MOGADISHU — Somalia’s Banadir State government on Tuesday unveiled plans to renovate one of East Africa’s largest open air markets after two decades of closure.

Mohamed Yusuf Osman, Spokesman of Banadir government, told local media in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, that plans to rebuild the Hamarweyne Market were well underway.

Mr. Osman further revealed that a lottery for the allotment of some thousands of plots has been postponed until the 25th of this month. He urged applications to bring their documents with them on next Thursday when the lottery will be drawn in City Plaza Hotel. He blamed the delay on technical issues but promised to resolve it.

All applications are believed to have deposited undisclosed amount of money in the prime location.

The market was constructed by Somalia’s last central government under General Mohamed Siad Barre in 1981 and was one of the largest open air markets in East Africa.

Once reopened the market will be able to supply goods to as far as landlocked Burundi and Rwanda.



  1. It's not an-Open Air market more then rented shops located in one building

  2. وآمل الآن أن الصومال لا يمكن أن تنجح وتتقدم وصوماليلاند التي ستكون دولة مستقلة

  3. Hamarwayne market reoparation is good step toward success but there are disputes b/t the mayor and people claiming the ownership of the market.

  4. This the kind of development in Somalia that has the Kenyans shaking inside their boots for their dire Mombasa port. Mogadishu the pearl of the Indian ocean is once again rising to take its rightful place of being the gateway for Africa for the the Indian ocean community with Merka Kismayo Hobyo Bosaso Berbera Zeyl the list goes on and on not being far from behind. The potential we Somalis could have is unbelievable from our natural resources gas/oil/agriculture/minerals and clean energy like wind-turbine solar-power etc to the unlimited deep ports with more semi/small with abundant of fish swimming in it stretching all the way to our 350 nm continental shelf and last but not least a huge potential tourism industry combined with our business savvy minds = mind boggling. Our ancestors fought and won many wars for our lands and instead of thanking them by using it we bicker and kill each other over what in reality is the crumbs of the big cake. The West to this day still cant believe what his eyes has witnessed century's ago and is still witnessing today and neither can the world of how a people of 1 or 2 or even pushing it to the limit 3 million in those times but now numbering in the region 25 to 30 million people not only own the longest coast in Africa but at the same time owning a huge stretch of land stretching from Djibouti to Somali-Galbeed to NFD to Somalia and are still to this day the outright 80/99 majority to those areas.

    • Yeah true say. Our ancestors fought for greatness but we have reduced ourselves to nothing for our own greed. Our land is huge and our resources are abundant. We are only about 20 million approx yet own so much land, amazing!

      • amal tell the truth are u for or against somaliland's independence be honest the soft rhetoric is getting on my nerves

        • i am for unity but unlike you i wont be two-faced and inconsistent either all 5 somali territories unite which i hope or all five are separate anything in between is confusing and dangerous

          • Hamoud,
            I am for unity and I love and wish that we can just walk freely from Djibouti to Mogadishu with no borders. But no one is honest, what can I say 🙁

            Djibouti went their own way, Ogadeniya doesn't want to join Somalia. I want one Somali but one that is built on mutual respect and not a one that is brought with force.

            As an individual I want unity, and I am against Somaliland wanting to separate but if Djibouti don't want to join Somalia too, Somaliland should be given the choice too, it's only fair.

            Where are you from? Somaliland or Somalia?

          • I believe in unity but whenever I recommend that to my people they collapse on the floor with anger and they make you feel like you betrayed them or you are less patriotic than them

          • Hamoud,
            "i am for unity but unlike you i wont be two-faced and inconsistent either all 5 somali territories unite which i hope or all five are separate anything in between is confusing and dangerous"

            Well exactly! anything in the middle is dangerous now tell me how can you all say you want Somaliweyn but at the same time accept and are all happy for Djibouti to be independent from Somaliweyn I don't understand, it's you that are hypocrite about Somaliweyn and you have the guts to lecture me about Somaliweyn. If Somaliland accepts to join, can you convince Djibouti to join then? Somaliland fulfilled the plan in 1960 so don't lecture us about unfinished Somaliweyn. Djibouti killed the Somaliweyn, if they join us we can easily liberate and get the other 2 territories to join us. Somaliland-Somalia does not make Somaliweyn markaas if we join Somalia jabuti has to join us too otherwise keep your insincere and hypocritical lecture about Somaliweyn.

