@ Cade-Somali,

You have said “this Turkish freindship is not more than a geo-political role.”

Unfortunately, neither you have understood the good intentions of Turkish people nor the Turkish government ruled by the Islamic moderate AK Party (The Justice and the Development Party).  Clearly, you have little readings on International politics and highly influenced by the conspiracy theorists who believe there must be some hidden agenda because no good can or should occur without a secret agenda.

First, let me answer a common question that has been often raised in forums and probably confused so many Somalian natives or diapora about the recent collaboration of the Turkish State.  Why Turkey and why all of a sudden?  It is not all of a sudden.  Since the establishment of Turkish Republic in 1923 from the ruins of great Ottoman Muslim Empire, Turkey was ruled by highly autocratic socialist/facist governments backed by the Turkish Military.  Turkey has suffered the devastating results of the broken empire for decades; after that, it was the World War II. Although Turkey did not participate in the War and encountered the European nations such as Britain to fight on their side against the Soviets (spread of Marxism) and the Germans (nazi-facism), the nation suffered economically for the following decades.  Right after the World War II, there was the expansion of Marxism, the fear of Soviet occupation and the effects of the Cold War between the East and the West.  Turkey was in the epicenter of the Cold War.  The global conditions influenced the domestic politic and the political powers in addition to ASALA Armenian terror activities in the 1980s and the PKK Kurdish terror activities since 1970s.  As a result, Turkey has never become a stable nation until the election of 2002 when the AK Party was overwhelmingly and democratically elected into the power.  The first 6 years of it, there were multiple attempts to overthrow the democratically elected government by the political parties, media groups, financial institutions and educational centers run or controlled by the fascist/socialists backed by the military with the similar agenda.  They believed with their hearths and minds that there were two groups of people in Turkey: the elite and the working class(mostly made up by Muslims).

Although Turkish people are secualar,the conservatives make up the majority in Turkey; 65-70% versus 30-35% the ultra secular(the Kemalists) and socialists/marxists.  Turks are finally enjoying some stability although not quite yet for the first time since 2008.  Turkish economy has blosommed since the AK Party got into power in 2002.  Its economy and export quadrapled during this ten year period.

Turks have great pride.  They see that they have achieved great things in the past creating so many great and long lasting empires and nations, the Ottoman Empire is the last of them in a very unstable geography.  The Turkish Muslims are very proud of their religion and believe it is the teachings of their religion that allowed them to succeed.  Whenever they strayed away from their beliefs, they have also suffered.  Under the leadership of the AK Party and Tayyip Erdogan,a very proud Muslim, they believe they can contribute to the volatile world in a positive way where we all can live in peace.  They believe Muslims have the responsibility to change the negative perception of the world about Islam.  For that, the Muslims need to act according to the teachings of Islamic belief: Muslims must form true brotherhood.

As a young kid, I remember, like millions, I would watch the heartbreaking tv footages about the suffering in Africa, suffering of Africans and particularly Muslim children and women due to drought and starvation.  We all were highly affected by those tv footages.  We all cried for them.  Unfortunately, we were also helpless.  We had so much trouble at home! We, ourselves, were not living in decent conditions and how could we help to others. Neverthless, we helped what we could but it went unnoticeable in a world the West dictate everything including writing and propagading their views on the Western controlled media.  All the good things could come only through Christinaity and the Western Nations because they were the civilized nations and there was the rest  (remember, how they expanden in Africa and their criminal activities were justified?)

Now, we are in 2013.  Turkey wants to be a dominant force not only in the region but in the world, again.  They know they can do it.  Turkish people and the state do not want to be ignored or mistreated by the West, their largest trade partners, who approach Turkey with a carrot and stick.  Turkey believes they need to expand and find new economic partners.  But also, Turks believe they have responsibility to protect and improve the conditions of Muslims all over the world.  Turks believe there is necessity for the establishment of Islamic alliance in real sense.  Only, then they can change the negative perceptions about Islam and Muslims while they can also be dominant force in the world against the other expanding forces: the U.S. The EU, China and Russia.  Otherwise, they all be irrelevant!  Turkey believes Turks and Muslims can be relevant again  ONLY if they unite and form brotherhood and economic partnership.

