Puntland region presidential hopeful Abdirahman Mohamed Hassan has accused the sitting president Abdirahman Farole of carrying out massacre in Gardo.

Speaking from the Egyptian capital, Mr. Hassan has voiced concern about the recent clashes between protesters and security forces in the pirate-infested semi-autonomous region.

A flare-up of violence hit the third largest town in Bari province of Gardo on Friday after a Presidential convey led by Farole visited the region with heavy military.

The demonstrators challenged Farole’s plans to postponed the regional elections slotted for the 9th of January 2013. The protesters waved signs reading “No Farole. No #5 years”, “We don’t want Farole.”

Prior to his entry of the town, the convey were held outside for more than two hours by locals who blocked the roads with stones and burning tyres.

At least one lady, named as Fatima Ayah, was killed and more than four injured when Farole’s security forces opened fire on the protesters.

The presidential candidate offered his condolences to the family and friends of Fatima and the injured. He warned Farole of destabilizing the relatively peaceful region.

He described the incident as an atrocity similar to the ones committed by Saddam Hussein, Muammar al-Gaddafi and president al Assad.

He said the people will not tolerate such aggression and cold killings and called for calm.



  1. watching punaniland's self destruction shall be fun, i cant believe that these are the same thugs trying to destabilise somaliland and steal her territory
    as the saying goes, dont throw stones from a glasshouse mohahahaha

    • Watching Puntland;s destruction is not fun, what happened ? did you forget that you are a muslim, guys, I can't believe the level of hatred that can be perceived from your comment. I understand the political hostility between Somaliland and Puntland Administrations, however, any destruction or insecurity can cause displacement and causulties to the communities (Children, Women and elderly).

      I am not replying to personally criticize you guys, but wanted to remind you that Political/clan hostility could make us cross the line of Humanity and Islam. It is insane to wish and make fun of the plight of your brothers and sisters.

  2. The days when only Majeerteen had all the weapons are long passed. Due to piracy every criminal has an Ak47 and the situation is critical to the point where 80% of Puntland is not accessible to the Admins of the Provincial enclave.

    Hassan Mahamoud should consider assigning a few thousand Amisom to Gerowe to prevent clan war when faroole refuses to leave office in Jan2013.

    Perhabs it is time Somaliland troops were incorporated into Amisom to take control of Bari district?

      • I would like our Somaliland soldiers to protect the Mahamoud Salebaan Ladies like gentlemen 🙂

        I am sure they will be more gentle then the Victory pioneers of siyad bare who visited the Omar Mahamouds, or even the Mad Mullah who chased the Ciise Mahamouds of the cliffs of ELY.

        Where do i donate to sponsor Bullets for puntland program ???