12666482_916953665090781_1922098205_n(2).jpgBy Goth Mohamed Goth

The City of Hargeisa 2016 budget was approved by the City Council during a session held in the town hall today.

19 Councilor were present during today’s session chaired by Mayor of Hargeisa Hon Abdurrahman Mahmoud Aideed “Solteco”.

The Mayor of Hargeisa in his opening remarks said, “This is the 12th session of the council, and we shall set the provisions of the session agenda, sub-committee annual report and council related activities in all of 2015 will be discussed.

“The 2016 budget communicates to citizens and staff an action plan for the upcoming fiscal year, including program goals and the standards by which the delivery of services to the public will be measured” he added.

The process for setting and approving the provisions 2016 budget was done by the city council standing committee for finance.

During the session the 2015 annual year-end accounting and financial reporting was presented, in addition to drought and emergency report and development projects undertaken during the previous year.

Mayor of Hargeisa Hon Abdurrahman Mahmoud Aideed “Soltelco” finally reminded fellow councilmen that once after we vote on the session agenda can add nothing can be changed, followed by arguments presented by councilmen, and finally the session agenda was approved.

Thereafter, the subsequent heated debate that followed, the councilmen vote and 16 councilors voted in favor, 2 councilors against, 1 councilor abstained, the Mayor didn’t vote , the council finally approved the 2016 budget .

Mayor of Hargeisa Hon Abdurrahman Mahmoud Aideed “Soltelco” speaking moments after the budget was approved said, we should note that this year will be dedicated to improving infrastructure in the capital city, 46% of the budget will be allocated to development and improving our roads, especially since the city’s newly acquired asphalt crusher is expected to be operational soon .

The City of Hargeisa budget as approved by the City Council reflects resource allocations consistent with the City policies, goals, and priorities.