At least 18 people have been killed in gunbattles in the disputed southern Somalian port city of Kismayu, residents have said.

Hundreds were fleeing the clashes on Saturday, the first since several former warlords staked rival claims on the lucrative port and fertile hinterlands in May.

Gunmen from the Ras Kamboni armed group of Ahmed Madobe, recently self-appointed “president” of the southern Jubaland region, battled against forces loyal to Iftin Hassan Basto, another leader claiming to be president.

“Fighting started when soldiers from Ras Kamboni attacked and tried to arrest me,” Basto said.

“But my men fought back and defended me.”

Several rival factions claim ownership of Kismayo, a former stronghold of the Al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab, where Kenyan troops in an African Union force are now based.

Kismayu residents counted at least 13 bodies, nearly all armed men, in the sandy streets of two neighbourhoods which witnessed the brunt of Saturday’s fighting. Five people were killed a day earlier when the clashes first broke out.

“The Ras Kamboni militia now controls this part of the city,” said Bile Nur, a resident of Kismayu’s Calanleey district.

Residents bury dead

“Residents are burying the dead of the militia driven out while Ras Kamboni are burying theirs.”

Residents hid indoors earlier as fighters riding in machine gun-mounted pick-up trucks battled for territorial control.

Businesses remained shut and the streets of Somalia’s second biggest city were empty of civilians as mortar blasts rang out.

Kismayu was controlled by al-Shabab until last September when the armed groups fled an offensive by Kenyan troops supported by Ras Kamboni, an armed group loyal to a former governor of Kismayu, Ahmed Madobe.

A local assembly last month declared Madobe president of the southern Jubaland region, handing him back control of Kismayu.

But Somalia’s central government, which does not view Madobe favourably, said his appointment was unconstitutional.

Within days three other men had pronounced themselves president, including Barre Hirale, a pro-Mogadishu former defence minister.

Fighting broke out when Madobe’s fighters stopped another of the claimants from visiting a hotel were Somalia’s defence minister and other officials were meeting.

Regional capitals and Western donors were nervous of any reversal of security gains made in Somalia by African Union peacekeepers in the fight against the al Qaeda-linked fighters, seen as a threat to stability in east Africa and beyond.

Mogadishu has said there is no going back to civil war, but government-led talks on Kismayu were being stymied by the divisive clan politics that dog Somalia.

Many residents weary of years of turmoil hold little hope for a negotiated end.

 Source: Al Jezeera


  1. The first and foremost problem is the KDF forces inside Somalia Soil which is seen as
    belligerent violation. The SFG have to pull out the KDF to send them home. Then and only
    then, it would be easier to control the Kismayu and the Jubbaland State conflicts.
    The sole authority of all the roadmap Signatories strategies of Somalia remains with
    the SFG and not with the Regional Provinces.The sooner that the SFG deals with the KDF
    the better.

    • Listen Reer SNM, hell no, al shaaba Isaaq boys ain't allowed back in Kismayo or any Jubaland jurisdiction.

  2. Somalia has taken a step backwards in the direction of 1991 Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud has now lost all credibility to lead Somalia, its so obviously Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud is encouraging Al shabaab and Marehan warlords from Gedo to destabilise Jubaland.

    Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud is a tribalist and following the policy of the failed Hawiya morons warlords USC.

    We demand that he (Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud) should immediately resign and take he's useless garbage Marehan Abdi Farah Shirdon Saaid along.

  3. Darrood is the cause of somali people in the last four decades. Their cancerous desire to control power has driven them to unilaterally declare president, on helm a murderous minority 'Ogaden'. This is a wake up call to all Dir clan all over the Horn of Africa. The war-lord Madobe must not allowed to make reality his minority led conference that conferred the presidency on him. The juba land state can creat its self government but not a former warlord as its head. All somali speaking people except darood must come together and root out Ogaden from Somalia and send them to Kenya. They have no place in Somalia.

