DSCN4576The people of Somalia where ever you are whether inside Somalia or in the diaspora or in neighboring countries.  Stop the hatred towards Somalia and fix up your country and clean the mess that you guys have created and be more like Somaliland where peace and stability is valued and where Somalia the people don’t care about peace or stability.
it seems that peace and stability like Somaliland is very appreciated it and that the people in Somaliland are the eyes and ears of the country and if anything suspicious happens they report to police even if that criminal is their own brother and in Somalia the people there seem not to care about peace and stability they are not aware of their safety and well being and they supporting the criminals in their own capital city and they don’t want a peaceful Mogadishu and if you guys want a peaceful Mogadishu prove it and action speaks louder then words, when tragedy happens the government of Somalia condemns the heinous attacks what’s that good for and that Government should criticize the people for not taking steps of protecting their country from the enemy.
The government of Somalia is new and they are trying their to best to have stable country but it is the people of Somalia where ever they are to blame and they are blame for the attacks and they are to blame for easy accesses for the enemy.
I blame the people of Mogadishu for not cooperating with the police and the military and the government and they are harboring the criminals and hiding them in their homes, they don’t care about their country and they hate peace.
The people of Mogadishu have to be more like the people of Hargeisa where they are the eyes and ears of the country and that if anything suspicious happens they report it to police even if they are their own brother, that’s not the case in Mogadishu where the people fear the enemy and they only way to defeat fear is to defeat fear it self and you will defeat the enemy.
Somaliland is a peaceful and stable country where crime, piracy and terrorism is not tolerated in Somaliland.  Please Somali Brothers and sisters let Somaliland be a good example for you and please fix the mess in Somalia in order to enjoy your country and please have the same mentality as Somaliland and please value Peace and stabily and please anybody who is against peace in your country put them behind bars and hiding them will make you guilty as them.
Duale Hirsi Warsame
North America


  1. So they should be like “Somaliland” and support clan “nationalism”? You pro “Somaliland” blogs are pathetic!

  2. To Khalid Just because you destroyed your country does not mean you don’t have to be bitter about another countries success, it’s your fault that Somalia is on fire it’s your fault that you failed to build your country, well at least Somaliland are not afraid of terrorists or work them unlike Somalia and that’s not slander and that’s the truth and Somaliland hates terrorists and where Somalia loves terrorists. Terrorists are the scum of this earth and they should be eliminated at once.

  3. What a naive man you are. Somalia is not entirely made up of Mogadishu. Get your facts straight first, stop stereotyping and write articles about bettering your country rather than focusing on Somalia and how we should run things. Somalia is not perfect but god willingly we will be one day and Somaliland there are still some major flaws you guys have to over come. Stop being biased, what an utterly useless article.

    • Can I also just add that there are some regions in Somalia that value peace such as the state of puntland. You’re an uneducated man seriously, as for this terrorist nonsense there are terrorists everywhere including in Somaliland as well.

  4. This Ramadan insulting Somebody for saying the truth is not going earn your good deeds of Ramadan, and you have lost your good deeds for calling someone names and Islam is about telling the truth and leave this brother alone and he is not uneducated you Silahm AHmed how dare you insult such a person on Ramadan, he is frustrated that there is problems in Somalia and this man is addressing the truth. He wants Somalia to be like Somaliland with peace and stability. Is having rented foreign troops on the ground in Mogadishu bias no and is having sick individuals in Mogadishu who hate peace and giving people hard time bias no that’s the truth. How do you think you are Silam and I will not insult you like you did to Dualae the author of this article because it’s Ramadan I hope that bad things happen to you and that all misfortunes happen to you and I curse you for insulting a human being on Ramadan for telling the truth, no wonder Somalia has been without a government for 25 years because you people are living in denial and are killing each and don’t want the truth and this guy has guts and you are a coward. Puntland is causing the trouble in Somalia and they are the origin of alshabab. Is that bad to tell the people to be vigilante may goodness what is wrong with you. What would you if this man goes to the press or on tv with this or you tube with this. No wonder journalist in Somalia are being killed because they are express the truth like this man. You guys don’t value journalist either. He spoke the truth and my goodness don’t have heart attack.

    • Slime stop calling people names and defeaming them and you are such a slime and you have no education yourself writing in such anger and usually educated people do have patients, go back to school.

  5. Long Live SOMALILAND happy Ramadan Kareem to all Muslims worldwide…may Allah help somalia defeat all the enemies