MOGADISHU, Somalia – Somali militants attacked a restaurant near Mogadishu’s seat of government for the second time in less than a year on Saturday, detonating two large blasts that killed at least 15 people and wounded nearly two dozen, an official said.

The force of the blasts appeared to tear much of the roof off the restaurant, which is frequented by government workers.

Capt. Ali Hussein, a senior police official, put the death toll at 15 and said at least 20 had been wounded. Officials said the attack included a car bomb blast and a suicide bomber who entered The Village eatery.

“This disaster never comes to an end,” yelled Isaq Hassan, a car washer who lost a colleague in the blasts. “See this, that and this! Life is worthless here,” he said as he pointed to dead bodies on the ground.

An Associated Press reporter at the scene said wounded people screaming in pain were being taken away by ambulance. Soldiers also fired in the air, apparently in an attempt to restore order. Dead bodies badly burned by the flames could be seen by frightened onlookers who had gathered.

Militants, most likely from the group al-Shabab, attacked The Village last November. That attack, though, was less severe; two suicide bombers attacked but the blast killed only one guard. Guards were reported to have opened fire on the attackers, which may have kept the death toll down.


Al-Shabab makes frequent attack attempts against government leaders and seats of power.

“They attack the restaurants because they hate to see people peacefully spending time together,” said Mohamed Abdi, an Interior Ministry employee who spoke as he stood near the dead body of an old man. “They are committed to obliterating any sign of peace. Because of such attacks, it’s very hard for the government to restore security in the near future.”

African Union forces pushed the al-Qaida-affiliated group al-Shabab out of Mogadishu in August 2011, but the rebels continue to carry out suicide attacks in the capital.

Source AP


  1. That's problem with Somali's they are killing each other, no matter where they are if it's Canada, USA, UK and the rest of Europe, South Africa, Inside Somalia it's tribalism and ignorance that' have them killing each other. Shabab will be defeated and destroyed and people like Osman Qaal and Salafi who encouraging this kind of violence and they too will be destroyed with their friends alshabab. There should be penalty for territorist there heads should be cut off for execution. We Somaliland feel bad about the situation in Mogadishu and we send our condelences to the families of the tragedy and those injured a speedy recovery. Somaliland will always be on alert and should watch on its borders and ban all type transportation to be safe from those sickos. What Somaliland is better then is Somalia the people secure and alert.

  2. Nur,
    Charcter assassination is not acceptable. Pls keep your postings formal. Every one of us is free for his/her opinions and ideas. People's determination and personal ideas are two different things and one should not be confused.

  3. Inaa lilaahi wa inaa ilayhi raajicuun!, these pictures are horific, Allah is merciful, but these terrorists are barbaric and have absolutely no value for life.

  4. Well nobody feels safe anymore at eating at restaurants, these sickos are trying destroying everything they were trying to plot Hargeisa if a weeks back but it was foiled thanks to the good citizens of Somaliland who are aware of the situation and those culprits who were hiding in Hargeisa were caught. The people should set a good example to our brothers and sisters of Somalia, and it is not crime if say brothers and sisters we maybe two different countries but we speak the same language and have the same religion and there are people here on this forum believe that if respect then you are a traitor, those people are wrong and stupid. Day is tragedy not for the people of Mogadishu and Somalia but a tragedy for Somaliland and the rest of the Islamic world, hopefully those punks will be brought to justice. Those guys are hiding every they could be in Hargeisa Mogadishu Galakco or bossoso garaowe Kismayo Burco Berbera Boroma anywhere so we have to be like the police and be aware of the situation so can prevent horrible diasters like the people in Mogadishu witnessesed.

  5. If we really serious about addressing Al shabaab then we need to dissolve this government, fire hasan sheikh mohamud right away because he has failed the country and move the capital to Garowe till Mogadishu sorts itself out?

    For over a year now hasan sheikh mohamud was employing warlords to assert his authority over in kismaayo while neglecting the security of his own backyard Mogadishu.

    Al-Shabaab members are predominantly from the Hawiye or the Rahanweyn clans but the Rahanweyn clans are mainly active in the Bay and Bakool areas and the Hawiya Al shabaab elite Amniyat are in Banaadir region destabilising Mogadishu through suicide bombing, roadside bomb, assassinating journalists, security forces, innocent people, etc.

    This government of Hasan sheikh mohamud prohibits the killing of another Hawiya moron even if his a terrorist. Puntland always executes al shabaab militants even woman suspected of having links with Al shabaab will be blindfolded tied to a tree and shot in the forehead but in Mogadishu Al shabaab defectors are sent to rehabilitation centres and those Al shabaab caught committing the crimes receive probation.

