terrorist bombingBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Pressure is mount on SFG President Hassan Sheik Mahmoud for  failing to keep his pledge increased security in Mogadishu during the holy month of Ramadan this after an upsurge of deadly terrorist attacks in the past few days.

Before the start of the holy month of Ramadan the government of President Hassan Sheik Mahmoud announced a new program called “Break the Fast in Peace” this after the formation of a special security unit which was tasked with deterring any attacks on the capital but the last two days we have seen a surge in the number attacks which has cost life’s of a prominent MP, police officers and many other people killed in deadly bombing.

Yesterday was the most recent day where a legislator of the Somali Federal Parliament was killed in the capital city Mogadishu.

With increased casualties in the number of traffic policemen killed in the attacks on the capital reaching 4 in just one week this after two more perished after an attack on the parliament yesterday.

Members of the Somali Federal Parliament claimed their safety is at jeopardy and President Hassan Sheik Mahmoud government had failed to secure the capital in a statement issued by the legislators yesterday.

The MPs led by the former speaker Mr. Mohamed Omar Dalha, a Member of the Somali Federal Parliament argued that there is no major guarantee from the Somali Federal Government that proves that their safety is being taken care of or that the government sheds responsibility to ensure that no further MPs are targeted.

Employees at Villa Somalia are provided with bulletproof personal vehicles and MPs own cars that are likelier to be targeted from quite a distance, as lawmaker Dalha said.

Another MP whose name is Mr. Dahir Amin Jeesow said, “The proposed President Hassan “Break the Fast in Peace” has turned to be ‘Break the Fast in Fear”.

Mr. Abdillahi Jama , a Member of the federal parliament expressed his frustration on the continued increase of attacks on the capital, what the people need is action not empty promises.

Although AMISOM forces have being successful gaining more territory in other regions of the country the government of President Hassanh Sheik Mahmoud has failed to deliver elusive peace to Mogadishu , capital of Somalia.