Reports from the self-clan regional administration of Puntland in Somalia say plans are underway to deploy 2000 militants from Majerten clan to Kismayo to help the Ogadeni militants, who recently captured the city with the support of Ogaden men in Kenyan army.

Following an emergency cabinet meeting chaired by Puntland President, Abdirahman Mohamed Farole, the administration decided to implement the deployment plans as soon as possible. Farole told the meeting that the Majerteh clan interest in Kismayo cannot be protected fully by the Ogaden militants in Kismayo, so the suitable way will be military involvement.

The cabinet has unanimously agreed the military operation in Kismayo, which will be followed by another programme of settling thousands fof Majerten clan members from Boosaaso, Garow, Gaalkacyo and other towns to Kismayo.

The Majerten clan is among the clans that claim the ownership pf Jubbaland, despite the fact their number in Kismayo city does not exceed 20 to 30 families.

Jubbaland has been in crisis in since 1960, when some Somali leaders launched programs to settle their clan members in the region, and displacing the indigenous people.

In 1991 the Darod clan members led by their warlords committed genocide against the indigenous people that killed thousands of people and displaced many of them.

Source: Wagoshanews

Nairobi, Desk


  1. This is ludicrous, because the number of Majeerteens are 5000 strong and they can not afford 2000 soldiers to Kismayo. The second point is even if they had 2000 Soldiers for Kismayo, they wouldn't send them there because they know the moment they do so Khatumo will march to Garoowe and Bosaaso the only two major towns in Puntland.

    • Puntalnd has more more Than 5000 strong army.estimation is nine Thousand+ five Thousand reservist. Puntalnd arm forces not interested going to kismayo.

      • Mo Cheers,

        hehehehe you practicing your spelling on my unionist cousin amal yaar. She is a unionist at heart but she doesn't want to hurt your feelings. I personally invited her to Afgoye and her plan is to move her adhi to one of my unionist farms, her livestock will no longer have the HY symbol (sumaad), it will have Hawiye okiyale (glasses) and the blue flag….you used to see sheep with black head wait until you see amal's blue headed sheep and goats…

        I am converting unions faster than Apple is selling it's iphones 🙂 Before you know Silanyo and his few close friends will be the unwanted traitors…they will become the gypsies in their own land. Separatists are lower than any society…outcasts, isolators, deserted people, unwanted, cry babies…untouchables…

        amal never wishes to be part of such.

        • @kayse,
          Gosh, you should be kidding lol. Amal is a queen whereever her destiny takes her and
          whereever she goes doesn't change the demographics/geographics of de jure Somaliland lol.
          your threatening language signifies the styles of the Darod…hehehehe and etc etc.
          Kayse you are neither Isaaq, Darood,Rahanwayn,others? Are you Hawiye HUTU? sorry
          I mean IRIR? Damn you sucker lol Waan ku jedda.

          • Mohamed cheers,
            lol Kayse is crazy dude, blue headed adhi kulaha maxa ani adhigayga gaynaya ila iyo afogye and beyond, I can simply graze them in our green areas like daalo mountains lol (I'm sure these adhi are mountain trained)

            Kayse, If you want to sell your idea of 'unity' why don't you first begin by spreading peace and love instead of spreading hate and negative comments everywhere. Somaliland is a mountain that rests with non other than the wish of its people should they choose to unite or separate.

          • @Amal
            Seriously dnt trust this retarded ex celebrity warlord kayse so called vacation to Afogye. the man is insane of all the cities he chose Afogye, the scariest place on earth. maybe he's been watching Saw, where the jigsaw kidnaps people and psychological tortures them.

            Oh But my vacation package to Bari still there. You get to actually see My farm & get a whopping specially made fresh groceries and onions.

          • I am not a pirate i am a farmer who produces poultry & quantity of cows, goats & camel mike. if i kidnap you i won't ask for ransom but instead take you back to my farm island and never let you return loooool.

          • Puntlandgeezer,

            You better run for your life, USA drowns are on their way to free your hostages.

