Somalia remained to be the most dangerous country in the world. Since Siyad Barre was ousted by rebel groups, Somalia has been safe haven for terrorism, piracy, human trafficking and other crimes. These crimes have international significance. All are recognized to be against humanity, and as such treated as international crimes with universal jurisdiction.

A country prevailed by criminality in all of these years cannot be safe within days. Southern Somalians says “you cannot be Shiekh within five days”.

The international community in many times tried to find solution for the Somalian problem, but all attempts failed. Every endeavor ended up with total failure, but no lessons were ever learnt.

These attempts included, but not limited to, imposition of government from outside. Now, the international community has another misconception of the Somalia puzzle. They are exaggerating the so-called Federal Government of Somalia led by Hassan Shiekh Mohmoud. Apparently, the international community is making another serious mistake by arming Somalia. It seems they are neglecting the reality that Somali Republic has ceased to exist. Hence Somaliland reinstated its independence. Therefore, arming Somalia and imposing embargo on Somaliland means siding with one warring party rather than mediating.

Recent looting of ammunition and arms from the Presidential Palace of the so-called Federal Government of Somalia made crystal clear the irresponsibility of Hassans’ government.

The complexity of the Somali political culture confused nations that master the world and has the belief that they do have the intelligence to analyze what is going on in Horn of Africa. History tells that they are not on the edge in understanding this scenario. Their policy is just trial and error.

President Obama of USA declared his commitment to arm Somalia, and Djibouti has already handed over to Somalia armored vehicles. It is very clear that USA will regret this action. It will backfire. These weapons will be undoubtedly used against USA interest. Al Qaida attacked US embassy in Nairobi in 1998, and Al Shabaab, group linked to al Qaida, has attacked western nationals in Kenya. The military support to Somalia will contribute towards destruction.

It is evident that such weapons will fall the hands of the terrorists, pirates and war lords. Somaliland is democratic and peace loving nation that contributed to the world peace and is active member of the global war on terror. Somalians are threat to themselves and to the world.  Why the international community is supporting the perpetrator and punishing the victim?

Guleid Ahmed Dafa’

Hargeisa Somaliland



  1. Somalia is been given enough weapons to maintain a steady long term conflict. There is no concerted effort to help Somalia out of it's 22year misery.

    Secondly The Somalian army is ill disciplined and without self restraint when it comes committing crime against the Idps.

    Thirdly the government is unfortunately ill equipped and badly managed resulting in failed soldier salaries or non-payment altogether.

    Do the arms help Somalia win against Shabab? NO

    Shabab are also somali people and the solution is in dialogue not aggressive force. The Ranks of Shabab will forever continue to fill so long as there is one disgruntled somali group not satisfied with the government's lack of deliver of service to the people.

    • @buuxiye, southern Somalia should learn from Somaliland how to find somali led political solution to their problems. The sort of gov they are trying in moqdisho had failed in Iraq and many other countries.

      • True Hadhka… Genuine peace process requires accepting the reality.

        Muuqdishu is not ready to give back properties that are stolen but if they wish to dismantle federalism the stolen properties have to be given back. This would encourage inter-clan-settlement and the sharing of cities. Federal states will all eventually turn on each other and a new round of federal wars will cause another collapse of Somalia.

        Once Somaliland-Republic is recognized we would be in a similar position as Djibouti to help rescue Somalia.

  2. dont worry body, the somali army will not use the weapons to chase the rebbels from Hargeisa. The country has the right to arm itself, by the way you are forgetting The Norhern Somalia is part of Somalia and will never be allowed to secede, talks have started to see how Siilaanyo would be placed as a governor. You guys need to realize that yu cannot simply declare independance, independence from who? What a disgrace, who colonized you? All nothern Somalia joined the rest of Somalia without any force and now to undo that will be impossible. What is the grievences? the whole country suffered during the civil war. Pray for those who died and move on.

    • The problem is, their suffering is to them has more value than the suffering of the rest

  3. Not only are the ground forces gonna get equipped but so too will our navy the Kenyans tried to steal our navy money till they got told by Mogadishu to go where the sun don't shine.

    • Go back to school and learn and have some education. Why you Bantu is this Republic of somaliland website where the cultured and the civilized are exchanged ideas. Go to you hellhole and dummy, Fadikudirir websites. I have no idea why the great Somalilandpress is lettng this low and unintelligent beast in our sacred websites where aideas are exchanged. Go to you websites where bullets and Toray are exhanged. this the place of culture and civic activity, something may realize in 100 years. Somaliland press please so not publich these beings dummy one liners.

  4. Arming Somalia is not only a contribution to world peace and the stability of the Horn of Africa but is also a life line to aid the long suffering people of Somalia. If anything, arming the Somali National Army (SNA) is a threat to Al-shabab, their foreign jihadists allies and their sympathisers who thrived in lawlessness and in the absence of strong national government in Somalia. Anyone who sabotages Somalia's unity and territorial integrity is in essence aiding and abetting the terrorists and prolonging the agony of our poor people from El-wak to Loya Ado whether they know or not.

  5. You must be kidding. There is nothing called Somali army, their is a weak ratag clan militia engaged in loothing, stealing, and robbery. The former somalia ceased to exist in 1991, and will never come back again. Welwayn do not have the mental capacity, political organization, and leadership skills that may pull them out of the hellhole they were in for the last 30 years. they failed to stabilize or manage even a village. If the African leave now, the so-called vassal, foreign made figment Zoomalia can't survive 24 hours. You saw what had happened in thei graveyard and trash-filled town Mooq-disho. Keep wishing and dreamng Somaliland can never part of the hellhole called Zoomalia.

  6. Firstly, this article completely made full sense of its stupidity when the word 'Somalian' was used, as if it is a actual word. Secondly, I am a Somalilander myself like the writer of this article and that imbecile Buuxiye, but these guys are first to jump on Somalia and insult everything they do. Somaliland is great alhamdulilah and has been for a long time, but don't get Somalia's achievements in the last few months for a joke and don't take credit from it either. Reason USA will be arming Somalia is because they can TRUST their government. I'm sure the Somali Army will run these Al Shabab and other terrorist groups out of Somalia and best believe they can't come close to Somaliland either. Let's be happy for our Brothers instead of criticising them with lies and rubbish like this article…YES THIS ARTICLE IS ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH AS WELL AS YOUR GRAMMAR Guleid Ahmed Dafa.

  7. No worries Somaliland army will be armed and trained too so that peace can prevail in the entire Horn of Africa. Somaliland's existance as a separate entity with separate government has been established in Turket this time with the Somalia's perminant goverment. We don't need to argue with the usual spoilers. If they actually have the best interest of Somalia at their heart they would be talking about ways of coorperation instead of this constant one track minded approach which is identifiable with those who lack experiance and formal education.

    Somaliland is willing to support Somalia but its soverignty is not something that will ever be compromised. That decision is from the people and it will remian with the people.