Reports from Bay and Bakool region in southern Somalia say a top commander in the Islamic militant group Al Shabaab have defected to the government side due to internal altercations which has engulfed the group in the past last months.


Sheik Mukhtar Roobow aka Abu Mansur is said to be the latest Al shabaab commander is in the process of surrendering to government forces in Bay and Bakool this after another top commander known as Sheik Hassan Dahir Aweys gave himself up few days ago.


The commander and his fighters were commandeering more than six technical armed wagons is said to be based in the outskirts of Baidoa and he is expected to surrender shortly to the government side as soon as a deal is reached with government intelligence operatives.


Unconfirmed reports indicated elders from Roobows clan helped broker a deal with the government side although the details of the deal still remain sketchy.


The has been a growing speculations with some suggesting that another top commander of the group Known as Afgani might have been executed of as cracks start to emerge in the echelons of Islamist group.


It’s not clear what is causing the internal wrangles in the most dreaded and feared militant group.



  1. Alshabab are three Wings; The Hawiye, the RW'JW and the Darod.
    The Hawiye commandores the Hisbul Islah ex ICU under SH.Dahir Aweys.
    The RW'JW commandores the Bay'Bakool et what else under Roobows.
    The RW'JW and Godane are close flank to the Hawiye Alshabab in political terms
    and even if otherwise, the strong Hawiye would never allow them to act otherwise.
    The opposing Darod Alshabab..ASWJ,Alitihad-ONLF'WSLF and what else?
    Bcos of Hawiye in the big central parts of Somalia and the majority geog/populationwise,
    and Mogadiscio the Capital, like the Taliban and the Afghan Govt, the dominating powers
    of Somalia whether the SFG or Alshabab fighters would favour President HSM and Dahir
    Aweys. Everything else takes a back seat.

  2. mohamed cheers ,

    What you wrote it does not realy make any sense.

    1- AL-SHABAB leadership reside now villa Moryaan everyone knows that.
    2- All these guys Roobow, Dahir Aweys are not the real leaders of A-shabab today, they were old guard.
    3- If they give up themselves the reality is nothing will change, they are not consider these guys the real leaders of AL-SHABAB group.
    4- Those committed crime against innocent people should face justice.
    5- If CULUSOW try to protect them, he should face criminal charge.

    • Ahmed,
      Please explain more, who are the new Alshabab leaders then?
      President HSM is the President of the entire central high command of the SFG based in the
      Capital Mogadiscio and he is fully the sole new govt of all the roadmap Signatories of
      Somalia-Italia International Colonial demarcation map boundaries. Brothda Ahmed you should
      know that Darodism are the minorities of Somalia and Somaliland and both Mogadiscio and
      Hargeisa Govts are the two only major super powers to contend with. If this isn't sufficient
      logical answer, you are free with your otherwise ill-fated intentions which failed in the past and
      would not be allowed to come back again in another ugly face.

      • You really ought to not explain to retards like these who get their information from bitter old men that are still angry from the Karbashing they got in 91 and so sit in cafes all day gossiping like woman about their opponents.

        • irir samaale and ahmed
          you made your self clear that you are Darod insects beaten up and made or forced to bondage type of life as they are all starving in the refugee camps in dhadhaab and in al jaxiim in Yemen .
          you are to starve to die because you are evils of the religion and the Somali people in the Somalia
          as you are enslaved in Kenya and Ethiopia will ever be enslaved else where in the world wherever
          and you will never feel free but crying of being encircled and killed .
          you will sometimes be paid to kill you fellow daroods and kab and koombo becouse you are not real worthy people (gun la wada yaqaan oo lagu shaqaysto ayaad tihiin oo aan asal lahayn magaca kabaha iyo qarafada ayaan ka garan kartaa ) that is for ahmed
          irir samaale are u the sanwayn and walawayn being flogged along the BANKS of rivers .you better keep silent because no one is going to answer to you.
          kkkk great long life to SOMALI LAND REPUBLIC.

          • GUUL ALAA HAYA ,

            Tell that GODANE, for he will captured like a CAT and HANG in public. bring that M f*ck out from Hargiesa dirty city.

      • mohamed cheers+Irir Samaale cut the PS probably the same person.

        As i said, they are new leadership in AL-SHABAB if these guys arrested or not it's not important.
        You need to understand and put in your thick skull today Somalia have many semi-autonomous states including Hargiesa admin.

        There is no such thing call any more Somalia-Italia. if Darood are Minority how come they are controling two large states in Somalia. it looks your mind set is very low.

        kk, if Hargiesa council and Mogadishu Moryaan infested city both have power, why Moryaan muqdishu could not control their city? ask this question yourself. also, if Hargiesa Council have any legitimacy why there is war half of sanaag, buhoodle and sool? ask this question yourself, you sound like lost person.

        Darood live three countries ( waa dad gub ah ilaaheyna badiyey not like you). which has higher numer ABSAME or isaq kkkk? Hassan Culusow he can not even control villa moryaan let alone whole of somalia. secondlly, Moryaan and their fake relatives are lot allow to come where darood admin is accept corporation only.

    • do you think Godane like your filthy jaboutians he brave ,religious man that Somalis have ever seen .he isn't as idiot as you are …he will rather put all the group of mercenaries in their prison for life .and he will rule with Allah's word in the whole of east Africa

  3. Aweys right now is in a detention facility in Mogadishu's airport being debriefed by Somalia's intelligent service and most likely uncle Sam.

  4. Hassan Dahir Aweys is now in custody with very tight security and those who have brought him from Adado have been badly beaten too while some of them are suffering from real gun shots. Apparently, the notables who were sent to Adado to bring Aweys down to Mogadishu with full insurances from Govt. side feel now that they have been deceived.

    As a matter of fact, Hassan Aweys is a fanatic and stubborn individual who firmly believes that he is the representative of GOD in this world and whatever he does is right. Hassan Aweys will never ever rest in peace unless he dies or get killed, therefore he must face the real justice and be kept behind the bar for the rest of his life.

    • Why should sheik Aweye be excuted?.The only people in the Al shabab organazation that are old greater Somalia nationalist Somalis are Sheik Aweye and Robow.Both have never showed as hard core Jihadist like Godane or Al Ameriki.They are the key to solving the problem of southern Somalia.

  5. The so called leaders like Aweys and Roobow now show their true colours how many Somalis died because of their orders, now that their lives are in danger they surrender just like Sharif Ahmed who said he will fight the Ethiopians when they invaded Somalia he too surrendered to save himself after sending hundreds of Somali volunteers to their deaths fighting the Ethiopian army.

    These donkeys should pay for their crimes in this world and the next Inshallah.

  6. No wonder they are mad they are sporting beards in hot arse africa! I bet if they shaved and had a cool fanto they would chill the f out.