  2. Khatumo be nice.

    I advocated for the return of Bajuni lands in Jubba valley and we would all be hypocrites if we neglect MJ ownership in southern somalia. Legality of their ownership is for another day but fact is they owned and still have control over many large plantations in Southern somalia and properties both in moqadishu and kismayo.

    Putulaan is wise to Move the Saracen trained troops to Kismayo with immediate effect to help secure this land liberated from shabab. The composition of the overall troops deployed in Kismayo should reflect all stake holders All under the LEADERSHIP of GOVERNMENT command.

    Faroole has made a wise move… 🙂

    • NO Puntland arm forces will go to kismayo it's all in your little mind telling you That.I think it's time SOMALILAAN REGION should look Their own little backyard desert come up good solution looming problem They are having at The moment.hight unemployment,no visible infrastructure,no good eduction system,hygiene problem in The cities,no real solid democray,and above all quite a lot of people with mental disorders DUE to They been lied to for The last twenty years"RECOGNITION IS COMING EPISODE".

  3. What a lunatic idea probably The author chewing mirra when he wrote This GARBAGE it's completely baseless unfound story.There is already enough forces in kismayo to protect The city and surounding areas from Al-shabab and unwanted trouble makers.with no doubt jubbaland will control Those who have The numbers.

  4. The piracy soon will come to a halt, no more mercenary businesses labeled as "regional security measures' in order to draw out monies from the rich Sheikhs in the U.A. E. thus, Puntlanders are running out of scums. They are now fleeing to Kismayu in desperation. Haha…Good luck..

  5. hahahahahaahahaha biggest joke since Abdi Haybe's Magaalo Joog xuumo. Pirateland does not even have 50 soldiers to secure Bosasso from Sheikh Atto let alone sending 2,000 soldiers to Kismayu. They can't even afford to kick Khaatumo out from Tukaruuq.

    Besides Ogadens are more close to Marehans than MJs…this is ludicrous and false report.

    The Dhulbahante, Ogaden and Marehans are usually close and MJ is the odd one out, that was the case since the days of Ahmed Gurey.

    Ogaden Majerten wax ka sugaya wa ii maanta…they have more faith in Hawiye than MJs.

  6. Please guys do not get me wrong, Majeertenia does not have 5000 soldiers, what I wanted to say in my previous post was the population of Majeertenia is only 5000 strong and they do not have the strength or the courage to send 2000 people out of the total of 5000 people living in Majertenia (Puntland)..
    Simply put the numbers do not add up.

    • kuutumo2.
      Your comment not making any since.if only 5000 majeerten,how come They control WHOLE of PUNTLAND STATE. i don't Think you from khaatumo state you sound like dilusionist..

  7. MR Kaatumo,

    Majeerteenis power shines bright as the sun. I wouldnt expect a Dulbante man to talk like that in order satisfy Isaq but Isaq know our real strength.

    • HAHAHAHAHA "I wouldnt expect a Dhulbahante-man talk like that" Since when you guys became real men and what strength are you talking about? you just hide behind our backs, when the going gets tough.

          • There are no Majiraan's in Somaliland or Khaatumo or Maakhir however you still have to share your Somalia Seats with Dhulo who are also in Piratelaan government 🙂 shit don't make no sense.

            Majiraans have been sidelined and made as insignificant as Abaskuul from Jigjiga in Somalia's political distribution 🙂

            Are you under Hawiye Slavery in that case?

            🙂 hilarious politics begins for the NEXT 10years of HAWIYE/MAREHAAN Domination!

