The chairman of Wagosha Movement of Somalia Eng Yarow Sharif Aden and the President of the Federal Government of Somalia have met in London, shortly after the international conference on Somalia. President Hassan and Engineer Aden discussed range of issues, including the reconstruction of Somalia, formation of the regional administrations, including the Jubbaland disputed plan.

During the meeting the leader of Wagosha Movement, expressed the support of Wagosha people to the new federal government of Somalia and President Hassan. “We fully support the government and its plans to stabilize Somalia after decades of civil war and destruction, and we will show this in action” said Engineer Aden, who is former senior official in Somalia’s mineral and water ministry.

President Hassan has in the meeting reiterated his pledge to serve all Somalis regardless of their political and regional affiliation, adding that justice will be the base of everything in the country.
Regarding the issue of Jubbaland administration, Eng Aden said the Wagosha people do fully support President Hassan’s initiative of bottom-up approach of setting up all-inclusive regional administrations in the country. He said the illegitimate conference in Kismayo by a single clan does not reflect the reality in the country, and that will lead to fresh fighting among the Somali clans, who are already tired of the endless civil war.

President Hassan has reassured all Somali people that every clan in Jubba regions will have its rights observed in any political process in their lands without hindrance.
Earlier Eng Aden attended the Chatham House setting agenda meeting for Somalia’s International London conference.



    • Wagosha are people who speak Swahili and who named Kismayu. They are the original people of Juba valley and NFD.

      The President of Jubaland will have to be Wagosha since they are the original Bantu people of the Juba valley. If they do not get the president's seat or Prime minister and some Kastuumo and Bintidabaqoodi does it will lead to outright war.

      The Somali people of the Juba valley are being watched by the international community and AFRICA as a whole Racism will not be tolerated in the formation of Jubaland nor will expansionist ideals.

      Viva Wagosha and Viva Wagosha-Jubaland 🙂

      • Wagosha are Jareer aka Bantu people they speak af somali but not ethically Somali.

        They are the majority in Mogadishu since they intermarried the hawiya.

        Ps I don't even think Hawiya are pure Somali their DNA 97% IS BANTU

        • Majareerteen are not Midhaha Darood…

          Solve that statement from the Mad Mullah!

          • seriously war? who will wage war against the mighty darood?

            As we speak right now the Jareer are being deported from Jubaland back to their ancestry land Tanzania and Mozambique etc.

            We have evidence to support our cause that the jareers were ex slaves bought by Arabs from Tanzania and Mozambique into Somalia.

            We will get rid off all the Jareers from Darood land they can go back to Tanzania, Mozambique or even live with those Hawiya morons we don't care.

            Jubaland will clean up the Jareer infestation once and for all

          • LOOOOL @ will lead to outright war, Geez, what have you been chewing man??

            Harti will have their fair share so will the other clans, I respectfully disagree with Geezer, Jubbaland administration should be based on justice and equality.

          • justice and equality? do you want us to give our fertile to aliens bantus slaves people from Tanzania and Mozambique?

            These Jareer people have a country to go back to its not like their country less but they don't want it because they want remain in Somalia the reason is simply if you just look at where the Jareer populate which is middle shabelle, lower shabelle and Jubaland areas its river side the fertile lands in Somalia.

            Look the hawiya people are dumb they are bantu lovers but the darood should get rid off these aliens bantus slaves people from Tanzania and Mozambique.

            we have two big war one is the Isaaq in the north and the other is the south the Abgal.

          • BintiBoy

            The entire Military force of Siyad Barre Failed to achieve your dream of expansion.

            I suspect you are fully aware of your own circumstances and it is pointless to highlight your political insignificance in Somalia-Italia.

            The Somali-Republic was beneficial for Darood and unfortunately it was Darood that failed to deliver justice to all the citizens of the UNION.

            Isaaq have nothing to gain from the Union.

            Hawiye have nothing to gain from the Union.

            D&M have nothing to gain from the Union.

            Bantu have nothing to gain from the Union… considering they only live in Somalia-Italia why would it benefit them to remain in a Union that ADDS 3.5Million more somalis to make them more insignificant in terms of population percentage.

            Somali-Republic-Union only benefits ONE-CLAN politically and as we are becoming more clanistic politically

          • You did no defeat anything, remember in the north finished 1987 and Barre regime collapse, where your terrorist SNM been all these three years get real mate.

          • Don't be silly Geezer!! Bantus are not our enemy matter of fact treating them equal will only disappoint those who are aiming to fuel conflicts in Jubbaland. besides if we could have equal rights in America and Europe as ethnic minorities (Somalis) why deny bantus' rights in Jubbaland??. THINK…

          • Amirah Istal-Somali
            What respect do you have for him? Is it because of his constant bad mouthing to reer Sheikh Isahaq women including your own mom? I'm sure this dude is not pure.