  4. Darood are always behind mess up ,war and clanism. No enough they make suffer somali.with dictorship faqash Barre regime, but still they continu with.Terrorist militia Katumo in Somaliland, for Somalia piracy with MJland and now they sell to Bantu Kenya Jubaland in order to take power just like Abdilahi Yusuf called before Habashi to control Mogadiscio. In Kil 5 With their tribal militia Liyu Police they killed everbody. Unbelievable my friend Djibutian tell me they enjoy peac becoz no bloodsucker Faqash live there. Lucky for them!

  5. The Suppression Of Hiran Region By The Somali Federal Government

    Hiran local clans are up in arms against Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s divide and rule policy in order to derail local administrations. Mohamud fervently opposes federalism and has attempted to suppress the Hiran local and indigenous people’s aspirations to form their own local government by forcing them to accept leaders appointed by Mogadishu; especially by the mister of interior. A couple of months ago, the Somali president went to Beladweyne and threatened Hiran leaders to follow him in forming their leadership. However, his suppression of the Hiran region came to a boiling point after local leaders and elders held successive conferences in the past weeks to reach a decision against Mohamud’s oppression of the local people and tribalism.

    It was reported by Somali Channel that in Beledwayne, local clan leaders and elders held conferences and denounced Mohamud’s interference in local administration and his government’s use of clan policy to pit one tribe of Hiran against the other. In other words, the Hiran leaders and elders accused Hassan Sh. Mohamud’s government of instigating clan conflict in their region. The Hiran local leaders and elders also accused the Somali Federal Government of creating problems in their region.

    The local leaders and elders leveling accusations against Mohamud’s government represented mainly three clans: Xawaadle, Gaal Jecel, and Jajele clans. All these clans denounced his government and declared to withdraw their vote from the Somali Federal Government.

    It is especially shocking the fact that these clans although coming from Hawiye tribe, expressed outrage and declared Mohamud’s government as tribal one. Therefore, it is becoming clear that it is not only the Darod and Rahanwayn tribes that see Hassan’s government as tribal and problematic. A Hiran leader said “the interior minster of Somalia came to Baledweyne and when he came, he had a government shirt on, but when he left Beledweyne and went to Mudug, he put on a clan shirt” He concluded that “the interior minister represents his clan and he can’t represent Somalia”.

    The Hiran region is resisting the oppression and tribal politics of Hassan Sh. Mohamud’s government and their leaders expressed grave concern against the interference and instigation of clan conflict in their region by the Somali Federal Government. It is a grave concern that the Somali Federal Government is suppressing its people and fomenting clan conflict across Somalia. by duniyalang

  6. Beesha Xawaadle listen to these elders, and remeber hiiraan is mostly Hawiye.

    Forget about Daroods if Hawiyes are saying the SFG is inciting Clan tension. Then what more is to be said.
    Or are living in Hirraan and causing these issue,hmm.


    After his meeting with if Hassan( culuso)

  8. Listen Faartag,Jubbaland VP and other Officials.

    Trying to stir clan tension has failed. Fiqi under KDF protection was rushed to the Airport, I guess he goes back to Xamar with mlti reason to feel shame.

    First for trying to stir clan tensions and send Jubbaland back clan war.

    Second the utter failure of his mission objective.

    Third and not least for needing the protection KDF forces, which he has been accusing of all sort of craziness.

  9. The Kismayu renegade confrontations by anti-SFG militia insurgency forces belonging to the so called Arzania Jubaland State supported by Puntland are unconstitutional and the SFG supported by the IC technocrats should immediately bring this lawlessness into the roadmap strategies
    spearhed by the SFG of Somalia. The problems of the KDF should be properly dealt with.
    These new confusions might encourage the Alshabab fighters to gain momentum to reemerge
    as a strong fighter.

  10. How did i know that the usual Rastraitors supports will try to spin this. This guy Ifteen was clearly defending himself from RasKamboni who were looking to kidnap him cos he was on his way to meet the defense minister Fiq.

    By the way he's still in Kismayo a small clan like Cawramale single handedly almost brought down Rastraitors and still is giving them nightless sleep for the last 3 days.

  11. kkk, this looks more likely Culusow will lose his Presidency due to his misleading Moryaan style leadership. what Culusow should understand is, he is biting more then he could chew ( We are talking about here the MIGHT of Darood).

