By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Deputy Prime and also the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the federal government of Somalia Ms. Fowzia Yusuf Haji Aden is set to submit her resignation letter to the office of the President Hassan Sheik Mahmoud in the coming days due to long running rivalry between her and Dr. Mohamed Nur Gacan the minister of State for Foreign Affairs.

Unnamed sources close to Villa Somalia have leaked shocking revelations of increase infighting among top officials in the ranks and files in the federal of government of Somalia Foreign minister had several times before complained about the interference by the State minister to the SFG President Hassan Sheik Mahmoud and she hasn’t attended to her duties since.

President Hassan Sheik Mahmoud is in a fix and he cant have both ways the reason he has by all means failed to reconcile the pair and can’t afford to lose either ,one been a longtime ally and a fellow Dam Al-jadeed while the other is a fake symbol of  Somalia unity which he propagates as mean of convincing the world his government is a broad based one.  

It’s said the foreign minister recently sent a ministerial directive on the 12/10/2013 in which she orders the recall of twelve ambassadors from Somalia missions abroad because most  of them have been accused being engaged in corruption and embezzlement  funds  .

The list of recalled Emissaries can be seen below

1 Somalia Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
2 Somalia Ambassador to Egypt
3 Somalia Ambassador to Pakistan
4 Somalia Ambassador to the UAE
5 Somalia Ambassador to Switzerland’s
6 Somalia Ambassador to India
7 Somalia Ambassador to Turkey
8 Somalia Ambassador to Libya
9 Somalia Ambassador to Uganda
10 Somalia Ambassador to France
11 Somalia Ambassador to the UN
12 Somalia Ambassador to Russia

The ministerial directive orders were the emissaries should immediately and without delay to return to country by 20/10/2013 or else further steps shall be taken but her rival and also a close ally of the President Hassan Dam issued another one ordering the 12 Ambassadors to stay put and ignore the directive, this is when all hell broke loose and Madam Fowzia Haji Aden known for her standup attitude threatened to resign.

When the State minister was summoned by his superiors he simply answered I wasn’t informed of the directive which is seen as mare an excuse for the cover up corruption or he has the blessing of his boss who failed to punish the State minister for breaching the code of conduct.

The New Blood sect (Dam Al-jadeed), catapulted her to the second highest office in Somalia are the same ones who now  demanding at all cost the replacement of  the Foreign Minister, Fowzia Yusuf Haji Aden, as many see her position as being untenable.



  1. Choosing her was simply a publicity stunt, she had no backing, no political clout, no experience, so I don't believe she is naive enough to think or act otherwise.

  2. "Findicilku ma xaaraanbaa? Soo hadalqaadkiisa ayaabaa ka daran." Who gives a toss what she does or does not. I am ashamed to share the Garjis name with people like her — hell with her, she can stoop to anything as she has no principles.

  3. She is more HAWIYE than being ISAAC. She has HAWIYE Children and she is sympathiser for the so called Somali unity . She can afford to say that she is HAWIYE nor can she ran away from her roots, a double standard issue.

    Afka Somaliga ah waxaa lagu idhaahda Asal madoorshe. Lambarka 1 hadaad 5 ku dhufato 1 x 5 = 5 waa shantii uun. Markaas haday joogto iyo haday tagtaba markii horeba waxay ahayd naag HAWIYE. Xiitaa hadii mid ISAAC ah ay keenaan waa asal madoorshe, waxba mabadali karo.

    Allaa Mahadleh. God bless Somaliland.

  4. This is rather not strange, the so called Somali cabinet has no code of practice or government ethics and such shambolic action is a norm for them. We saw few weeks ago their communication minister who openly said the agreement of airspace management with Somaliland is null and void and no action was taken against him. How will they be trusted when they don't honor the contracts they enter to?

    Journalists need to do their homework and bring this kind of malpractice out to the International arena as the world community are funding this gang. I am not supporting this traitor lady who stabbed her people at the back by choosing to join the Mogadishu mafia.

  5. Folks….HEY leave that Fowzia alone. She endured her luck and married the man in her
    kismet destiny. Tribewise doesn't matter. Rest in peace the matrimonial side.
    The most important extraordinary aspect is her educational value and talent.
    In this aspect she has become a political leader and IMO she's too good in her
    ladylike profession. Personally, I think that Fowzia has so far not interferred in the
    Somaliland political affairs and for that she could work for the FGS..doesn't matter.
    However, if this report is credible she is always welcome back to her Native Somaliland
    where she would always find better means to use her usefulness in both the Public and
    private sectors.

  6. Guys,

    Talk is cheap. No one can do anything to Fozia Haji. Even if she will resign, she can can come to Hargiesa and noe can stop her, leave alone that one can do anything to her. Everybody must know to which family she belongs. Those who insult her are just stupid and uncultured.

    • Nacas ama Nacas baad tahay. Qofkii Somalialander nimada kasoo horjeestay oo been ku matalaa beenbuu sheegay danbibaanuu kagalay dalka. Reer kay kadhalatay meesha mataalo, waxaa laga hadlaya shakhsiyadeeda. Maxaad reerka ugu cararaysa. Waa naag danbi kagashay dalkan Somaliland iyada iyo qaar badan oo kaleba oo asalkoodu somalialnder yihiin. Laakin anigu waxaan ahay nin Garxajis ah. Hadana waxaan u arkaa inantaasi inay tahay gabadh HAWIYE ah oo aanay ahayn Isaaq. 5 Caruur ah oo HAwiye ah bay leedahay. Markaas waa udan iyada in halwadan lawada ahaado.

      If she tries to come to Hargeisa while still holding a post in that government she will be put to jail by the interior Minister.

      • waa xishood oo dumarka caayin naagyaw naagu dhalay ee bilaa ededka ahi. Who are you when you say she will jailed in Hargeisa? You son of a b**ch

  7. I would like to respond to first guy who is defending an opportunist like fozia yusuf .First she more hawiye than Issaq. Even if you are related to her like myself we don't have to support her .And i do wish she kicked out from Mogadisho and jailed in Somaliland

    • Hey gentleman,

      I am related to her and I will defend her to the last. Many Isaaqis held positions in Somalia and nothing was done to them. Why everyone and every stupid is ranting and raving after Fozia Haji Aden. Sifir, the current Somaliland Ambasador was a member of Somalia's parliament and was not punished. Keep your clanish eyes out of here.

  8. Defector Fowzia Adan has learnt an unforgettable lesson about Somalia's deep rooted corruption the hard way…My heartfelt condolences to her about the situation she put herself in..

  9. Fosiya will regret betraying her supporters in Somaliland, FM post is temporary but Somaliland is permanent and here to stay forever. I believe her main objective was to make money to recover loses she made during her campaign in Somaliland and the failed RAAD TV, she might have also lost her reputation in Somaliland, but then again Somalilanders always forgive when someone repents. We will see her in the future admitting that she made a political mistake … blaaa blaaa blaa and backing Somaliland,

    GOD bless Somaliland

  10. My Isaaq wife once told me Isaaq woman are star they so bright they will light the sky I thought it was joke lol but as time progressed my wife is incredible woman she does pretty much everything around the house, all the housework and everything. She get up at 4am, prepare and cook breakfast, clear the table, wash dishes, dry them, put them away, bakes my cake bread, washes my clothes etc. she is the best woman ever.

    Fozia Haji Aden husband is Hawiya
    PuntlandGeezer 's wife is Isaaq

    I called upon the Hawiye and Darood men let us embrace our Isaaq woman they need our love and protection.