London, 17 January 2010 (Somalilandpress)Your article “Violence, fear and confusion: Welcome to the Horn of Africa” (World News) implied Somalia was at peace before Ethiopia’s intervention in 2006. Assumptions used to criticise Ethiopia in relation to the instability are unfounded and fallacious. Lack of peace and stability in Somalia date from the overthrow of Siad Barre in 1991.

The instability in Somalia is the result of lack of a state structure and responsible government since that time. Ethiopia has assisted the political forces in Somalia to find a solution, and from the outset Ethiopia has called upon the international community to help. The two transitional governments of Somalia are the result of a protracted political dialogue and it is ridiculous to conclude that these governments are the making of Ethiopia. Furthermore, it is an insult to the Somalis who have been engaged in these negotiations.

The intervention of Ethiopia in Somalia was not, as claimed, initiated by the US. Ethiopia acted in response to a threat to its national security. The Islamic Courts Union (ICU) declared a jihad against Ethiopia and promised that its acolytes intended to establish a caliphate government in Addis Ababa. The ICU had assassinated officials in Ethiopian border towns, terrorised civilians and destroyed public and private property. The attempt to relate the border conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea to the instability in Somalia is misleading.
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Ethiopia’s concern at what is happening in Somalia is genuine as the two countries share a 1,300km border. The interventions of Eritrea, which has no common border with Somalia, are dangerous and opportunistic.

Berhanu Kebede
Ethiopian Embassy
London SW7


  1. you are a professional lair Mr Kebede, your(Ethiopian) crimes against the Somali people will be challenged in the international courts

  2. Wow how can you make such an obvious thing into a lie? ofcourse they are the reason why Somalia still is instable together with USA help they make Somalia unstable again because of the exports they can controll when having Somalia unstable in the Red Sea, Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden. With these three waters under controll, the US can controll exports and controll African and Asian countries that wants to become business partners. USA wants Africa to be their partners but the African nations could do better with China and India and that is what USA fears if Somalia is unstable. That African countries will establish business partners with Asian countries. They can also controll the exports and therefore controll a bit of the Asian and African exports so that they will remain superpower by getting all Asian and African exports to themselves.