For Somalis Ogaden is one of the Somali clans, Ogaden clan inhabits in South Somalia near the Kenya/Somalia border, and settle  on both sides of Somalia/ Kenya border with other Somali clans, they are also  one of the many  Somali Ethiopian clans in Eastern Ethiopia. Somalis call the Ethiopian Somalis, West Somalis, like they call others North Somalis, East Somalis and South Somalis regardless of clan. Somalis  have never known such  a country or region called Ogaden until 1984. .


In 1984  remnants of Siad  Barre  military officer who took part in 1977 Ethio/Somai war like the current tribal rebel/ONLF leader, Admiral Mohamed Osman and few so called intellectuals created the so called tribal rebel group of Ogaden/ONLF, Ogaden National Liberation Front,   and since then have been waging war  against Ethiopia,  be it the Mangistu Military regime and against the current Ethiopian Federal Government. Millions of innocent Ogaden civilians have died because of the misguided tribal war perpetrated by  former Siad Barre military officer, and have died in vain, because no such a country called Ogaden  will ever come into existence, and sooner or later the founders of this tribal narrow minded movement  will be held accountable    .  .




And since the ONLF tribal rebel began conducting a gorilla warfare against the Ethiopian military situated in Eastern Ethiopia  and the international  press began reporting, the name Ogden over shadowed all other peace loving  Somali Ethiopian clans. And misleadingly the tribal name Ogaden mistakenly became the name of the Somali Ethiopian region.  .


The non Ogaden Somali Ethiopian clans, like Issa, Gurgure , Isaaq, Gadabursi, Abaskuul, Jaarso, Akishe and Hawiye have never supported the misguided tribal war perpetrated by the narrow minded tribal, remnants of Siad Barre and the  violence against the Ethiopian People and will never accept their homeland named after a single Somali clan,  if the Somali Ethiopians are to be self-determined as the Ethiopian constitutions allows self-determination for Ethiopian ethnic groups when the  right time comes.


In 1994 when the current ruling party EPRDF led by the  late great Ethiopian leader , Meles Zanawi took over  power and overthrew the military dictatorship of Mangistu Hale Mariam. Ethiopia adopted a Federal System which brought equality and self-rule for all Ethiopian ethnic groups, like Oromo, Somali, Amhara, Afar and Tigre.


And since the current ruling party  adopted the Federal system and abolished the  one ethnic domination of  Amhara , most Ethiopian Ethnic groups have been enjoying their self-rule and the fruits of EPRD achievement.


Make no mistake the history of Amhara people is an African pride, the Amahara people, particularly those who had lived in diverse communities or cities like Dire Daw , Addis Ababa, Harar , Nazrate etc.  had always been  good neighbors, co-workers , schoolmate and trustworthy regardless of the Amhara authorities or rulers, and were always at forefront of any movement  against the injustice of  the  preceded Amhara Authorities. Today the Amahara language become a common African  language for f all Ethiopian people from all walks of ethnicity, a legacy left behind by the preceded Amhara rulers like the Europeans had left behind their language for their former colonies.


But it´s unfortunate  today that  few so called intellectuals or politicians Amharas to  advocate for the return of Amhara  rule and domination of one ethnic rule/Amhara and to  dismantle the Federal System adopted by the current ruling party EPRDF, which is the most suitable  system for the Ethiopian ethnic groups to co-exist together and preserve the integrity of Ethiopia.


Federalism is working today for the Ethiopians, after it was implemented by the current ruling party, EPRDF, Ethiopian People?s Revolutionary Democratic Party, led by late  Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Today in Ethiopia each ethnic group has its own locally elected government or state and have the luxury to practice their own religion, speak, write own languages and preserve their culture and tradition.


Unfortunately the Somali Ethiopian region has fallen into the hands of former ONLF supporters/members like the current Jigiga ruler Abdi Omar/Iley and his cronies, former ONLF rebels and leaders  who  marginalized other Ethiopian Somali clans. Abdi  Omar/Iley convinced former ONLF/Ogaden  tribal militia to give up their arm and return to Jigjiga to join the so called Liyu Police to kill, terrorize and displace  the non ONLF/Ogaden  supporters of Somali  Ethiopian clans, like Sheekhaash, Abasguul, Hawiye, Jareer,   and Isaaq etc.


Liyu Police have committed  atrocities , killing, genocide and rape against the local civilians of the above mentioned Somali Ethiopian clans, simply accusing them for supporting the so called ONLF tribal militia , where these people, non Ogaden clans have never supported ONLF militia , and saw it only as a tribal militia group/Ogaden.


