Heavy fighting between the Somalia government forces and Al shabaab militants took place today in the district of Owidiinle in Bay and bakol region of southern Somalia.

Reports indicated that there were at least four dead combatants and unknown numbers of wounded which resulted from the skirmishes.

Unnamed government source point out that elements belonging to Al shabaab launched an ambush on their positions earlier this morning in which they managed to kill three Al Shabaab members.

Al Shabaab sources have also claimed that they have inflicted heavy losses on government forces.

In another new development, the administrator of Isha district in Baidoa region Mr. Aden Hussien Aden (Fargeeto) was killed and two of his son seriously injured when unknown assailants attacked by tossing a hand grenade into the house he was staying with his family.

There is resurgence in the pattern of new attacks in government held areas which were previously captured from Al Shabaab militants.

Goth Mohamed Goth



    • walaal why dont you just say may Allah Guide them. Most of these Alshabab are below 30years of age which means they still have a future in the New Somalia.

  1. In my opinion burco must be destroyed and turned it into a ruble no f**ked stone should be left upon.
    This tiny little village in togdheer region of Somalia has became a safe haven for Al qaeda/Al shabaab activities where they train their members, recruit and organise.

    Since Al qaeda/Al Shabaab are being squeezed out from south Somalia they are moving into Somaliland and the war torn region of khaatumo state to fight another day.

    Southern Somalia is relatively at peace in comparison to Somaliland and Khaatumo state so therefore the 20,000 Amisom troops should be deployed in hargeisa, laascaanood, berbera, xudun, taleex and burco ASAP.

    • LOL i agreed to the point up until you said taleex. You really must be farooles child.Khaatumo will always fight to protect there land and to defend the Somali integrity.

      • LOL- I you just swallow whole the lies and fake bravado your people feed you.The largest Khaatumo clan populated town has had the Somaliland flag flying high since 2007, thats reality. If Khaatumo could protect anything they would have done something about that.

        If khaatumites were really sincere in defending Somali integrity, they would all be in the South Somali doing something about the foreign soliders from dozen poverty stricken African countries defecating all over Somalia's Sovereignty with impunity.

        The truth hurts I guess.

    • My pro-union girl is from Burco mate, hold on:). But honestly, jokes aside, bombing a town is not the solution. WE need to create an army big enough to actually wipe Al shabaab on foot. We need a single army, all loyal to the Government and country, not to a single state or clan. And we need to mix them. Meaning, the soldier from north should be deployed in south and vice versa, every now and then.

  2. Man sucks to be a Somali. Why?

    Well our religious scholars have been silent until al shaytaan turn on them. Our educated folks only seem
    vested in money making and clan ambitions. Also the over all population are fixated on themselves and their respective regions.

  3. Kfc
    There's no rehabilitation for this people. Because this young men has got use to it taking life's, and do you know why our faith allows execution?Only one reason, once a human being has blood on his or her hands, they're more likely to take life again than individual who have never took a life.Furthermore it doesn't work because Saudi Arabia have try and failed. When their radicals came back from Afghanistan, they made available resources counseling and even wife's. Do you want to know what the success rate was, 65% of them when back to engaging terrorist activity. which involved countries like Yemen,Mali Tunisia and even some small measure Somalia. So can you imagine country like ours who have yet developed our resources and coming out of 21 years of chaos can't afford start to babysit this people who have been brain washed and radicalized deep the depth of their souls and hope the best.Is that what you suggesting Kfc?Because we don't have the money to spent this people, and that doesn't even guarantee success . Therefore is my humble opinion we can only deal with them one way law and order, and to be honest with you I care a lot more about our innocent population safety than their sticking life's the period.

    • Simple solution is for the so called leaders to be held accountable and stopped from creating division among the public treat every one equal and stop clan based faversim._This can be done all civilized nations a one point were at this junction, but enough is enough _We Somalis a very gifted ppl lets turn the page and work out how to solve and put a side our difference, if we do this we will be the envy of the world .

      • We will defeat them Thruth10. because they're not a human beings and once you get rid of it the enemy within than it's easy to deal with outsiders.

    • I strongly believe that killing is not the answer. How long Somalis are now killing each other, I guess many years, If execution solves issues among groups, it would have solved in Somalia. Killing is primitive and crual act , so we do not need this. Imprisoning and educating these young men would be much better. People change, these young men were not born into killers, they were taught how to kill and I think they can be taught how not to kill.

    • what a annoying creature nobody ask you to comment or to care. instead it highlighted how you're craving for attention. Oh well we have notice you for all the wrong reasons.Another thing we care because our country men and woman are dying in the hands of this people and some of the criminal are come from your neck of wood.