          • amal Djiboutian are most hypocrite somali they dare to speack about Somali republic unity while in same time they dont want to be part their goal is just to undermine Somaliland recognition becoz they afraid them for economy reason. U have the rigth to be in favor of all somali unity but not for fake and unfinished union only with somalia. Djibouti kill somaliweyn project that's truth and it is shame walalweyn always welcome djiboutian leader in mogadiscio while bashing Somaliland. Pitiful.

          • Djiboutian leader, though I am no fan of him, has done a lot for Moqadishu. Djibouti did not kill Somaliweyn, in fact if I am not mistaken, a song made by reer Hargiesa no less warned Djibouti not to join the union. I can't remember the entire lyrics but we heed your advice.

            I tell you what, as soon as our two big sisters (Somalia and Somaliland) mend fences, we will reconsider our position. I am pro-Somaliweyn but with checks and balances. We can't have the center of political, social and economic gravity in Moqadishu alone – diversificatiion baby! Then and only then can Somaliweyn have some meaning for me.

            We are not worried about Somaliland's recognition for economic reasons. If that is the case, logic dictates we should be shaking in our boots in one Somalia with 20 times the economic size of, right? But we wish just the opposite for y'all.

          • amal believe me when i tell you that Somali-galbeed NFD Djibouti are all patiently waiting for Italian/British Somaliland to stop bickering and start leading.In 1977 Djibouti wanted to join us led by the great Mahmoud Harbi but what happened was that thousand of Somalis were expelled from voting just before the referendum by the french with the help of Hassan Gouled Aptidon the uncle of the now leader of Djibouti Ismail Omar Guelleh combined with widespread vote rigging and a no vote from the Afar's and the European that lived there. The majority Somalis that were able to vote voted yes but unfortunately that wasn't enough. NFD also wanted to join us when the formation was made for the Somali republic but somehow the British granted it to Kenya. Somali-Galbeed actually went even further than NFD and had a referendum where it clearly stated it also wanted to join the Somali republic but to no prevail. Today the sole reason Somaliweyn is not achieved yet is because the Somali republic itself is sick with no strong enough leader to lead us once again all these others like i said is patiently waiting for us to stop bickering and start leading.

          • hawiye i advice you to look for another patner for union this time as Somaliland has already paid heavy toll for instance start by Djibouti why not then u will see u gonna have more chance to convince Somaliland back to Union.

          • Hamoud my pro union brother its not good to talk like that especially to people like amal that are fragile and confused of who to support no disrespect to you amal. Most of her life she has only know a independent Somaliland dream but now slowly she is seeing the bigger picture of a united we stand divided we fall.

  5. Hawiye dhabaatadda waa kabaxayaa waana dhisayaa wadankoodda. Anagu haddii aanu reer Somaliland nahay waanu tageeraynaa Somaalidda Koonfur in ay ka baxaan dhibaatadda.

    • trust me i been in august in Mogadishu, there are more non hawie people in mogadishu than hawie themselves. anyone who is been there recently will agree with me especially the mariixaans you would think how can they be in Gedo and cabudwaaq and so many here? reer hamars and the Others are in numbers the ebgaal are the only major hawies there.

  6. Anything that brings peace and prosperity to Moqudishu is welcome. You will have our blessings brothers. We harbour no ill will towards you in Somaliland. Well done and best of luck.

  7. There are reports that the mayor of Mogadishu is asking the would-be tenants goodwill money amounting 25,000$ per room. Also the mogadishu authorities are putting obstacles to non-Hawiye merchants to rent rooms.

    • I heard also,put The market was build prevoius goverment of somalia.soon corruption will kick in who to give These shops and disputes will start.

  8. I wanted to post something but I'm keep forgetting because I always end up in a debate or conversation with people who are interested to know my views lol

    Anyways more than two decades of war, hate, division, poverty, and deaths in Somalia, I want to post this video for Somalia. Enjoy.

    • looool eyyy listen to u, you are finally a unionist, proud of u inabti BIG TIME, just kidding, nice song thou, really touching 🙂

      • Hey little inaabtiyo,
        loool you make laugh all the time, sometimes you sound like kayse. You and Kayse have already been telling the whole world that I am a unionist kkk

        Somehow since last time when I said I'm having a conflicting feelings I could not recover from that feeling except that it grew into favoring unity. I just don't know why we need borders, why can't we walk freely from North to South from Djibouti to Mogadishu as a Somali. We got huge land and we are not even that many lol

        I hope Somaliland-Somalia understand each-other and mutually respect and coexist with each-other.