            JAN2013 – IT ENDS

          • hahaha Mj losers shouldn't you be all grieving over your political loss, you were nothing and will be nothing without Dhbahante support, period. compare your currently politcal failure to Abdullahi yusuf time. soon Farole will leave the office and Abdisammad Ali shire troops will come back their regions who will protect you from Sacad. I remember when MJs and Habr Girid were fighting during the civil war I was litle boy in Lascanod we collected over 2000 troops and sent to Galkayo and Kismayu every Dhulos subclan had to bring at least 40 men. hahaha the biggest mistake.

            jokes aside sheekada beer laxawsiga iga ilaali inar, Lascannod is ruled non other than Dhulbhante especially my subclan (Jamac Siyaad) and if were for other dhulbahante clans who still caught up the Hrti BS we would have taken over Garoowe by now.

            iid00rs are somalis btw just misguided and mourn too much but real somalis and they have ambitions of creating multi-tribal state while you want to turn Somalia into mini tribal state which will only eliminate the somali existance.

            Long live Somalia

          • I'm Marehaan I don't mean to get involved Harti affairs but I kind agree with Garaad and Khaatumo2, Mj only use Darood name when they need something. anyway lets see if they opposite the new Prime Minister , they were against both Ali Khalif Galayd and Mohammed Farmajo. and lets not go deep into it will only devide us further more. hopefully Khaatumo state and Puntland will sort their differences you both are welcome to Jubbaland and Somali Galbeed.

            on behave of Marehan tribe I also would like to opologise isaaqs of what Said Barre did to them, even Qabil killed his brother Habil so don't hate us too much hehehehe

    • Walaweyn,

      Why get disappointed? It is people like you and Keyse, who bring the debate bare in this website to the ground. I have stated the truth and Majeerteens had a free ride for a long time, it is about time we put them where they belong.

      • Kastumo you're such a kid. Im a dulbahante and i can't stand your BS. Its a fake news obviously and you are already starting to shoot at your northern Brother.

  8. i don't understand why do they need to send malitias to Kismayo? "Geed walba in Hal karisaa Hoostaal" Dadka Deegaanka ayaa Difaacaya oo howsha wata Cid duulaan ku ah Kismaayona ma jirto.

  9. Walaweyn,

    Why get disappointed? It is people like you and Keyse, who bring the debate bare in this website to the ground. I have stated the truth and Majeerteens had a free ride for a long time, it is about time we put them where they belong.

    • Khatumo I'm sure you not Dhulbahante because the way you talk they don't talk like that. Stop using Khatumo name they are pure Daarood, Harti.
      Waxad rabta dadka in aad isku diirtiid warxumo tashiil baa tahay

    • Hi! Khatumo2
      l realy support you but we are the one who gave them Big Head the Majeerteens and they think the leadership is being born among them always. Now we came to know our Brother Majeerteens are the biggest Eval in Harti thanks we have gone out of their Claws and we have decided to stand on our own legs let them have their Putland by them selves and for themselves and we have our Khatumo by ourselves We have decided anyway we different culture everybody knows that.

    • Sure Inshallah. But don't forget the core ills of Somalia is invested in the legit causes of
      de jure Somaliland. For as long as Somalia cares a damn about the de jure Somaliland
      legitimacy, the curses remain biting harder all the more.

  10. Since the Somalia president announced his Prime Minster, Puntland and its supporters have been up in arms everywhere to predict the down fall of this government. Puntland news outlets like Dissident Nation have already set the ball rolling. It shows the most tribalistic state in Somalia is Puntland and its supporters. They just feel they should be the sole rulers of Somalia and that sort of mentality is detrimental to the Somalia political peace process. They don't even think other Daarods have an equal right to them. Little they know the recent international attention they recieved was more to do with oil than their significance in the wider Somalia considerations. Time has come that they should move with the rest of the Somalia people and get rid of this tribalistic mentality.

    To become Shafici soon

    • jama.
      That is not The case MJ have no problem with any triba in somalia it's all MYTH mj is done or That.They are part of somali society Those who Think They can blame MJ what happen last night They need to see psychiatric doctor.

    • like it or not puntland are the most powerful somali state ! some delusional still like to deny it but its a fact.
      That said i agree with you that Puntland has been surprised by the nomination of the new PM and may not like it. I personally hope that they will be wise because every move they make has a consequence for somalia as whole

  11. PutuLaan has 1000troops trained by Saracen and these troops need to be moved to the Southern border immediately. They have Boats that can allow them quick deployment via Kismayo beach. These troops in conjunction with The government ASWJ troops are idea to preserve the Peace in the Jubba valley because they will create a Neutral force that counter balance each other and prevents the conflict brewing in kismayo between OG & MR.

