The Somali city of Kismayo “should be handed over” to the central government, regional leaders said at the end of a summit Sunday, a decision that puts pressure on Kenyan troops who face charges of backing a powerful militia in the disputed port city.

African leaders said in a statement at the end of a summit in Kampala, Uganda’s capital, that Kismayo’s airport and seaport should be under the control of Somalia’s central government, which has struggled to assert its authority there despite the exit of al-Shabab militants.

The statement said a “multinational force” should be urgently deployed in Kismayo. It also urged the central government in the capital, Mogadishu, to “reintegrate” into the national army all the militias that have no links with al-Shabab militants.

The Kampala summit was organized under the banner of the African Union peacekeeping force deployed in Somalia, known as AMISOM, and was for countries that have troops in Somalia. The prime minister of Ethiopia and the presidents of Uganda, Kenya and Somalia attended the summit.

The decision on Kismayo puts pressure on Kenya, whose troops in the strategic Somali city have been accused of backing one militia, the Raskamboni brigade, against others in deadly fighting there. The Raskamboni brigade —which helped Kenya to push al-Shabab militants out of Kismayo last year —is led by Ahmed Madobe, a Somali warlord who has established a local administration in Kismayo that is independent of the central government. Madobe is a key power broker around Kismayo, although he is not backed by the federal government in Mogadishu.

After the Raskamboni brigade took the upper hand in fighting for control of Kismayo, Somalia’s government said last month it wanted a “more neutral African Union force” there, an apparent indictment of the conduct of Kenyan troops in Somalia.

Kismayo is important for Kenya, which seeks a friendly buffer zone near its border with Somalia — one of the main reasons it sent troops to Somalia in late 2011 to fight the rebels of al-Shabab, Islamic extremists linked to al-Qaida. But the rival militias now at war there appear to be interested in the economic engine of Kismayo. Its port generates large and reliable income, and has been the export point of Somali-made charcoal that the U.N. has deemed illegal.

In a letter to the African Union, Somalia’s government recently accused AMISOM Section Two — a contingent of African Union forces operating in Kismayo — of launching “a targeted offensive against civilians” and of arresting Col. Abbas Ibrahim Gure, a Somali army official sent to Kismayo by the central government.

Kenyan officials have repeatedly denied taking sides in the Kismayo conflict, saying they are in Kismayo to keep the peace.

Some analysts say fighting in Kismayo is distracting from the main goal of battling al-Shabab, who still stage lethal terrorist attacks even in Mogadishu.

Source: AP




  1. African leaders have no business to interfere in the failed Somalia whose weak SFG is
    trying to come into grips within the daunting challenges of the most troubled explosive
    violatile conflicting confrontations within the ranks and files of the roadmap Signatories.
    Instead of Uganda, the AU HQs in addis Ababa should resolve the disputed Somalia Cities
    in good pan AU faith and spirit. It's high time that the AU should adopt non-intereferences of
    each others internal affairs. Behaving like animalistic behavors would never ever bring
    breakthrough progress in the Dark Continent without unpolarized civility! and respecting each
    others internal affairs. If the SFG is incapable of acting like a Sovereign State to be respected
    as such by the AU, Igad and beyond, then the SFG should immediately resign and pave the way
    for a better SFG that has real good teeth. There's no need for the SFG to be ridiculed like useless pawns under captivity. In other words leashed and shackled without powers to act??? To start with,
    the KDF should leave Somalia Soil immediately.

    • Why go all the way to Kampala? couldn't he just went to Kismayo and met Sheikh Madobe? Is Yoweri Museveni the president of Somalia?

      Somalia is doomed to a failure because of the leadership of the Aggaal morons who seek a new Somalia which is centralised.

      The morons Abgaal have already started the flames of internal conflict among the tribes in Kismayo and tampering with the Somalia constitution which led Puntland to breaks ties.