        But I just don't want to bloody go into unnecessary debates, I don't have energy for it anymore lol

        • looooool Amal inaabtiyo, You've got a beautiful heart and u usually see the best in people, properly that's why many people are so interested knowing about your views, but don't mind them believe what you think it's right, you have a mind of your own, people won't expect you to think/talk like them/

          I admit sometimes I use colourful words hahaha dhiiga ikacay style dee, but it's all for love looool

          true, we somalis got a huge land and we all share a lot of things that other nations don't have, such as ( culture,religion language and etc) but we rather hate on each other and use qabiil to distroy each other. Sad

          it was the only other day when this Cadan guy said to me that he remembered when Somali Republic was full of poets, amazing weather, fishing, sports, rapid economic growth,biggest africa coastline, I thought gosh me, all I ever known was a country full of warlords, pirates, gangerster, guns and self declared areas. (that's Somaliland and other copy cats) loool

          • I am going to slaughter one of my camels in Hawd dee because amal finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I also want to tell others not to feel ashamed to abandoned the derailed Somaliland bus, it has been stuck in that mud without wheels for 21 years. Do not punish your future kids and generations of Somali people who had nothing to do with Siad's action(s).

            You have to see it beyond that and understand two subclan project no longer makes sense to us after 21 years of begging, lying, clapping, cheering, praying and often isolation.

            amal I admit I am harsh but also its true my method is working because more than ever more northern Somalis are walking away from the grieving camp. We are dismantling them piece by piece and in today's age one doesn't need conventional army but a simple ipad/iphone and internet.

            The more the south recovers the more Somalis in the north will seek opportunities in the south and the more our people mingle the more they learn the truth.

            We are winning the war against separatists and their radical allies (Al Shabab)…it is a new day in Somalia and a new dawn brings new hope, nothing will ever derailed the aspiration of the dysfunctional Somali family. Its okay to be dysfunctional family…we just have to see things beyond emotions.

          • Kayse,
            Loool slaughtering a camel 🙂
            After my conflicting feelings about separation that's the conclusion I reached. I can't forever pretend that I only believe in separation when I don't. But we have to have equality and fair share of power, everything in Mogadishu days are over and we should create new union flag and start from fresh page. If the power is divided between the north and south then we can create a unity. I like an old article you wrote explaining how the government department should be divided between three capitals.

            Oh and yes you are very harsh and often exaggerate things lol so take it easy man.

          • Kayse,
            ps, You are one extreme Isaaq unionist I have to say.You just need to take a chill pill and take it easy especially on Silanyo.

            My goodness some Somalilanders are extremely separatist thou, I was never like that. I only used to become extreme when I am angry at troll comments.

            Anyways, its true the media is a powerful tool to advocate and market ideologies.

          • Khatumo,
            Thanks, and don't worry we all use dhiiga ikacay type of style including me but it's not hate.
            True say that's all we ever known a war torn country and its unrecognized counterpart for decades. But we can change that to the better and all respect each other. I don't usually like to talk about my political views because everyone is aggressive here lol but there should be individuality of thoughts and not just follow the crowd or the masses. At the end of the day only God knows what's good for us all and what plans He has for us. Insha Allah hope there is understanding between Somalis and only hope for the best.

          • Kayse I think they call Allah-beri in Somali loool I'm also going to slaughter one of my Adhi (sheeps) in Haded (many of you properly don't know where Haded is ) of course I do have camels, goats and ponies but I'll keep the geel for bigger events like Eid lool
            Gosh why do I feel like we are converting Amal, inanta dadkeeda haka fogayn dee, she's not like you -_- lol Amal even if you decide to stay with the separatists you'll still have my respect 🙂

            jokes aside, Amal, I completely agree with you sis, if only our elders put peace pillars on the ground instead of telling us who's better group than the other, we wouldn't be in situation by now, but it's man made and can be removed by actions of us.and true said that Allah knows what's good for us and He clearly said in the Quran "Verily, with every hardship comes ease" (yes I can be Sheikhad sometimes lol)

        • You know why you cant get over that feeling sis that's because your finally listening to you heart and not your brain deep down somewhere in there it had enough and is slowly coming out . Also to my pro union brothers/sisters don't take the mickey out of her but embrace her i no your only joking but that little joke can offset her balance for Somaliweyn. PS Somaliyeey toosoo to you too AMAL and may we get to see Somaliweyn in our lifetime Insha'Allah

          • Somali nation made up of Djibouti, NFD,Somali galbeed, Somalia and Somaliland. The only difference this time Somaliland wont do first step for union until at least Djibouti before.