    Sheikh Hassan must act immediately to capitalise on this opportunity to transfer control of Kismayo from KIKUYU troops to government troops. If there is genuine intention to retain peace in that 2nd capital city of Somalia.

  12. I see a lot of people are getting their PANTIES in a bunch over Puntland, SomalilandPress why don't you post the Puntland Maritime Police Force?

    Jealousy is a b..

    • Will Majeerteen,
      OOPs!! You meant, Maritime piracy Force of Puntland.. You're probably thinking of writing me a thank you note back for the correction, you're welcome, Pal.

  13. If this report is true, this is nothing but the piracy of the high seas brought to land. Yet again, what can you expect from Farole who can say "Puntland welcomes the new prime minister but I am disappointed in the president's choice" in the same breath.

    The sooner that Puntland realizes that it can not claim other people's land the better. These folks need to understand that it is not their interest to foolishly repeat what happened to them in 1991 in Kismayo in the hands of Aideed and the locals there since now Dadaab camps are already full. if Puntland wants to send troops to anywhere, they need to send them to Mogadishu to become part of the regular Somali armed forces to participate in the pacification of the whole country. if not, they should content themselves in lucrative business of piracy.

    • Allemagan,
      Well said! mate, I couldn't put it any better. It's one of the rare occasions that you and I can view things at the same angle in regard to Puntland…a change of attitude has to happen within Puntland, there's no way around it. I have to admit that you're smart enough not to mention Somaliland in this mix too…

      • @Allemagan
        you got exposed your a somali bantu. jareers dnt belong in somalia, they are ex slaves and they have no right to own land.

    • Allanagen.
      Puntland arm forces will not be in kismayo,because There is already enough PUNTLANDERS in kismayo also They are part of The new army That captured 1991 aideed never face real resistance in jubbaland for one reason everyone in That region Thought new goverment will be stablish soon,haw*ye it took Them TWENTY YEARS to understand The meaning of GOVERMENT.your not inform well The situation in This area or don’t know, 55% refugee in dadaab are haw*ye i use to work There.

      We know That happen in jubbaland 1995 The local people regroup and bushed back mad max aideed militia.”somaalidu waxeey ku mahmahdaa ninkii dhoof ku yimaada ayey geeridu dhibeysaa”,The local folks will defend kismayo what ever cost.

      In jubbaland always majority will lead,mogadishu role will be as a consultant nothing more.

  14. what a stupid and tribalistic article written by less than an undergraduate student. Dear author, get a grip of the politics and this site is just as naive. But you never know guys, it might be pure ill-intentioned half habashi creature trying to redo the dirty work again, so be aware my people of these opportunistic hyenas.

    • Ilyas,
      The only opportunistic hyenas that I can think of are the folks in Puntland. You, me and the rest of the world are aware of it. The difference are, you're in denial but the rest is being realistic about it. Puntlnaders are not known to plan ahead for a common good whether they're in Somalia, Puntland or aboard.. They'd rather prefer to look for loopholes and quick money grab schemes regardless of where they're in the world.

      Puntlanders' flimsy and manipulative approach is now biting them in the butt, the current change of leadership in Somalia without the influence of Puntland was the turning point…
      mate, the cat is out of the bag.

      • osman qaal. need to take “PUNTLAND anti depression tablet’.Puntlanders are far too sophisticated for you.

      • Man, you have a defensive-psychology problem seriously. You know and I know that the half habashi creatures had the top hand in destabilising our SOMALIA and i was totally right to describe them as hyenas because they live on others' destruction. The only and it might be the only legitimate call that it could be faintly answered that is, "Somalia is an anarchy, full of pirates and terrorests while we have created a functioning system with pease and reachable fresh milk" and you know that the half habashi creatures have lost that position since our country is moving forward now, so stop barking over the lions' territory!