    For example Hassan Dahir Aweys in custody? This Hawiya moron terrorist should have been executed long time ago because he killed thousands of innocent somali people from all corners of Somalia and ruined people lives while under Al shabaab.

    This tells me the Hawiye even president don't really want peace they just want to continue this non stop mayhem and hold the entire Somalia people hostage because they are uncivilised barbarians who can't get alone and making somalia violent again.

      • so Majerteen and Isaaq are blowing themselves in Mogadishu? I think that's about the worst thing I've ever heard. I think your brain has a thick S H I T shell or you'r brain is injured and it doesn't work as well as it used to because you'r brain is ignoring the reality on the ground which is Hawiya morons are blowing themselves in Mogadishu.

        Hawiya should take full responsibility and stop blaming other people.

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        • Geezer,
          These people are not intelligent enough to solve their problems so they blame others who are much better than them. They destroyed the once beautiful Mogadishu city and dismantle its infrastructures such as the piping systems and electrical cables and sold them to the black market. They even destroyed the paved road thus turning xamar into a shanty town. They created the environment that gave birth to lawlessness, warlordism, looting, mass killing, rape, militia check points, and insecurity. And wasn't Hawiye warlord terrorists Wassaq awey and sheik dalxis who created this terror monster eating Somalia today?. Hawiye waa xoolo xoolo dhalay.

      • @Nur,

        You are the biggest imbecile on this site so far.
        Blaming MJ and isaaq for Hawiye savagery and cannibalism is beyond stupidity.
        It's not MJ and isaq lands burning it is your hawiye land burning so take responsibility instead of blaming people who are much better and light years ahead of your people.

        • Listen here you alshabab worshipper , Hawyiaya didn't destroy anything and those people are isaqs and MJ and I proof, those stop fighting for your boyfriends battles, Hawiya is the best Somalia tribe ever. No one wants ghettoway to be the capital of Somalia. It is isaqs and Mjs not hawiyas they are bulding there own place and you guys are destroying it, and your mom is the imbecile here and yourself big asshole go have seeex with puntlandgeezer.

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          • We completely detest al shaytan we took the fight to them and we kicked them out of PL territory.
            Why do you think shabab are strong in Hawiye land?
            Well its because they get support from the general Hawiye population even after the terror chief and founder (Awey) was arrested you had thousands upon thousands Hawiye folks protesting for his release in the streets of ugandishu.
            And this is the man who send countless suicide bombers to kill them. Hawiye waa xoolo.

    • Geezer,

      Under no circumstances should Garowe or any other part of PL be made the capital of Zoomalia.
      We do not want the savage Hawiyes and their likes to bring their cult of death and destruction to our land.

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          Wallahi we should just breakaway and leave your kind to their own devices.

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    • @Nur,
      But it is your Hawiye land where daily death and destruction takes place not Darood land.
      You're not making any senses son.
      Your Hawiye people are the black Americans of Somalia and Daroods are the white Americans of Somalia thus you blame Darood for your people's problems just like the black American man blames the whites when in reality it is you people creating all the problems in your land.
      You keep digging the same hole you are trying to climb out of.
      Its not our fault that you Hawiyes are unfit to govern and lack intelligence.

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      • Hawiyas are the most intelligent people ever, Hasan sheikh has a masters degree, and fatole has a welfare degree from Australia. Long Live Somalia and the Hawiya and we eat your tribe. General Aided rest in peace. Siad barre burn in hell. Mohamed Ibrahim Egal Rest in Peace.Abdurahim Tur RIP.

        • Really, then why are they unfit to govern?
          How comes they can't solve their problems in over 20 years?
          Why is most chaotic and backward Somalis almost always Hawiye?
          If Hassan sheikh is a great leader than why does he only control Villa mooryan?
          He doesn't even control xamar only villa mooryan and this is possible because of the 20,000 Amison troops.
          Remove the 20,000 amisom troops and hassan will be running for his life from al shaytan.

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  7. Puntlandgeezer you just came out of the closet with your boyfriend and your wife and 3 children will nightmares forever.

  8. Iam very sorry to what is happening to somali people in moqdisho . but poeple need creativity to solve this problem since unisom and international help wouldn't solve why not unite with somaliland and take their flag and forget about the old blue flag.

  9. This terrible what happened in Mogadishu, it's really sad Somalis killing each other over gang issues or peace related.

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