          • Brother why you so big headed first of all NFD/Somaligalbeed are occupied and Djibouti is waiting for Somalia which is British/Italian Somaliland to stop bickering and get his house in order so that it can join them. NFD/Somaligalbeed/Djibouti are all waiting for us to lead because 1 we are not occupied 2 we got the most Somali population and 3 we were always the regions leaders for the whole of the Somali population. What your asking for is for the follower no disrespect to lead that never works.

          • u think somallander are stupid again my friend Somaliland made historic mistake in 1960. 30 year of union and still union is unfinished. How long we have to wait 1000 year?if ur are so obsessed by union i advice u to look for another partner becoz Somaliland won t be back and keep ur rubbish we are leader blabla somalilander remember how u thank them when they came to koonfur people. Reality is xamar seem to accept lost of Somali galbeed, NFD and Djibouti but never Somaliland. Coward and shame.

          • Amal they will now call you faqash and doubt that me and you are inadeer and pro-union. You have been to Hargeisa and seen it all walaal that's why I believed in you unlike those who were in the Diaspora since 1988. Waxba kama ooga ruunta, waxay uu haystan inay dowladi jiirto ma ogaa ina lacagtaa uun laga cuuno.

            It became a job for guys who couldn't make it in the Diaspora. They milking the emotional cow in Gabiley 🙂

            I am going to Hamar and if they kill me, death is natural, wa wuxu ilahay noqooray lakin I strongly believe they will never target me because simply I happen to be from a town few KM north of Mogadishu.

            Tribalism is only big in the Diaspora and largely on the net but Somalis move freely. Those grown men should be ashamed of themselves who mislead teenage girls and lie to them and feed them hatred and tribalism.

            The Somali Republic is one and your Somali, period.

  9. Dear God I can't stop laughing at some people, looool of course we all are happy for Mogadishu rasing up again and hopefully all the displaced families will return their homes soon. I have a feeling all Somali suffering will end next few years 🙂

  10. amal wa fariid yar, you have to congratulate her and understand she will never support isolation and miniaturization; that benefits no body but few who think they were targeted by a dictator regime see it as a comfort zone. That is all it is, a comfort zone. We can't allow our people to suicide themselves and runaway just because of the mistakes of one man and his regime who cared for no body. If he did he would not allow Somalia to completely collapse he would leave like Tunisia's Ben Ali.

    He didn't care about anyone whether be Daroods including his Marehan or anyone else; like myself he was more comfortable with Hawiye than his Darood. I too am more comfortable with Hawiye than my Isaaq and I will tell you why. Hawiye are complete disaster when it comes to certain polycentric tribal systems and value elders input less than others but that's what makes them both lovable and difficult.

    When you have national views, Hawiye are the most likely to back you up and support a Somali regardless of his clan affiliation more than Isaaqis and Daroods and Siad Bare very well knew this. He did not build a single Darood town and did not even construct a single secondary school in Gedo but he did everything he could in Hawiye regions and that's because they supported him as a President while everyone else tried to get things off him because he was "our boy, uncle, tribe, etc".

    Separatists did definitely damage and tarnish Isaaq image and Hawiye relations but we going to repair that and they will see and understand the separatists are minorities and they are losing their minds and direction.

    The Somali Republic was built in Hargeisa and Hargeisa will always be a Somali city and never a capital city for few grieving the mistakes of one man and his fallen regime.

    As you can see they could not go any where in 21 years and that is because the majority of Isaaq population, Samaroon and Hartis see Somaliland as north's TFG. Once Mogadishu recovers the green, white and red flag centered with black star (Gambella flag) is going back to Gambella and Ethiopia; we will say "thanks but no thanks Mr raw meat eater".

    Our blue flag is the best but it does need modification just like the rest of our political system and ideologies, we must have room for debates and be open to new fresh ideas. Without innovation and new goals, we go no where.

    Somaliland is just a regional Council and it will remain that. The end of TFG in the south also means the end of Somaliland for all of us and we have to accept that. The sooner the better.