    From now on JAF Jubbaland Arm forces will not tolerate any militia group who try to distabilize Jubbaland State it does not matter if they sent from Muqdisho admin or not and will face full force of the law.

    As WE speak more then 140 militia Al-shabab were arrested and more then 30 killed. this show's how determine Jubbaland arm forces are to eradicate any element against Jubbaland admin which elected by it's people. JAF will not spare any blood to defend their state.

  12. Press Release From Jubaland State.

    KISMAYU- The Government of Jubbaland State of Somalia and its peace-loving people strongly denounce the violence which anti peace elements along with Al-Shabab sympathizers mounted yesterday night resulting in the death of more than 36 civilians. This violence, the first since Kismayo liberated from Al-Shabab terrorists almost a year ago, is without a doubt encouraged and financed by the Government of Mogadishu.

    We have in the past repeatedly called both through private and public channels the government in Mogadishu to respect the constitution of the Somalia Federal Government (SFG), exercise restraint, respect IGAD and UN Security Council resolutions and stop destabilizing our new administration which was established in a manner that is consistent with explicit provisions in the constitution. But all our peaceful efforts have so far fall on deaf ears.

    Instead of working with us, Mogadishu rather chose a dangerous course of confrontation and a renewed conflict to the detriment of the country in general and Jubbaland State in Particular.

    We regret that the Jubbaland Administration’s efforts towards normalization of the precarious peace in Southern Somalia and our focus and determined efforts to defeat Al-Shabab are now being undermined by design.

    The Jubbaland Administration repeatedly warned the Mogadishu-based Government to desist from its campaign to destabilize our nascent administration. We also publicly expressed that there is no way the people of Jubbaland will go back to days when Al-Shabab terrorist overloaded them and liberation of Jubbaland is finale and none-negotiable no matter what Mogadishu does.

    If Mogadishu doesn’t restrain itself and it continues its deliberate Policy of destabilizing the

    Jubbaland Administration, we have no other option but to fight at two fronts: one with AlShabab and another with anti-peace forces aided and abated by the Government in Mogadishu.

    Make no mistake that our people are determined to go any length to foster peace and cooperation with Mogadishu short of given up our constitutional given rights to run our affairs and live peacefully in our own region.

    We urge those who take up the guns to come to the table, resolve any real or imagined grievances through a peaceful means, and achieve all that by respecting law and order.

    We also ask government in Mogadishu to stop its unbridled interference and policy of destabilization of our administration.

    Abdinasser Serar,

    Jubbaland State Spokesmen

    Source from:

  13. Jubaland forces root out Al Shabaab funded by federal gov’t: Jubaland official said.

    KISMAYU- After two days of clashes, Jubaland authorities in the port city of Kismayo said that they repressed an Al Shabaab insurgency that the officials accused Somali Federal Government (SFG) officials funded.

    Jubaland state spokesman, Abdinasir Seraar said that after two days of clashes the Jubaland forces successfully rooted out what he called “Al Shabaab” forces after an intense battle in Kismayo.

    According to local sources, heavy fighting took place in the neighbourhood of Alanley where many businesses and homes were destroyed. Both fighting sides used heavy artillery according to residents. Local media stated that 10 people were killed in the clashes and over 15 injured.

    Spokesman Seraar accused the SFG of having a hand in the clashes and even alleged that SFG Defence Minister Abdikarim Haji Fiqi – who was in Kismayo – had a role in the clashes.

    “Our brave forces repelled the attack funded from Mogadishu and overseen by [Minister] Fiqi who were trying to overtake the people of Jubaland,” said Seraar who spoke to BBC Somali on Saturday.
    Jubaland Vice President Gen. Abdullahi Ismail Fartaag who held a press conference in Kismayo after the Jubaland forces regained control of the city said that the forces captured 40 Al Shabaab fighters. He also accused the SFG of funding and equipping the fighters to destabilize Kismayo.