Turkey has been expanding its economic activities in the Central Asian regions where there are 6 more Turkish Republics were formed following the break up of the Soviet Union. Turkey has increased its economic partnership with its neighbors including its most ardent enemies, Greece, and other Ottoman controlled European and Middle Eastern states. Beyond all that there is great Africa with whom Turkey has historical ties that goes back to 16th century.

As a result, for those who believe in conspiracy teories, I suggest you study Turkish history, Turkish people, and the effects of global economy, and how to build and survive strong land long-lasting economic and political partnership in the global world.

Turkish humanitarian aid is no different than its approach to Greece or elsewhere. With its limited resources due to decades-old financial debt to international organization, Turks want to aid nations in difficulties as much as possible.  Such moves can bring nations closer to each other.  When the earthquake happened in Turkey in the late 90s, Greeks send an aid team.  The following year, Greece had similar natural disaster and Turkey did the same.  Following that, two nations has got closer more than ever before since the independence of Greece from the Ottoman Empire.  Similarly, Turkey, while wanting to aid her muslim bretherens in Somalia also want to establish stronger ties with Somalia and Somali people that will benefit both nations.

Look, no nation can help another one forever unless they can facilitate the resources somehow to pay the cost.  So there is nothing wrong if Turkey or else want to aid Somalia to be a financially independent nation by investing in the country.  It will create jobs for the locals and improve their lives while those who take risk and aid Somalia at a very difficult time.  As you all agree, Somalia needs to be independent rather than seeking aid continously so that they can determine their own future.  Unless, Somalia is secure, the western companies will not settle in Somalia.

In regards to the competition between Iran and Turkey mentioned in some other websites, I do not believe it is a concern for Turkey as much as it is for Iran.  Iran has political agenda, mainly.  Although Iran’s largest trade partner is Turkey, it is alinated from the civilized world whereas Turkey has great relations with the U.S, the EU, the Middle Eastern nations including Israel.  Turkey believes in positivity while Iranian government acts in the opposite direction.  While Turkey support soverign nations, Iran supports the terror groups or illegitimate governments within those nations.  I remember Iran was a big threat for Turkey following the Iranian revolution as Iran began exporting its staunch religious views to neigboring nations including Turkey.  The democratic and economic improvements in Turkey now made Turkey the biggest threat for the survival of the Ayatollah regime of Iran.  The Iranian regime fears that Turkish democracy will topple the Iranian regime because more and more Iranian are questioning why Iran can’t be like Turkey where everyone can live their lives freely.

Moreover, Iran has been losing friends one after another.  They are one of the two majority Shia government, Iraq is the other one.  They know they only can  expand in the unstable states such as Somalia as they did in Lebanon.  It does not matter for Turkey as to whether Somalia stays as a Shia or Sunni state.  Turkey’s largest trade partner after the EU, is Iran; thus, Turkey can do business with Shia Somalia as well if it comes to that.  But, Turkey wants Somalia to set example to the rest of Africa.  Now, we all are convinced that neither the U.N nor the western nations such as the U.S. and the EU states can bring stability to Somalia.  Turkey has nothing to lose by trying its own method that has succeeded in Turkey.  The numbers of major constructions Turkish AK Party has done in all over Turkey is immense.  The things that were said “impossible” for decades became reality within a few years.  So many major projects have been completed in a short span of time.  It is amazing!  Turks now have the confidence the replicate that development elsewhere.  Venezuelan goevenrment signed an agreement with Turkish state to build 500,000 homes.  Airports, thousands of miles of roads, railroads, tunnels, subways, metros, bridges have been built and are being built in Turkey only in ten years.  Turks believe they can replicate it in Somalia.

So, it is time we stop looking for conspiracies but believe in ourselves and the good intentions of others, Turkey in Somalia case, to move forward.  God willing, with hope, Somalia will achieve great things. Turks will be providing as much support as they are capable and Somalians need.

Peace and Salaam.