          • LOOL Ku-rujiye, do you know turning people against each other is a huge SIN, Geezer has never insulted my mom, as a matter of fact I dissed him so many times but he never diss me back. his only ceeb is his constant brag about his Ghost wife in Goljano. all in all bad mouthing our Somali women is unacceptable regardless of their tribe..

  1. Walaal Amirah,waxaan filayaa in aadan ku fiicneen tariikhda dalkaaga!
    Wagosha waa dadka reer Goleedka,oo ay ku lahaayeen boqortooyidii la dhihi jirey Shunguwaya,
    waa dadka ku abtirsada Boqor Nassib Buunde(Makamjira Jee Zamaani).
    Marka gal web-ka (

    • thanks for the link walalo even it's not working and nah I have never met a Wagosha person perhaps that's why i never heard of them either way they're our fellow countrymen,

      • My dear Amirah
        If you are a real Somali,you know are the Wagosha people,they are the majority of the former of BASSO JUBBA,may be you never seen Somalia or other southern part of Somalia.
        Did you hear (Wadada Nassib Buunde in Mogadisho?),read the names and the villages of BASSO JUBBA,you will see more than 200-300 (Cities and Villages) named Wagosha language;if I give you an example like Kismayo(Kisima Cha Chu or Ceel gaab)!!,how could you deny these people who represent 25% of the Somali population ?. Again I ask you kindly to read the history of your country.

        • listen huuno I'm not denying their existence obviously just that I have never met a person from that particular tribe not only them but also D&M, Abgal, Murursade, Hawadle and many more. wax South la yirahdona ma aqaano, born and bred reer Waqooyi. khalad ha ii fahmin.

          • Many thanks , I truly appreciate somebody who wants to know about all Ethnics and tribes in our beloved country Somalia.I wan born in Kaliokoko, a small city in middle Jubba in the same time
            I know most of the villages, cities and tribe in Somalia and tribes as a whole,because we Wagosha people belief the unity, justice and prosperity of Somalia.
            President Hassan is trying to do something for our coming generation.
            Just try Amirah,if you try and I try we all try the happiness,prosperity and development will be.

          • Listen Mr Jareer aka wagosha Bantu man do us a flavour just go back to your bantu country Tanzania cuz Jubaland isn't yours its a darood land and we will not jaeer free to roam our land.

            Abgaal will not safe your jareer ass you're not worthy of my land so leave in peace.

  2. wow darood people love to steal others people lands…..yestrerday somaliland, then hamaar and now juba….

  3. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, Whether Wagosha or Hassan culusow NGO meet, Jubbaland state will have soon PRESIDENT within two weeks. every clan that reside in Jubbaland all participated these process. also IC confirm the packing of Jubbaland formation and the local election.

  4. The day when one clan in Somaliland or Somalia tries to dominate another clan is history. As I understood, the clan who is trying to form the government in Jubaland were NOT native to the region, as I write this comment, they are being bused from as far places as pirateland, Ethiopian zone five and northern Kenya to occupy the land of other Somali clan.No Somali with common sense will accept this kind of behaviour and as such the natives has Allah given right to defend their land from this invaders.

  5. Daroods where not in Jubaland before Ina Uunlaaye in early sixties, and they claim now that the fertile land of Juba belongs to them. They came from where the camel crows and not able to walk like our camels because of the difficult train in the mountains of BARI. They spread from there and went all over to concur lands that does not belong to them.

    I doubt they came from Yemen and believe they are from Srilanka. Look what Abdillahi Yussuf once said. He said I am not Somali but Indian, and received the organ that he lived for quite a long time from a dead Tamil Tiger.

  6. Didn't siyaad try something similar with Somaliland telling the darood they were going to be living in a new place? The more I hear about darood history and current affairs the more I realize these people are one trick ponys! All they understand is gumaysi, genocide and displacement! Dang now the bantus and the ethnic minorities are against them along with the Hawiye and the Isaaq.

    Goes to show greedy and xasiidnimo sooner or later catches up with you.

  7. Jareer will not participate the jubaland process because they don't belong in jubaland in the first place since they are ex slaves bought by Arabs from tanzania.

    We know this is a plot by our enemies (Hawiya) to steal our land and gave it to bantus God willing we will bring the war to Mogadishu and those Abgal elders hiding under Amisom tanks will utterly be crushed.

    • Majareerteen are not Real Harti and that should mean MJ are not permitted in Jubaland.

    • Xiddigiinu waa dhacay dadkiina isku sheegayo (Puntland),fitnadiida iyo khayaamadiina iyo islaweynadiina waa lawada arkey,maanta qofkasto Somaali ah ayaa ogaadey,taasina waa guul u soo hooyatey ummadeena.
      Ama Hawiye ku sheeg,ama Habargidir Abgaal ku sheek, ama Adoon ku sheeg,dadkaani waa dad Soomaali oo deegaan ku leh Somaaliya oo la yiraahdo BASSO JUBBA.
      Shaley ma aha maanta,Usimada ,Aqoonyahanada,Mashaayiikhda iyo Indheergaradka reer Puntaland waxaan u sheegeyna in aduunyadaani ka tilaabsatey ama ka gudubtey waxa meelaha aad la orordeysaan…..Ba',Hilaak umadiina ha u horkicina.
      Madaxa Wagosha Eng Yarow iyo H.E President Hassan wixii ay ka wada hadleen waa wax lagu samatabixinkaro ummadan lagu ridey jahwareersan dhoor wujiyo leh.

