Mogadishu, 21 June 2009 (Somalilandcurrent) – One of the website owned by Somali’s Islamists extremist revealed the name and the photos of the suicide bomber who killed Somalia’s National Security Minister last week in Beletwein. Al-shabab an extremist Islamic group known to have links with Al-Qaida said they will continue carrying out more suicide attacks until Somalia becomes an Islamic state ruled under Shariah. National Security Minister Omar Hashi Aden was staying in afortified hotel in Beletwein when a suicider attacked the hotel killing the minister and a few dozen people.

In a press release Al-shabab group said the Security Minister was the main target of the attack after they decided to eradicate the most important government figures in the country. Al-shabab said their usage of a suicide bombing was the most effective way to execute government officials.Derow2

Durning the press release Al-Shabaab spokesman said Mohamed Derow Sh. Adam (Zubeir) carried out the suicide attack that took place last week. Derow was a member of Al-shabab and have been fighting along their lines since the beginning of the movement. They praised Derow as a young, energetic and loyal member of the group, who was strong enough to carry out the attack.

Al-Shabaab spoken praised that around six Ethiopian military commanders were also killed during the attack along with a numbers of government officers that have been trained in Ethiopia recently.