By Anthony Keane


  1. Great article , I don't doubt the intentions of the Turks , I believe they are honourable but I don't have a faith in the Somalians ( Somalis who live in Somalia ) I don't think they have the quality to sort out their country , 21 years in a mess and still counting , no light at the end of the tunnel , sometimes for a second I think to myself maybe Somaliland should hold the hand of these lost Somalis and show them the right path

  2. Turkey is the only true friend Somalia has. The Arabs are puppets and only follow inline with the west, where Turkey is a partner. The Ottomans (Turks) wish to revive their former glory and in that former glory Somalia was an ally. The only people who should be paranoid about Turkey are the Arabs, who where colonized. Which was not a bad thing because other wise they would've have colonized a long time by non Muslims. Which is what exactly happened after Ottoman Empire started to weaken. Which lead to the Europeans mapping and dividing Middle East into the current States.

    In the simplest term Turkey is doing two things, one it is helping Somalia on humanitarian issues and second it is in search of business. They are also developing a strong Military industry and one day we will benefit from that, when Somalia is ready. They have already singed military agreements with us and in the near future will be helping us with our navy. Turkey is the only Muslim country I know of that builds it's own ships, Iran does but not at the same quality.

    If only readers were into reading more, they find out that there is many political games being played around the world. Which is why Turkey is looking for way to improve itself economically, militarily, even how they are perceived in the world. So Turkey is on its way back after many years of secular repression and looking towards the Caucasus region, Balkans, Central Asia, Middle East, Africa. Where they have influence and great potential for Allies in World Politics.

  3. I'm glad Turkey now understands the long term strategic importance of Somaliland. We in Somaliland will welcome Turkey as long as they treat us as brotherly fellow Muslim country and not unfairly side with Somalia.

    Somaliland and Somalia formed a failed union in 1960. Somaliland moved on since they defeated the Siad Barre dictatorship and formed a peaceful and democratic country in peace with itself and with the rest of the world, while Somalia still remains in the state of anarchy.

    After all a Muslim is obligated to treat people with Justice and Justice is what Somaliland is asking for.

    • lol the hypocrisy. Wallahi you really think that you can hide under the carpet all the events that took place in las anod,xudun,buhodle,kalshaale and sooljoogto? we lost half of our population to the british and now we are willing to lose another half so long as we protect our lands and keep Somaliweyn alive.

      The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said, "Everyone who dies has his actions sealed, except for the one guarding the border in the way of Allah – his actions continue to increase for him until the Day of Resurrection and he is saved from the trials of the grave." (Abu Dawud)

  4. Business is about Risk investing in Somalia is high risk and the returns for such a high risk is an economic Vassal who's market is dominated to the point of dependence.

    Somali people and their respective countries are heavily aid dependent and for the foreseeable future appear to have no potential solution to become independent of Aid.

    When a sovereign state volunteers itself as an economic vassal they are essentially entering into an arrangement of economic dependency. A state like Turkey is in no way looking for a partner in Somalia. A partner is one that is on equal bar with the recipient state in this case Somalia.

    High risk investment must have a high return for it to be attractive for any investor. If like the author alludes Turkey is investing in Somalia at high risk without returns then the author thinks us fools.

    By the time Turkey begins to collect it's dividends Somalia's economic market will be flooded with Turkish products making it impossible for any local producer to compete. The ancient Banana farms will be rendered obsolete unless a Turkish company buys it and develops an export market that enriches the Turkish investor.

    Somalia will be no better off as a vassal that is in an economic dependency in comparison the 22years of Aid dependency. Turkey's activities should be regulated unless Somalia is determined on becoming part of a Turkish economic Empire.

    In a society that is recovering from total failure their SELECTED government must be encouraged to remain transparent in it's activities before the civilian population is systematically evicted from their home lands to make way for Turkey interest groups.

    • I think you need Chinese garbage like other African countries where China sells just garbage and collects your resources.Do you know that China writes on some products "made in turkey" and cheats people.Turkey will not be in any business that Somalian will lose. Turks are not western or arabic or black or white. Turks are Turks. Read their history.