      • xddiga dhacay waa layaqaan bal noosheeg nimankii burco ku dhintay………………………………..

  8. @Buuxiye

    Jubaland originally belongs to Oromo and I won't dispute with that its true because Oromo were the first settlers in Jubaland before the Darood moved in mainly the Ogaden and Harti from Bari and the coastal villages across Puntland but some how the Oromo were chased out from Jubaland but now most of them are in Ethiopian's Oromo state

    But……. Jareer aka wagosha are Bantu people from Tanzania so how can they participate in jubaland process since they are aliens from another bantu country?

      • Hows that racist? Somali bantus have a country to go back to it's not like their country less.

        But the think is they want to remain in Somalia especially the rivers sides of jubaland, middle shabelle and lower shabelle which is fertile land, wealthy livestock and has marine resources.

        Sxb the bantus wants to wipe us off.

        • Jaberti are Akhdam from Yemen, Some are Sri-lankans, some are Malasians like Faroole others are from Zanzibar while some are Sidamo-oroma assimilated.

          Should they all go back home?

          • lol Akhdam???? why are you such an asshole? why call me Akhdam? Akhdam are habesha people Am I habesha?

            loool It's obvious you don't like me because I'm Majerteen and my clan have become a barrier wall to your deluded Iiiidooor state lol mohahahahahahah

          • Why are you denying your identity. Even the Akhdams themselves talk about fratenity. Buuxiye is right and he knows the history. Look what you call the fake boqortooyada MJ was founded by Bantu from Zanzibar and Tanganyika (you call them Osman Mohamud to deny the history), and I;m sure you know that very well like all other Mjs.

        • Nin la dhihi jirey Aw Masangeesi Kashareenga oo reer Bangeeni ah( oo ku taalo meel u dhow Jamaame) wuxuu dhixi jirey :Hurdo xumo Riyo ma loo dhaafo.
          Qabiil kasto ee Somalia taariikhdiisa waa la yaqaana,waanu haynaaee ha baqina
          Just try to think about to adopt (Justice,Equality,Development and Democracy)

          • A. Kasamila Mganga · 43 minutes ago
            Nin la dhihi jirey Aw Masangeesi Kashareenga oo reer Bangeeni ah( oo ku taalo meel u dhow Jamaame) wuxuu dhixi jirey : Riyo Xumo Hurdo ma loo dhaafo.
            Qabiil kasto ee Somalia taariikhdiisa waa la yaqaana,waanu haynaa ee ha baqina
            Just try to think about to adopt (Justice,Equality,Development and Democracy)

  9. @boqoljire,

    As WE remember UUNLAAYE invested heavly kismaayo city only from 1961 not other parts of Jubbaland as a Somali citizen. we are mixing up things here, we are talking about whole (Jubooyinka, upper juba, middle juba, lower juba), before uunlaaye invested in kismaayo they were people who lived these areas that i mention and we know who the majority of these people, i do not have to go into details for you.

    It's not the issue here where they came from, even some people think isaqs came from falasha and Hawiye oromo. well, who is the real somali here then.

  10. The new government needs to stop stirring disharmony in southern Somalia. It is their job to harbor safety and security. I for one believe that the location of the Somali capital needs to be relocated elsewhere, and that the Parliament needs to consider replacing the incompetent President Hassan.

  11. The only illegal land-grabbing is done by the secessionist state of Somaliland. Why does the government not address this!?

  12. We know Somalia is in Afrika, and is a continent that belongs to Africans! then, who is an African? How does an African look like? please don't tell me where the word Afrique came from! I know the history of the first man who claimed to have explored it and the whole continent was named after his last name. but I want to know the physical feature of an African decent, and then we all may need to know "who really resembles identity in Somali! only then can we know who belongs to the land and who herding!

  13. Hi Mhangala, that's true, no one can deny that truth, Soomaaliya is specifically, I mean geographically located in Africa and an African is a black, big or larged nose, round face, kinky hair or generally a person who is physically not in configure European or Arab features but negroid! so anyone who may appear in African physical features is the real Somalian. if somebody doesn't meet those qualifications, we may say is a Somali but not a native!

  14. in reply of the statement that says how a Bantu people participate in a proses of jubbaland god created human been with dark mood. that's original of human been! when we talk about a country with it's citizen the bantus who are living in somalia or have a bath certificate of somalia is a citizen of somalia and has the right to participate in any political proses. this is not the century of mohamed Said bare.