawada neighborhood in the port city of Bossaso.

The PIS, which functions independently was established almost a decade ago and is considered the most powerful institution in Puntland. The PIS is said to receive at least 50 per cent of Puntland’s annual income as well as funds from Western intelligence services.

The political maneuvering of president Farole has also raised concerns with the Americans and Ethiopians – who are said to be the main financiers of PIS.

Mr. Farole is expected to meet with U.S. and Ethiopian officials regarding PIS and he is mostly like to reverse his decree under the pressure of the two countries.

Somalilandpress, 28 March 2010


  1. well what did you expect from the traitors, long live to the somali nationalist death to the traitors who recive orders from habasha

  2. To: Mr, Libaan:
    Dear brother open your eyes widely to suggest your hate comment. Hate never solved the problems and never won. Ethiopian or Habasha people your true friend and brother, but your mentality is contaminated by false information and rumors. Ethiopia's stand for you may be yihude idea; but it is not true. Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people staving to see united Somalia, strong Somalia, brotherly Somalia. We never had any fight with the Somali people but-yes we have fight with the regime which the Somali people hated.
    We are not a need of any thing from you but, peace which given right to all people. If you pray in Mosque or in church we all prying the same God who is the God of God the only one.
    You tell me? is it really important to fight with your own brothers and killing them after prayers

    • to Ahmed

      i think you're oblivious to the facts on the ground and the politics of the two countries, your government has NEVER in its entire history desired such a thing as peace and prosperity for our nation. it may be your personal wish and ambition to have a safe and secure Somalia but be in no doubt that your government who's over run with tigre and amhara tyrants is working day and night to further bulkanize and cut Somalia into smaller peices, thats why its funding Somaliland and puntland to fight against echother. as far as most Somalis are concerned Ethiopia represints opression not just against the ogaden somalis but also against its own people who starve to death every day.

  3. Ahmed

    Don't try to teach us what ethiopia is all about. Do you think were that blind not to see the intentions of the ethiopian dicatator and his hate for the somali unity.

  4. Ahmed,
    my dear friend, we somalis wether puntland somaliland or down in mogadishu, may have our differences but none of us would ever entertain the picture of having ethiopia as a friend, and enjoy while you can, Somalis are not united today, but trust they will unite again, and stop using the name ahmed, you can only be ahmed if you are oromo or anfar or sidamo or maybe a harari, and they dont support habasha over somalis, and if you are habash muslim, then you wouldnt support abbysinian quest for total domination of muslims in the horn, ….

  5. to isaaq youngsters:
    me as a harti, i am willing to see, and not be blind about whts happening back home, thats my so'called president who is not even allowed to fire a foreign controlled and foreign paid secret service in my hometown, the PIS is paid by america it gets its orders from the cia and the pentagon, farole tried to get rid of them, as you know somalis dont allow to be controled and look what happens, his ass has to be in addis, ……AND THE SAME GOES FOR SOMALILAND..wether u like it or not, we are being pulled by strings…is this whats left of the great somali race, dont you think its time to put aside the tribal minds and do the right for our children, …….somaliland and puntland to be united and bring somalia back on its feets, and lets see then if ethiopia can give orders

    • I agree, but the question is HOW!

      The Isaaq have trust issues and rightly so. The TFG is corrupt, the Al shabab are extreme, and Puntland is a work in progress. As you have mentioned, the best place to start would be to strengthen the ties between the two north states; however, Puntland has not been forthcoming. Rather than trying to establish diplomatic and economic ties with Somaliland they haven chosen to insight hate amongst the citizens of Sool and Sanaag (Dhubahante vs Isaaq).

      In regards to Somaliland, the politcal situation there isn't perfect either. That Riyale fellow aka THE KHAN appears to have fallen in love with his job 🙂 He keeps extending his terms by playing political games and by exploiting loopholes in the constitution. However, in my opinion, its to be expected. Most political leaders, if given the chance, would pounce at the idea of a potential 3rd term in office I.e. George Bush

      In conclusion, the issues of tribes and tribe loyalties should not be taken lightly. Simply asking people to forgot 100's of years of rivalries, killings and mistrust will not make it so. We need to address the facts head on instead of pretending they do not exist or trying to forget them. Unity requires trust, and trust requires loyalty to the national. I would like to hear your thoughts on the below statements.

