Remittances are Somalia’s life-support system and development engine, but the Somali remittance system is under threat

Research Report

Published: Jul 31, 2013

Publication Summary

Remittances to Somalia amount to approximately $1.3 billion a year, 16 percent of which comes from the United States. Remittances are a lifeline for many Somalis, providing them with a means to meet their immediate needs for food, shelter, clothing, and other basic necessities as well as open and sustain small businesses, send children to school, and invest in their communities.

This joint report by Oxfam America, Adeso and the Inter-American Dialogue investigates the obstacles facing the free and secure flow of remittance transfers from the United States to Somalia. It includes that the closure of Somali-American Money Transfer Operators’ (MTOs’) bank accounts in the United States may result in a substantial disruption to Somalia’s recovery and economic growth.

Somalia Remittance Report.pdf (887.4 kB)


  1. Hey, Somaliland has higher HIV rates than Somalia according the studies given. The reason is Somaliland's based on open promiscuous mating tendency to the foreigners while Somalia is closed and prohibitive to outsiders. Somalia without Somaliland raising the rates could be one of the lowest AIDS infection per capita.

    Somalia 0.9% vs Somaliland 1.4% according to IRIN Hargeisa:

    "According to UNAIDS, Somalia's national HIV prevalence rate is 0.9 percent, significantly lower than its East African neighbours, but in Somaliland the infection level is slightly higher at 1.4 percent. "

    PS. Sorry this article is about keeping open Somali lifeline but dirt fly Buuxiye has fallen into this hole.

  2. No panicking, where there's hinfrances(cuscur) there's hope that follows(Yusur).
    In other words when certain doors close, other doors open. That's how mother nature
    universal laws operate.The joint report by Oxfam America, Adeso and the Inter-American
    dialogue explain the real obstacles and their report should be taken into account.

    • Dhibaato dabadeed fudayd baa ka dambeeya, in English after hardship comes ease, is a quote throughout the quran, when a door is closed Allah opens a window. Why would you say this is 'mother nature' laws rather than ALLAH's law??????

  3. so dahabshiil is lockdown for security reasons kk anyway which other money transfer should I use if I wanna send money to me wife in Hargeisa?

    Any folks in here who sends money back to their loved ones in Hargeisa?

  4. There is a reason for the higher % reported in Somaliland. For the past 20 years, Somaliland has done a good job of HIV/AIDS awareness, which resulted in people going to clinics and getting tested. Thus, there are better data in Somaliland on HIV/AIDS. Such accessibility is non-existent in Somalia. Also, if we take the numbers, the 0.9% rate will yield a higher number of infected people in Somalia than Somalia, because of the population differences. However, what flies in the face of one of the commentators above is that he is elated because Somaliland has a higher rate of infection. Is this something to be happy about? And you want unity? Shame.