      Note Hasan shaikh mohamud came to power a year ago on 10 Sep 2012 he hasn't yet liberated one city from Al shabaab in fact he lost the capital of bakool Hudur to al shabaab after Ethiopian troops pulled out of the town and Mogadishu which was peace and safe under former president sheikh sharif sheik ahmed is getting worse every day.

      Hasan shaikh mohamud spent a whole year tampering with the Somalia constitution, inciting trouble, between two brotherly clan(Ogaden and Marhan).

      Hassan Sheikh Mohamed must resign urgently because he failed to bring peace to Southern Somalia and has refused to abide the Somali constitution as adopted on August 1, 2012.

      • @PIS,
        have you read the latest final Communique? IMO Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud is upto
        something that would disappoint both Sheikh Madobe and Faroole. Changing the
        Consitution and new centralized Somalia are parts of good governance. The FGS
        President has strong PM and FM/DPM and the backings of R.J(wayn, DIR and other
        miniorities as well as Somaliland backing him(HSM). Hargeisa and Mogadiscio Govts
        Turkey III round talks in october 2013 is not far off. Already you are aware that Hargeisa and
        Mogadiscio are fully committed cooperating on many areas including National Security issues
        of both elephant powers. Against such strong tidal wavelength, how do you insinuate that
        Garowe or Jubaland proxies could steal the show to their credibilities???

  2. This is a good news for all peace loving people and if they would not hand over Kismayo to Somali goverment, it is obvious that Kismayo was about to be the main base of Ogaden Liberation Front which is intendded to destablise not only for Ethiopia but also in the entire region.
    We Somalilanders are pleased to hear this news due to its risk and safey connotations.

    • @Awdally boy

      Listen you gadaabuursi nomad Kismayo rightful owners AKA Oagdens are back in town and Abgaal moron from Mogadishu can change that or disrupt the peace in Jubaland.

  3. Hassan Mahmoud went to Kampala to beg more Africa troops to free kismanyo from Kenya?

    Is this what it means to be Somali?

    • Hassan Mahmoud has been confined in villa mooryan as he is the besieged mayor of Ugandishu, actually allow me to correct my self Mr. Mahmoud is the besieged mayor of villa mooryan as he doesn't even control the city of Ugandisu. So therefor he has developed a mental disorder due to his restricted confinement. Which probably effects his judgment.

  4. Somalia long became a testing site for foreign troops, consequently, it's citizens have become stationary targets to check out the efficiency and lethality of the modern arsenals…

  5. The people of Kismanyo should be able to choose their own leaders. These so called african leaders dont want real peace in Somalia just a puppet they can tell what to do.

  6. Good News to deny the ONLF a base to wage war against peace loving people of Somaliland and Ethiopia. For sure the next victim will be Faroole.
    So let him put his ear to the ground.

  7. The African Countries must be kidding, what Somali troops should take over the port and the airport? There are no Somali troops, but clan militia. The Daarood in Kismayo will not let Mooriyaan take over the port period, the reality on the ground will speak for itself. I guess Raaskaambooni militia will wear different uniform and call itself Somali army. They Raskambooni will be better to guard the airport and the port since Mooriyaans can sell everything they come across,

  8. Different interests collided in Somalia but the Somalian people are failing to identify their interest within this multitude of interests. Foreign troops where necessary to create the space for a process of reconciliation and peace but by failing to identify their interest, the Somalian politicians failed to manage the interests of others.

    • Somalis in South if they understand What is there Interest they will reach a effective Solution to there Country. So African Troops (Amisom) deployment is there Peace Interest .but what is the Interest for the South Somalia .??? Why Amisom not deploy Troops in Somaliland when CLAN FIGHTING WAS ACTIVE ??? Long life to SOMALILAN CLAN ELDERS WHO HAVE Made enormous sacrifices toward Peace and stability.While they put all effort to root out clan fighting behavior.with the help of god they settled all difference between the Somaliland Clans. and they are high high position of peace and stability. OUR HOLY INTEREST IS ABOVE EVERY BARRIER.
      Abyan London