Hargeisa, 23 June 2009  – It is a certain phenomenon once something evil generates; over a time, it goes through black-white evolutions__ that radically could change the cultural, social and psychological compositions of a population over successive generations. Somalia is a by-word country for inhuman, barbarous and heinous civil war__ and during the last two decades, it had been making its place in the world-news banner headlines. Somali culture and religion (Islam) go hand in hand and never crosses each other.

However, the world’s illegitimate and hypocritical political interventions in Somalia brokered by the front line countries have yielded a new, but an unprecedented fashion of war mongered by the most notorious international terrorists in the name of Islam. This has absolutely derailed the Somali conventional warring-systems and invited a hollow calamity. Today, Somalia is said to be the new African Iraq or Afghanistan with regard to its ongoing reckless type of war, every shot is fired at human cost__ and the lives of the innocent people are taken in both fleet and individual manner. Somalia is a country disappeared into shapeless, untraceable political dust storm orchestrated by western collective powers.

The Al-Qaida claimed Trojan horse in Somalia “Al-Shabaab”__ has snagged a bare sword in a vacuum power to log, amputate and decapitate the helpless, hopeless and needy people scattered across the bed of the tinny war tone country. The plague of which would no longer be confined within the boundaries of the country, but pose a clear threat to the entire region. It is a widely acknowledged fact that terrorism is a psychological problem with a serious radical mission; a mission without clear vision; a mission that heals one’s heaven hunger with life loses of the innocent people; a mission that is accomplished by hypnotized youngsters; a mission named religious obligation but satanic in nature.

The Somali fragile government presided by Sheikh Ahmed__ was about to lose its last standing leg and pleaded a 24 hour swift military interventions from the front line countries to help them revive their globally supported government. To the contrary, Al-Shabaab vowed that any foreign interventions would cause the invaders to have their bodies sent back in coffins to their respective homelands. On the other hand, Al-Shabaab’s claim for being responsible the suicide attack in Baladwayne during the last week__ which has taken the lives of more than 80 people…. was neither the first nor the last of its type undertaken by them.

Unlike Somalia and its semi-autonomous region of Puntland__ Somaliland is still healing the physical and psychological scars reached by the last year Oct, 29th untimely serial terrorist explosions that claimed the precious lives of dozens of beloved ones, mothers, fathers, kids, teenagers, etc. It shattered the future of many families; transformed many abled to disabled; traumatized the people in the city__ and dropped a moment of unforgettable fear and insecurity into the hearts of the nation at large. In one way or the other, this was a wake-up call for the region and helped the people understood what terrorism is meant by, their goals and disguised images. It helped the nation feel how this wave (terror) has embittered the millions of innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Palestine.

Here is the bottom line; the survival of the Somali people is not only a regional responsibility but a global obligation as well. However, the world must now put the right shoe on the right feet, come up with a new global policy towards Somalia__ and of course lift the unfair cover off the recognition of the Republic of Somaliland__ that is one of the crucial missing pillars from the peace process and stability many times sought for Somalia. Somalia is a government in search for a country__ whereas; Somaliland is a government in a stable country in search for an international recognition. Surely, if the world keeps defiant from the fact that Al-Qaida pooches are overtaking the Somali people and power, the plague would first hit hard Puntland, then Somaliland and the region at large.

By: Khadar Hanan
E-mail: Khadarhanan@gmail.com
Doha, Qatar

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  1. Let us say that there are two parties to the conflict: The first party is world Christianity, which is allied with Zionist Jewry and led by the United States, Britain, and Israel; while the second party is the Muslim world. In such a conflict, it is unacceptable to see the first party mount attacks, desecrate my lands and holy shrines, and plunder the Muslims’ oil. When it is met by any resistance on the part of the Muslims, this party brands the Muslims as terrorists. This is stupidity. People’s intelligence is being belittled. We believe that it is our religious duty to resist this occupation with all the power that we have and to punish it using the same means it is pursuing against us.

    • If this is the type of argument you use to brain wash young men and women to have them support you…..your agrument is out dated and misguided. In Islam, if that is still the religion u believe in, the practice of suicide bombing and the killing of other muslim people is clearly forbidden no matter how u jusitify it. The other argument that the fight is between muslim on oneside and jews and christians on the otherside too hold no water either and is the kind of attitude that fosters hate and anymosity between us and them………so instead of justifying the killing of other muslims and blaming it on other people in distant lands …..go fear Almighty Allah and sit with your brothers on the other side of the conflict and find a way to deal with this hostility.

      Tomorrow too, you will bring this hostility to Puntland and Somaliland and profess the same argument and misguided reasoning and kill more inocent Somali people. You should be ashamed of being influenced by the likes of Al-Qaida and bringing their hiddious practice to our native lands and contaminating our beloved religion Islam. Take about intelligence, yet you don't even realize who u are fighting, your fellow citizens or foreign foes who u yourself give pretext to launch attacks against you in your own land further killing and maiming more innocent muslim people. When wil youl take full responsibility for your actions and see what is obviously infront of you. Live in peace with yourself and your neighbors.

  2. Ayuub talks about Jewry and Christianity, meanwhile it is Muslims who are dying in Somalia, and mainly women and children. Talk about a bankrupt argument.

  3. Abdirahman and Khayre.

    Thanks brothers. We have a responsibility to expose these masked rag tag guys with the baggy Punjabi pants. They have done enough havoc in the South and their next target is Somaliland and Puntland. We have to be vigilant to ward off their evil and Satanic deeds.
    They are obstinate and will never sit at the table with Somalis. They have a contract to accomplish and will turn Somalia into a hell hole, desolate and uninhabitable corner soon.