      Statement#1: Some Somalis prefer the destruction of the entire national over having a president that is from a rival tribe.

      Statement#2: Some tribes believe they are the only ones fit to lead the nation.

  6. Good point brother Xaaji.

    Insha'ALLAH one day we stand on our feet, rule by ourselves. I see what happens Puntland, our neighbor. And I see the reality which is both of us is under the control of foreign powers. Our govts, they can do nothing and I can see they have no choice but to take orders from Addis and Wshington. I mean no choice, our leaders need to remain on the power and if they go against those powers without the help of their community "now I see no help" they now they'll end up in jails and hugely consequences. Unity is the key to success. Brother from Gabiley.

  7. I don't support libaan's assertion that these guys are traitors. Puntland can not tackle the problem it faced with. It is unlikely to go forward without the involvment of the two major players, Ethiopia and USA.

  8. Putlnad is bad news for us Somalilanders. Its the source of all ills, human trafficing, fake money printers, civil strive, clan warfare just today 15 died of clan wars in Mudug and above all its the land of piracy where even the president has ties to piracy. The number one issue we as Somalilanders have a problem with is how the leadership of this mafia style run regional group keeps on inciting disgruntled individuals from Sool and its claim to it based on tribal affiliation. For relations to be normalized between the two they need to make the first step and that step is to renounce any claims to Sool and Sanaag and stop supporting anti-Somaliland elements in Garowe before anything.

    • saxib you only focus on the ills of puntland and fail to take into consideration the FACT that puntland is the fastes growing region in all of somalia, Bossaso is huge hub of business and its educational facilities are by no means petty, did u know that All of the vices you mentioned about puntland also exsist in somaliland? precisely, piracy and human traficing (especially from berbera) is very common.
      secondly your solution to this entire problem is laughable, you talk of hateful incitment by the "mafia" government" of puntland towards somaliland, plz name one newspaper or media organization which incites the people of sool and sanaag?, there are non. if you want to charecter assasinate puntland do it properly ur attempt is pathetic to say the least.

  9. The end of somalia ! Imagin Ethiopian foreign minister ordering somaliland presiden who to appoint or who to fire ? This is a shame to all somalis.Ethiopian government is a sucker to the full.Why shold somalis take order from this lawless cage men of Ethiopian elites who came from jungle yesterday? It is time somalis united and show your middle finger to ethiopian dictators and their sponsors EU and USA.

  10. word, BROTHERS & SISTERS……….

    Hey man, I kind of begin to understand how do you guys feel about this Ethiopian think…..
    by the way I am Ethiopian, Coptic Cristian, and kushitic disendent…..of course proud to be, even though I don`t give a F…about religion, I still love the tradition and my history as an….
    Well, I always tougth that we were close to eachother, you know Somalies are kushite too….one of the first muslum papulation in the world, thanks to the fact that Islam just started in Africa, you all should know Negash….and the whole story….well I don`t know, Abayo & Abowe….I know how to say weria si detta haye, fi-an ta…..stak, feriso…bah, jiog which is wait…deg in to say fast fast, right? Kewo, Lema, Sedah, Afor, Shan…ect…..I know a lot of badwords too…..

  11. You, know Menelik…the emparor….one of the few good things that he had done….was to run and pute an end to the Europeans who were taking all the land, and in this prosses he practically occupaid the Ogaden aria, before the english and the italians….keeping that aria free of the colonial exploitation……some times I think that if there would have been a machine to travel in the time…I would have gone back to thoes days and I would have done more then what Menelik did….Man
    today we can`t even trad with each other because of this bloody borders that devide us… merchendise flowing…damn it….

    Unfortunatly I am not that good with english to express my feelings, but I whish you guys feel Etiopians as much as I feel Somalian, my dear ppl…..I lately realise that not all somalies like Etiopians…..but it`s ok, I personaly am going to think that you are still my ppl….

    you all are Egyptian as much as I am…..we have a long story…….
    Kush is the next thing to push……
    I love you all