    If the Gambellas refuse to put down their fake flag, an Isaaq led SNA will flush them out, so they don't blame the south again. We will recruit and build entirely Isaaq elite SNA force in which I will oversee its progress and help manage its affairs.

    We want our people united peacefully but some times flushing them out is necessary just how we are flushing out al Shabab from the south, Gambellas are no different.

    Like al Shabab, they too have deranged and radical supporters, that does not give them the right to curve our country.

    • STOP promoting only haw*ye you should be ashame your self mate advocate for all somalis unless you have other motives under The carpet.

      In your comment”hawiye are The most likely to back you up and support a somali regardless of clan affiliation more Than dar@@d isaq”,probably or maybe you had bad experience somewhere on This planet Than haw*ye person back you up or supported you.

      This has nothing to do with triba but individuale,They are also good dar@@d and isaaq.

      If haw*ye are so good as you mention in your comment,how come They distroy whole of mogadishu and other parts of somalia while They could take The lead?it’s clear That haw*ye only can not navigate.

      It’s good to confronte anyone who’s dividing somalia,but it’s bad when creating more division.

      • whether you like it or not that's the truth nothing but the truth so help me god lol you can be crazy which i'm not gonna lie are a bit but at the same time be passionate. Have you ever noticed that how every time someone invades us we come together as one and make the invaders wish they never came and don't say what about Amisom because they're tolerated so that it can get rid of Shabaab. Even in Siad Barres days the army was majority Hawiye he didn't even trust his own clans men especially the Majeerteen why because he knew we was nationalist to the core and didn't sign no treaty with the British and Italians.

        • mr/miss haw*ye warrior.
          No your wrong SNA They were mix clan no particular tribe had The majority in The army.

          What is nationalist?in my definition nationalist is someone who put The interest of his/her nation first what ever cost to save Them not hang on power until last minute.

          That’s exactly what dictators do in africa They never trust close keen,if They do Than Their leadership will be in jeopardy.

          • Its Mr thank you and you just said it yourself dictators never trust their own kind specially when it comes to the military for him it was the Darood and neither did he trust the Isaaqs + he looked down on the D&M/Bantus so that leaves one major tribe left the Hawiye. I'm not saying the other tribes were not in the army but that the bulk of the foot soldiers were from the Hawiye how else do you think we were able to defeat him so easily when all the other tribes couldn't ??.

          • Those who believe majority of SNA were hawiye your completely wrong,The law SNA artical 11 section 123 says all SNA arm forces should be recruited from all parts of somalia not only one area.

            The reason barre was defeated,somali army sees to exist long before formation of USC.barre lost all dononers starting from 1982,his regime was living on arab donation only.

          • @raage yes you are right and he did its just that he recruited more hawiye than any other tribes ? come on brother yes Siad Bare was weak but he was weak as in fighting another country's professional army. The SSDF were weak because of internal conflict with Ethiopia at the same time withdrawing its support almost the same with the SNM as in the Ethiopia also withdrawing its support from them. The SPM split in to two one for and one against Siad Barre so the only major force left was the USC which Siad Barre put most of his man power against because of the importance of the capital Mogadishu.

          • @hawiye warrior.
            barre regime never recruited more hawiys into The army That’s not true, he never allow one clan dominant in army. The reason barre regime defeated was combination of so many Things.

            Cut of all AIDS from westren countries,80% somali population were oppose his rule.

            SSDF see’s to exist in 1982 for one reason They knew fighting top of Their family will bring more suffering own keen,unlike SNM They went and fight Their cities if They could waited another four years barre regime would collapse it’s own weight.

            To correct you,barre his full force took That time his regime was weak fragile most of arm forces were deserting Their post, because of lock of fund since all AID was cut from his regime.

            I was in mogadishu when The full war started 1991 new year,barre did not have anything but few marehaan to defend him.

            all resident in mogadishu were fleeing north to south The whole war lasted twenty days only. That shows USC didn’t have to face good fight for Them it was like WALK IN THE PARK.

    • Shame to see you have more "hope" than the evidence that is the reality. I was in Muqdisho as a little refugee for one year and saw the indifference of the locals compared to my family members. One of my smaller relatives was in shock of all noise from planes, but the silly ppl use to laugh at her every time she threw herself on ground when we were together.