        • You have nothing visible in somaliland,don’t lie to your soul.all you have is half crazzy people who still Think recgnition is good economy,no health system hospitals,no good education system.nothing is There,i can pick your trash on The streets.

  15. A question, Is Khatumo2 same as Ms Khatumo citizen? If so, what has actually necessitated the name change?

    • Waad igu riyotay ma istiri loool Nah that aint me, there are thousands of other pple who support khaatumo state. Plus I don't see puntland as mj state other tribes live in the region as well such as Woras, Dashishe,leelkase, gaboye and even isaaq lool and my uncle is the vice president. There's a hotel called somaliland hotel in Bosaso

  16. Somaliland press never ceases to amaze me i can tell you now the Ogadanians/Marehans wont allow that ever to happen.

      That depends on who's in the driver's seat in East Africa's political affairs. You're just a passenger, so, enjoy the ride..

      • lol OK then Mr tell me who's in charge of this East Africa political affairs ?? Puntland : )??

        • Noooooo! Puntland will be in the history books..sorry, you've missed my point by miles..
          Somaliland is for the time being…..with the help of the IC….

          • The only thing Somaliland is riding is the tissue box sxb because all they ever do is cry. Kleenex company is proud of you. You can't even take over one barkaad (reservoir) in Kalshaale and you want to comment on the big boys politics….amazes me.

            If Puntland wants to send army to Kismayo that is a big move but your sending few sub clan militia men to Kalshaale just to win one barkaad for one subclan.

            This is not politics for cry babies.

          • You are not talking about politics you're talking trash. Again, I'd rather let the tribesmen settle their quarrels since they are better at it.. call me a crying baby if you wish, how about if I call you an old-man with no substance..

          • @kayse.

            kkkk,Acually i do work Kleenex company we been selling a lot of our product to somaliland region good for our business.

          • tani.
            There's probably an apparent reason that you work for the Kleenex company just to get a discounted rate on the amount wipes you're required for your own use..

          • Osman qaal.
            I am The branch manager of The That company,i don’t need any discount i can take for free as i wish. coming back to The topic it’s time all diluted folks face reality,stop crying and mourning as long as you doing That nothing will improve.

          • tani,
            Managers don't take anything for free in the world at least where I live in. If it happens we call it a theft. There' are better ways of awarding our competent managers. So, if you believe that stealing is ok then keep helping yourself on the tissues, one day you might find yourself in an awkward situation though. That aside, Somaliland had made a bold decision over 21 yrs. ago. and nothing is going to change about that..

          • osman qaal.
            It’s not stealing you misunderstood as usual.The definition of stealing is if you take something doesn’t belong to or pinch without permision. as a manager i am allow to take for free ten boxes per week it’s our company policy.

            Somaliland region did not made bold decision it made fake decision,nothing will change The policy towards somaliland region by The IC and The rest of somalis(NO RECOGNITION AT ALL).

    • what ever media propaganda sonali's cook over the media pple of the land OGADEN will lead the course to development with the support of all .why ? because we are more than all Somalis with total manpower …patient should be misused by the minor clans who we use to dominate for centuries

  17. Such a biased article, the author is only sowing the seeds of hatred in Somali society, Puntland will never send troops to Kismayu not a million years.

  18. This article dance to the demons of Qabiilsm. They could have written the article in a better taste by not mentioning the Qabiil names.It will be disapointing if this news is false!

  19. somalilandpress and the bantu owned website Wagoshanews have became close these days for their hatred for daroods people, those Jareer who were imported as slaves by the arabs in southern somalia are laughable claiming a land that doesn't belong to them. the jareers population have already fled since 9, most of them were resettled in their long lost ancesters home land of tanzania, mozambique, malawi and zanzibar.

    • It is a Well documented Fact MJ counts 46-branches to Jabarti while all others count 26-29 branches! Majeerteen are a Ku-biirsi group that joined the fold of Darood more recently.

