Fate of Somali government affairs has taken a sharp turn towards deeper, dysfunctional, darker and bottomless hole; instead of cultivating collaboration with fallow brothers and sisters in just short time they managed to further divide the country, alienate dissent voices, marginalizing women, coming of age youths targeted and branded as Al shabaab, while constructing closer ties with foreign interests at expense of our nation and our people in dreadful times.  As mother, daughter, and sister my heart rhythms beats faster, my blood pressures raises, can’t stomach the sight of another lifeless young, forthcoming Somali man body slouched in obscure way in somewhere in this world, whether is Mogadishu, Toronto, or unknown shorelines .

You see Mr. President, as a mother of  a teen age daughter, and so many of her peers chances for potential life partners is forever decreasing, they will be the first generation of Somali off springs that will pay dearly mistakes of their fathers for long time to come. There is no young Somali men left that is not susceptible to this national travesty, they are hunted like prey, accused of every imaginable crime, and whether they actually committed or not they are regarded as potential criminals. They are branded like animals with names that describe them in worst possible scenario and starts with; Somali gangs, terrorists, Islamist, extremist, pirates, Al shabaab, and the naming keep growing while their predator’s ambition is reaching closer and closer. These youths deserve better treatment, a lending ear for their pains, as they have been abandoned, isolated, suffered and now slaughtered instead of extending helping hand we are killing them by tons.

They are the cohorts that their living fathers and uncles betrayed them, and left them to fetch for themselves in hostile world. According to Joseph Levine, of University Massachusetts Amherst three strategies to deal with resistance are “expulsion, occupation and institutional marginalization.” All of three factors are present in your administration, the question is what your intentions are?

Somali women have been paying heavy casualties in this new path way led by western nations and with all their constant struggle against oppressive ways of our patriarchal society, irrelevant religious ideologies and now we face international ANG’s/interests disguised as humanitarian entities. The will teach about female genital mutilation, how to be assertive, against rape, and essence how to be a women.  We need to break away from this vicious circle breathes dependency, fosters division among equals, and eventually destroys legacy of our ancestors. You have to dig deeper and reflect the tactics and strategies that westerns employ to stretch the division among us in order to further their war profit ways.

Eisenhower couldn’t been more  right Industrial Military Complex, since then the got bolder, stronger, hungrier, and ferociously seeking new ways to make profit and we us a nation become the latest casualty, only if we allow ourselves ensuing this harmful road.

Your first colossal mistake was to appoint governor of Somali National Bank, to a known hustler, and low level spy to a position that requires integrity, loyalty, expertise and above all a person that places interest of nation above any foreign interest. You will not get it under his command, his loyalty is with entities’ who support him, cultivated him during his fictitious  consulting job to then Somali transitional government during his stay in Kenya and finally managed secure for himself to acquire this position against hundreds of more suited Somali nationals. His shining reference for the position is working with then mayor and councillor Marion Barry, and t time for inauguration for his former pupil just got charged for accepting gifts from two city contractors.

Second allowing war profiteers and private security companies “rent cops” to provide security services for a sovereign nation its undeniably ludicrous notion and a threat to undermine rebuilding of our armed force. You may recall Navy Seal Chris Kyle, who referred himself as greatest sharp shooter for shooting 160 Iraq’s and eventually met his fate when he got shot by fellow veteran in his shooting range farm. Your policy invites this sort of characters. Flash back in our history our people, in July 8, 1497, Vasco Da Gama starts his voyage to India, finally arrives city of Calicut May 20, 1498 and one most interesting sight was Somali business conducting their affair with likeminded business men. That is way before establishment of Caribbean colonies and host of all other nations our people were pioneers and now we subjected to daily humiliations brought and produced by our own its simply an acceptable.

Third, African Union, UN, IGAD, UNISOM and UNSOM have no place nor right to impose authority to our sovereignty nor do they have right to shape our destiny. The fact that your administration is not demanding this entities to train Somali youths as peace keepers to other nations, so we can be equal partners in the safety of our region stuns me. All we are witness day in day out you men and their foreign mercenaries’ indiscriminately killing our children. In short period of time we really did manage to attract all this unwanted entities by simply discrediting our heritage, discourteous to our religion and turning against each other for scraps, what an insult to our ancestors. UN is an outdated, out of touch, irrelevant entity, an extension of American foreign policy and oppressive tool for war profiteers and capitalist who consider themselves as trustees of our nation’s wealth have no place interfering Somali affairs. This extermination we are witnessing is forever engraved our minds and might be in this side or the other side these executioners and their silent participants will eventually meet their fate. Whether our commander of chief has autonomy and authority lead our struggling nation is not clear in your administration and it’s crucial to address whose command we are fallowing.

Nothing is new in their quest for pilfering our natural resources, it’s only the second coming first one as we all recall materialised when then the Fascist Governor Cesare Maria Da Vecchi and his colonial government  confiscated Somalia’s  agricultural in large scale with projects resembling partnership but in fact  colonial project, Societa Agricola Italo-Somalia (SAIS). As for your newly founded scavengers friends it might be wiser to inform that they are not going to get away with their outsourcing contracts, take over port and the national airport. Their agreement with your administration is not only illegal but point-blank a treason against our nation’s sovereignty, and will be nullified by the Somali people since it transpired under foreign occupation.

By continuing this treachery path of aligning with occupiers against your own, as your predecessor did will grantee you spot for sellout African leader’s booth camp, at Massachusetts Boston, African Presidential Archives & Research Centre. In nature there are two types of dogs, one that requires a leash and lab dogs that always gratefully docile; while the one with the leash is in captivity still retains a plentiful unpredictable power that the master always respect. For the name of our religion and the sake our people rid of the title “Sheik,” since a recipient of this honor will not dare to address his fellow citizens to Islamist terrorist at least not in the Islam’s code of conduct nor is  he side with enemy of his people.

Muna Mimi



  1. Who will listen to you, Muna mimi? The pirates or the predators? The criminals or the crooks? The radicals or the wronged ones? The canniabls or the cash-oriented? The people in kraals or their politicians? Somalila is a land without lads?

  2. This mother speaks from her heart! Indeed a moving article. May Allah grant your wishes on behalf of peace, prosperity and pious among your country(wo)men.

    Boston, MA., "African leaders Boot Camp," it's hitting closer to home than you think…my soon to be alma mater is located there!

    It is summer, where are the fine sisters commenting here? Give me a sista I can't resista!…HATE POLITICS WALAHI.

  3. I totally agree with this writer. Every so-called Somalia leader who set foot in Mogadishu for the last 22 years has been nothing but a puppet of the West and United Nation.

    If these so-called leaders cared for Somali people, they would not have drag Somaliland, into the failed State called Somalia. They could have at least requested a referendum from the people of Somaliland and see where their true interest lays. They don't do it because, their masters, will not let them. These are the so called leaders Somali have witnessed for the last 22 years. What a shame!

    • There is nobody outselling or outperforming then the Isaaq who are the worst puppets ever to walk on planet earth the way they bow down and then kiss the white trash feet is soooo degrading and shameful. I'm sure some idiot$ like osman Qaal, Buuxiye, hadhka, mohamed cheers, Olad, misslovely etc will bow down for white trash before they bow down to Allah (SWT)

      I'm so embarrassed to be a Somali I so wished the Isaaq were jareer because I am in need for slaves to world in me new plantations in Jubaland.

  4. Gugland Girl,

    I am sure that the patriots, Mohamed Cheers and Omer Hussein Dualeh will respond to your slave mentality sooner than later. .