The international community at large have eye witnessed the misery of Somalia ever since from the collapse of Siyad Barre regime in 1991. The departure of the regime is followed by a power vacuum, which generated a supremacy struggle between the various political factions, tribal leaders, war lords, piracy groups and terrorist groups

Even though the international are fully acquainted the agony of the Somali people, however, a nominal assistance have been extended, although the world community are viewer for the uninterrupted thorny circumstances for the Somali people over the last twenty years throughout all the worldwide news bulletins.

Had the Somali exchange houses such as Dhabshil were not accessible to deliver the transfer of funds throughout Somalia; it is understandable that, situation would have been much worse in contrast with the present.

In reality, there are many stable quarters in Somalia and in particular Somaliland or Puntland, which the intercontinental banking system is absent due to lack of political reorganization, in the case of Somaliland.  in view of the of the above, the only means, in which the Somalis here in United Kingdom extending support to their suffering blood related relatives at home, is through the exchanges houses in the country, principally Dahabshil, which have strongly gained the people’s hearts and minds in view of the trust, which they have built with the people owing to the long sustainable service with their clients.

Despite of the above fact, recently, we have become aware through the media, that Barclays Bank, in which these exchange houses were dealing for a long time with regard to transmittal of finances is about to end their business cooperation with the exchange houses, which will harm over millions of lives, in the event the bank execute their old declaration regarding discontinue business dealing with Dhabshil.  It is worth to bring up that most of the clients dealing with Dahabshil with regard the remittances issue are British citizens originated from Somalia.

Taking into consideration the catastrophe consequent in the event the Barclays Bank convert into reality, we the Somalis here in United Kingdom appeal the bank management reversing their old announcement in order not make worse for the circumstances over millions of lives, which are already in agony condition.

Likewise, we call for the British government to get involved the standoff in the favor of millions of suffering lives. Total punishment for millions of lives is against the human rights acts, since the same preaches the protection helpless lives. We look forward hearing pleased end result with regard the subject of concern soonest        

Ismail Lugweyne.