      Since before construction of Moqadishu by the Sultan of Zanzibar who also ruled over Bari, Nugaal and Mudug Tanzanian, Kenyan, Malawi, Mozambuque foot soldeirs were brought to serve in the Wars of East coast of Africa and to protect the SLAVE trade, leopard skins, ostrich feathers that were exported from Bender Qaasim later changed to Bossasso to conceal the history of the slave port. Many Slaves escaped into hills and mountains of Bari and farms of karKar. Many were kept by Bari and Nugal residents. At some point in the history of Bari, Nugaal and Mudug the slaves were adopted into Darood making the Majeerteen branch. Subsequent additions of foreign blood also occurred when Riffle men of Yemen origin were adopted into the Sultan Keenadiids clan, Sudani, Eriterian(Jabartis) and Indians were also adopted in the Majeerteen clan.

      My point is if it was OK once to adopt Zanzibaris and Kikuyu in Darood clan why is it not allowed today and Bantu people are having their LANDS stolen in the jubba valley???

      Bantu should just be given a Sub clan status of Majeerteen and problem is solved and Somalia remains 100% somali instead of 80/20 somali/bantu split!

      • See your doctor Take good medication lately you been taking The wrong prescription.That is why your writing This unfound unheard baseless fake story,The soon you get help The better.

      • LOL Zanzibar only reached Mogadishu by early 1890's let alone further then jointly controlled the city with the Geledi sultan after much decline of their power only to end up being taken by the Italians. Before that the Omani rulers of Lamu were actually paying tributes to the Geledi empire themselves not forgetting without the Ajuuraan empires help the Omanis wouldn't of had no power at all in Zanzibar. That said i don't no enough to comment about about slave escaping to form the Maajeerteen branch lol.

  20. crazy idea, Ogaden's don't even like MJ they are the main reason why the onlf is having trouble with ethiopia. Mj and somaliland are both sell out and we will never be down with them. Mj don't come to kismayou with that same old story, we the Ogaden's don't care about darood. Is all about freedom for ogaden and kismayo will be the base. At the end, i personally think somalia will be split between Hawiya and Ogaden and rest of ya will disappear or mix with other nation's.

    • Are you crazy
      I think you medical ill,isaq and darood are two most powerful clan in Somalia
      Your f……. Animal Hawiye
      Go to school educate your ignorant ppl dying of hunger street of muqdishu or go back to your Dameero

    • Bloody fool, you sound like a broken record. The only thing that will be split in two is those little marbles hanging in between your little gus.

  21. Sorry to disappoint you guys, I'm a Dhulbahante that was born in the Shaxdda, if you really know where that is. You are wrong to assume that Dhulbahante are followers of the Majeerteen crab, but that is not true. I'm not trying to create a gap between clans, but I hate hypocrisy. You guys advocate Somali union, but the Somali union you are advocating in your little brains is one that is run by Daarood and specifically by Majeerteen. This is just crazy and stupid.

        • Farxaan,

          Nin Hagar Faarax baan ahoo haybti granaaya adigaa san hubal ogeeyn meelaad ku hagaagto.
          Majeerteen habaar qabaad tahoo habacsano jiifa hadaaq dhaaf maandhow yaan haad ku cuni waayen.

          • khaatum2 or 50.
            I am not a majeerten and i don’t Think your dhullos since you were born out of wood lock.without MJ you will become wild animal.

          • LOOOOL Khaatumo2 is one of those orphans who was thrown out from garowe palace.

  22. Some one was counting the Majeerteen soldiers to the thousands. I bet they only have military barracks in your little brain.

  23. Khatumo2 I with you you I'm also Dhulbhante (Jamac Sayyad) MJs became the new mourners, Allow them they still our brothers that will never change.

  24. African union & Al shabaab are lurking behind the scenes and plotted a plan to illegally resettled Jareer from all over African into somalia best arable lands along the Jubba(darood) and Shabeelle( hawiya) rivers.
    Basically The African Union & Al shabaab approach is by empowering the jareers so they could gradually weakened somalia
    The Jareers are expanding thanks to Al shabaab, now Mogadishu is gaining a new reputation as being a jareer city. Zanzibar refugees are the largest population along with the somali bantus, the minority abgals are nowhere to be seen either their corpses are floating off the coast of Yemen or being shoot in the head by jareers in South African while counting coins.