      The ppl I saw had no empathy i.e psychopaths. And such ppl do not have the capacity to understand others point of few or grievances, for they lack human decency called sympathy.

      • lol Brother hearing noised coming from planes means that the area is busy doing business which clearly your stating doesn't hardly happen in Somaliland ; } speaking of Somaliland what were you doing in Mogadishu as a refugee when you had a stable government there ?? it can only mean one thing and that is that your an Ethiopian or something else disguising himself as an Somali.

        • You are a sad person, and the era of such experience was only in 1990 just before Afweyne scaped to Kenya.

        • This multi-name person is that same person I was telling off the other day. He doesn't like the truth.

          Everyone knows the bulk of the Somali Army was Hawiye and in fact the majority of the air force was not Hawiye but Abgaal.

          I have same views as Siad Bare in certain areas. I do not consider him tribalist. Isaaq and MJ always bring down anything from anyone else but them but if you get a microscope, even iyaga isxaasiida. That is why as an Isaaq, I am going to work only with those that support nothing but Somalinimo, MJs got tribal agenda and Isaaqis just want to go in a little corner and cry but not the general public just their misleading politicians in the north.

          When you go to Hargeisa you will not see them talk about Somaliland as much as the Diaspora ones talk about it. Everyone is in Hargeisa and personally most of our homes are leased to southern Somalis. Some already went back and vacated three of our homes…now its very difficult to find tenants in Hargeisa with the southerners going back to Mogadishu, Baidabo, etc.

          When your in Hargeisa, all they talk about is Isahaaq, Habar awal, HJ, Cidagale, and they eat each others like animals. For example one time these guys disputed with one of our land and people I never met wanted to go to war with some guys called Idiris, whatever they are. I never asked them but I assume its just one of the many habro in Isaaq.

          When you see your habro like that its better if you throw them in the deep end and show them bigger sharks in the ocean…maybe then they will learn something instead of sitting in that village.

          That is why I became against their dangerous game of running away to cry in the corner….no wheeeeee wheeeee like Azeb Mesfin hehehehehe.

  11. """""""Somalia’s Banadir State government on Tuesday unveiled plans to renovate one of East Africa’s largest open air markets after two decades of closure."""""""

    it is been renovated months ago the tender process started long time ago. a member of my family put many in 3 months ago. this is not news what is news is the stadium being renovated and the parlimiant building .

  12. waar hoy reer somalia ha nugu xiiqina,,,, kan kayse la dhahaa abti intaad somaliland wax ka sheegayso bal car waataase somalia dan aad nala hoos cararaysaa wax ay manta nagu dhaanto sheeg. inanay dhaqaale iyo meelkasta nagu dhawayn way caday. waxaad oran malaha dagalaa lagu jiray. kk dee intaasiba saw caqli la isku dhamo maahan inanu anagu dagalami waynay. peace for all landers…muqdisho wanu soo dhawaynaynaa waayo waa matantayadii inay Hargaisa burco lascanood iyo borama oo kale noqotana wanu rabnaa ee soo kor banu leenay

  13. Mugadisho or Hamar is a cursed city. The original founders were of Arabic origin who use to ban the bantus from entering the city. The souk we now know as Hamarweyne in the outskirts of Muqdisho which was a place the people of Muqdisho use to purchase goods from the bantu populations.

    As Muqdisho expanded after Italian recruitment of the Bantus, Hamarweyne became part of Muqdisho which the Italians helped to extend and build ther souk. That building was an example of Italian investment because Somalis did not own it, but would pay rent.

  14. So long as Hawiye continue to manage their Capital city of Moqadishu they have my support to live in peace and prosper. So long as they value the need for coexistence and partnership in combating all EVIL in the horn of Africa with their neighbouring states like SOMALILAND republic there will be peace and progress.

    Hassan Mahamoud and Siccid Shirdoon appear to be focused on the needs of Bantu-Occupied south and good luck to them. I look forward to the Dissolution TALKs between My country and their country to coexist in peace as EQUALS and each distinctly sovereign within their 26 Jun 1960 Borders.

    • STONE head mogadishu it’s not only hawiye capital city,but it’s also your capital city and all somalis you get That.

      The talks will based on mutual understanding not like two country talking it’s all in your immagination.

      • no Moqadishu is capital of Somalia as Djibouti city capital of Djibouti, Jijiga capital of Somali galbeed, Garissa capital of NFD and finally hargeisa capital of Somaliland.