By Goth Mohamed Goth

The former Prime minister of the federal government of Somalia Prof. Abdi Weli Gaas has announced his intentions to run as the next President of the Somalia’s semi-autonomous Puntland region which are due to be held in 2014 during a Press Briefing in the Addis Abba, Ethiopian capital.

The former Prime minister said his decision to run for President in the next Puntland Presidential elections had being influenced by the people of Puntland who feel betrayed by the government of President Abdi Rahman Faroole.

“The people of Puntland are suffering due to blunders of the current government not to mention political and economic decline of the country,’ stated Mr. Abdi Weli Gaas.

President Faroole accused the Mogadishu government of refusing to share power and foreign aid with the regions in line with the country’s federal structure, as well as taking its eye off the fight against al Qaeda-linked Islamist militant.



  1. This essentially proves my long standing point of Puntland being used a platform for the Puntlanders to retreat if don't get their way in Somalia. Mr. Gas was the PM of of the TFG for a short period then he lost his post as well his shirt during last bogus elections. Now he's angry and obviously almost broke. So, in a desperate attempt to get his financial situation in order he is going to run for a presidential position in Puntland next yr…. Great! what a phony move..

    Mr. Gas doesn't care about Puntland nor Somalia, in that matter, he's planning to running for the highest spot in Puntland so he can fill his deep pockets with donated funds from the West…

  2. Dr. Ali is a Harvard trained economist and professor at Niagra University in New York. He does not need to make a living off of puntland or Somalia for that matter. Stop spreading lies about an individual you do not know because you dislike puntland or MJs, it's really transparent. Your rant is typical somali gibberish, where somalis turn to personal attacks when they want to insult someone's clan or region.

  3. Oh! please get real..I don't think he even he attended at Harvard U let alone being a a graduate of HU … If he did why is he being so unethical for in engaging himself to become the next president for a semi-autonomous region of somalia? if you did not get the picture that he is using Puntland as a bargain chip,
    Please think a little bit's quite obvious…

    shouldn't Mr. Gas be advocating for the unity of Somali-Italiano? Why is throwing more fuel into the fire by dividing the people he led them as their PM 1.5 yrs ago? Where is he so against to the people who trusted him with their most sensitive docs of their nation? I guess, you don't care about what he does or how he does it, as long as he is one of your kinfolks…. one day he might employ as a chauffeur…perhaps a butler.. or a garden boy….

    You and him are no different… you are both thugs with no sense of patriotism.. no wonder Somalia is in flames…

  4. The reputation of renegade Puntland died with Abdillahi Yusuf…the creator of all the MJs
    problems against the AL-Somal big patriotism picture. Dob't get me wrong, there are others too..
    but this guy was special in creating never ending fitnas.

    • I think you are right..there are more rusted nails in that region which need to be pried out with precious apparatus…It's unfortunate that Somalia's new president doesn't have the right tools to go in Puntland and weed those thugs out..Somalia will never get stabilized as long as Puntland exists,..that for sure..

  5. All the MJs politicians since 1st July 1960, only A/rashid Sharmarke was a true politician.
    All others were/are likewise PuntlandGeezer(PIS) or Kayse Film hindi, psychos.

  6. I don't understand this, two years ago he was the PM of SFG, now he is running for president in a region of the west african colony. Daroods claim union when it suit them.

    Just yesterday faroole cut off relations with the SFG . What does this say about the d-tribe and their claims of being supporters of united somalia

  7. I’m a true puntlander, a true patriot of all Somalia. I don’t think Puntland needs Dr Gass now. The reason is that he’s too softy too lean towards Xamar administration. In reality puntland has neighbors whom unfortunately dream about destroying Puntland each and everyday so we don’t need Morally thinking leader. Dr Gass vs Faroole I rather go with Faroole.