    The SFG has stood firmly against Jubaland state, refusing to recognize President elect Ahmed Mohamed Madoobe who was elected last month. President Madoobe who is currently in Nairobi met with Puntland President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole on Friday the first meeting since President Madoobe’s election, and later met president Hassan sheikh

    Jubaland officials stated that they will continue protecting Kismayo and any other town or city under their jurisdiction. SFG officials have yet to comment on the allegations made by Jubaland officials.


  14. one thing for sure we will kill all the cagdheer refugees if they coming anywhere near our s/land we will not welcome cagdheer and mareexaan faqash don't say we didn't worm you faqash

  15. Tellmetruth have a break have a kit kat saaxiib.

    if a small clan like Cawramale (don't the believe the myth of them being warsangali) in Kismayo has you & the occupying OG forces in so much of a hysteria then i hate to think what the more powerful ones will do once it hits boiling point.

    Might i add tho Cawramale has officially put the Marehan to shame tut tut.

    • It's not only cawromaleh but also Culusow sent Al-shabab, in fact the leader was Abagaal related to hassan NGO XOOLO. he was captured by Jubbaland arm force. in no time the war will start soon north somalia.

      From now on Jubbaland arm forces will not take prisons. more then ten thousand are ready, i can not wait to see how they will punish culusow and his moryaan.

        • kkk, do not worry about Jubbaland state of somalia it's strong and no one can shake it. CULUSOW Al-shabab led mission failed in Jubbaland, make no mistake the rightful ours of this land will defend Jubbaland until their last drop of blood as they done early 90's but this time more powerful retaliation.

          CULUSOW funded this misguided operation and he should answer to Jubbaland admin and international community. it was not only cawromale but gaalgecel+ few hawiye came from Moryan infested mogadishu led by Al-shabab captain. they did not know what they were facing, they miscalculated and paying heavy price now.

          • If that's the fairytale story that makes you sleep better then keep believing.

            Madobe through his own doing has been militarily tested by one of his weakest opposition might i add and has been found out for all to see that he is very very weak and fragile.

          • If they are WEAK, how come kill and capture all Al-shabab sent by Hassan culusow get your facts right.

            The real party have not yet star. as i mention you, Jubbaland arm Force will defend what ever cost their admin without any hesitation what so ever.

          • In what way don't you understand the only Shabaab is Madobe. It has been nearly a week sins they said they got evidence not even 1 captured militia on camera BS i tell ya

          • IF Hon President Ahmed Mohamed Islam is Al-shabab he would not lead this STATE. of course they captured more then 30 militia but US agency came and collected them with special plane. all of them working with culusow.

            As we speak EU delegation went to Mogadishu to confront Mr Culusow about this issue and they refuse to meet his villa moryaan for security reason, but met him in heavily guarded AMISOM head office Xalane.

  16. People your links stink. If you are going to post a link, post the actual page! I have to sift through all the other articles before I figure out what was meant. Now to the topic at hand…What was the topic at hand?

    Seriously though, this does not bode well for Somalis. Every one wants to be a king. Suggestion: Split up between 425 states. each clan, subclan can claim a 10,000 square miles as their own sovereign nation. Presto, problem solved!

    Dictatorship did not work. Secessionism is a joke. And now apparently federalism is dysfunctional. Maybe, just maybe, clannism will work. Give each clan a stake in their water hole and mud huts and things will tend to settle down.

    I am just thinking outside the box. Hornid if you respond to me, I will put you IN a

  17. Jabuutawi "ciise waraabe"kk.

    It's time for you to go back your ( FRENCH BOOT CAMP) because your ciise waraabe kin will not bring anything good to Somalis whether North,South, deep South or central. forget about those who located in baladweyne most of the time they chew Khat. in fact Ethiopian arm forces are the one who fighting Al-shabab in Hiraan region. all Ciise waraabe do is DONATE second clothes community in Hiiran and expire medicine.

    In my personal opinion, i do no think ciise Waraabe are pure somali they related more to AFAR folks.

  18. Lol jabutawi we know Warabeeland love dictatorship and clanish state so if ur are happy like that ur are suited to play professor to other somalis. Show us the ligth Jabutawi! Kkk