    People of Somaliland.
    Mogadishu is no man land, an opportunity not to be missed instead of fighting over the small village of Las Anod which is not worth a penny, a slice of mogadishu along will generate 9 million add that to mogadishu's airport & mogadishu ports thats alot of money to be made, no wonder mogadishu hasn't seen peace.
    The moral of the story is basically to checkmate the Hawiye!!!

  25. Kkkk Waxan ahay facii shan iyo tobonaad ee ku dhashay Kismayo oo Majerteen ah oo xiligii Saciid Barqash heystay ayaa owowyaashaga. Jogeen Kismaayo …Come On Wax ciidan oo hadda aan rajo ka qabo ama aan u baahanahay majirto ..waan isku filnahay oo Nin kablalax ayaan ahay oo Absame oo degaanka ugu badan ayaa ila jifo aha..mida xigta Geddo oo Marexaan iyo Cawlyahan degaan ayaa deris ila ah ….Baqdin ciidan ma qabo ee cidii warkAn qortay ayaa ka baqeysa Awooda (Darood) Ilaah ha idin caafiyo isagaa awooda Beelaha bixiya..Haddii Kale!!!!!!!!!

    • it is normal to be migrant for cent. it is somali land who think they can play with minds of darod's

      No rift btwn us

  26. As a child we witnes killing innecent pple and we cant choose to remain silent what happen in somaliand and other Darood pple..they will never ever trust you no matter what you did your alway”s remain horible life after mudisho
    Also new preident culusow bs of trash
    Muqdisho will never be lake Bossaso or Hargesa
    They never be isaq or Darood milion yrs

  27. 20 persent are innonent ppl like us they are not happy what caydid did the past but rest of hawiye are so exieced to see the Darood wep out of the siyad bare did to somaliand the past these ignorant pple dont understand meaning of peaceful nation & they will never be isaq or darood they denying there grandfathers name like xayoow culusow etc. we now that never proud who they are

  28. Allah habarkeeyo kuwa isamka ah oo aan waligood wax dilin AMA dhicin Alle dartiis uga fogaadah xaranta kuwa kale may Allah s.w cadabkisa haku fogeeyo wayo qof Muslim ah markii aad disho dhacdo wad helin xaqiiqdii aduun iyo aakhiroba 20 percent ku dhex noola ee alle dartiis isaga dayey xaranta Allah dhibka haka saro aakhironah janadii haka warabiyo

    • Stop this qabil sickness, you can not mention Allah with the same breath you utter nonsense and hatred. The Somali people and therefore the Muslim ummah is one. Pray for the Unity of all Muslims. May Allah guide us and guide you. Ameen

  29. Why Olderly hawiye pple help there own children dying hunger every day and move on
    Why did they flow somaliand & putland couse 80 percent are wild Animal dont now anything but hateful crimes.1993 u.s mtry went to muqdisho so save rest of Somali children but what they did was shacks the hale world its samething they did to us.No Ane ever forget past hope you face justice aduun iyo akhiro labadaba

  30. U called u wa self Puntland yet u cant spell the name correctly find better name the issue of Kismayo is a dream pple who can be counted by a fingers

    2 Somaliland we are coming back 4 Hargeisa our town

    Khatuma we are wit u stand by u wa selves neva join the two devils the puppets of Ethiopia

    • You call other people evil, please take the time to look at the mirror. By the way this issue is about Kismayo and Mr. Farole poking his dirty finger's there. Why pick on Soamliland, are you folks suffering from an inferiority complex.

  31. we should have common sense as Somalis we have one religion, cultural and Language we should never split each other up our ancestors WOULD BE in raged with anger if they ever witnessed this crusade inflicted on our nation. stop this so called Somaliland, Puntland UNITE FOR one Somali nation and end this utter madness!!!!! TODAY.