The Somali Federal Government seems incapable of tackling the security challenges in the country, and there is nothing indicative of an effort towards combating the worsening security situation in Somalia. Let alone other parts of the country, not a single day  passes in Mogadishu, the capital city and seat of government without bloodshed, bombings, assassination and kidnapping. If senior officials could be callously and easily gunned down in broad daylight, it means that nobody is safe anymore. This is what many security analysts and I have been warning about for the past several months, but all of our warnings have fallen on deaf ears.

The way it stands now, The Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon and his Cabinet colleagues failed to take action and respond responsibly to the growing national tragedy of an escalating insecurity. They seem not to have any solution or even a clue to the parlous insecurity in the country. Instead of addressing this and other challenges bedevilling the country, they are busy enriching themselves and enjoying luxurious and lavish life styles by using tax payer’s money and foreign donations. Despite all this, The Prime Minister has not held anyone accountable for their failings and incompetence.

Misadministration and indifferent attitude has led to rampant corruption and insecurity in the country. The situation is so worse that the Prime Minister is unable to take action against relevant cabinet colleagues who are incompetent and involved in corruption. Majority of the current Cabinet is incompetent and weak as they are not able to bring back security and stability to the country, therefore the Prime Minister should resign for his failure to perform his duties and run the country effectively.

The incompetence of the Prime Minister and most of his team is obvious, and threatens to take down this government whose slide is accelerating at a dizzying pace. Now there is no logic in the Prime Minister’s continuance. The President must save the country, and seek alternative capable and charismatic Prime Minister.


By Said Hassan.




  1. Shirdoon used to be a Khat dealer, a useless peice of xaar not worthy to be reported in a somaliland website. as a somalilander we dont give a toss whether he resigns or stays