The so called Liyu Police conducts a pre-planed skirmishes among its members around the areas inhabited by non Ogaden clans to accuse them of supporting the so called ONLF tribal rebels so they could get a green light/legitimacy from the Ethiopian Federal Government , to commit atrocities, killing and rape against non Ogaden clans, a similar crimes against humanity that the so called ONLF tribal rebels has been committing against non Ogaden Somali clans of Ethiopia for not supporting the so called ONLF tribal rebels.


Even though the Liyu Police brutality have subsided since the Ethiopia Federal Government have warned Abdi Omar and his clan militia/Liyu Police , the only way to defeat the rebellious tribal militia/ONLF is to allow non Ogaden Somali clans of Ethiopia to arm themselves and protect their territory from ONLF and Liyu Police who have  same goal in mind , terrorize and displace  non Ogaden Somali Ethiopian clans. Arming non Ogaden Somali Ethiopian clans will isolate the so called ONLF into their remote area, will have no accesses to cross lines of other clans.


Likewise in Kismayo, Somalia few tribalists and narrow minded Ogaden members who happen to be in the current Kenyan cabinet of Uhuru Kenyatta and members of Kenyan parliament and supporters of ONLF of Ethiopia who routinely hold meetings and gatherings for ONLF leaders and its  supporters in Kenya, convinced  Uhuru Kenyatta/current Kenya prime minister, and his predecessor  Kibaki who hail from Kikuyu ethnic group that the Ogaden Kenyans who are supporters of  ONLF will cast their vote for KANU party vs ODM party, if KANU helps the ONLF of Somalia/Raskaboni mobilize , train and arm them capture the port city Kismayo, Somalia. The ruling party KANU did mobilize, recruited  and trained Ogaden militia from the refugee camps in Kenya ,  in the name of training Somalia´s Army, most them now Raskamboni Militia under former Islamist Ahmad Madobe.


After KANU, the current ruling party of Uhuru Kenyatta won the election with the help of ONLF supporters  in Kenya, KANU fulfilled its promise and helped the ONLF of Somalia/Raskaboni dislodge Al-shabaab from Kismayo  . The ONLF of Somalia/Ogaden clan which  is a minority in Kismayo and its surroundings, displaced all other non Ogaden clans of Somalia from Kismayo.


Ahmad Madoobe the leader of ONLF of Somalia/Raskamboni which was found by Hassan Turki another Islamist and ONLF supporter,  happen to be playing the terrorism card when the displaced non Ogaden clans militia attack his Ogaden militia, by accusing them of being Al-shabaab and its supporters. For the non Ogaden clan  militia leaders like Barre Hiirale and others who were at the forefront of fighting Al-shabaab in Lower Jubbas, Somalia have no blame if they side with Al-shabaab to fight their common enemy ONLF of Somalia/Raskamboni


Few weeks ago Ahmad Madobe, the leader of the ONLF Somalia/Raskamboni was in Jigjiga to meet with Abdi Omar/Iley , founder of Liyu Police. The Liyu Police which was  created to fight the ONLF of Ethiopia. And ironically Ahmad Madobe is supported by the ONLF of Ethiopia, for sure visit and  the Ethiopian ONLF websites how they are supportive of the ONLF of Somalia/Raskamboni.




So what´s the difference between the  ONLF of Ethiopia, Liyu Police of Jigjiga and the ONLF of Somalia/Raskamboni, nothing but new ONLF/Ogaden clan leaders  tactics of misleading the Ethiopian Federal Government, the Kenyan people and playing the Federalism card based on Clan against the Somalia Government, to succeed in creating a clan/Ogaden dominated rule in the Somali Ethiopia Region  and Jubba Regions of  Somalia and marginalize the non Ogaden clans, in Ethiopia and Somalia.




Mohamud Aden Samatar

Phoenix AZ, USA


  1. Ogaden are warriors they wouldn't accept slavery it's not in their nature they are not like other somali tribes Isaaq, Issa, Gurgure, Gadabursi who have long accepted the slave tag.

    Seriously rest assured that the Ogaden warriors are waiting for you in Laascaanood.

    • crazy kablalax kabo-la carar worrior, darood is lowest of somali cast system. the isaaq, samaroon,isse and hawiye clan leaders are meeting in december to bring in a new law barring and one from those noble clans to marry a low cast darood, doing so will be punishable by 18 years in prison or an execution

      • lol….
        Hawiye Bantu and Midg@@n iid00r can forever be together, Darood Binu Hashiim are Nobel people that don't associate with your kinds….

  2. I feel sorry for these somalianders though. small land compared to other clans, small in numbers, they tried to compete in somalia politics and failed miserably. now they want their own political playground where the big boys are not around. their whole history can be summed up by the word gaaljacayl

    • tell that to your darood father, the fact that darood tribe worship every somali enemey is quite shocking

      no wonder your darood refugees are treated badly by everyone

    • zeylac ·

      Agree with you mate. the reason ISAQS always cry winging mourning is Their number is not big compare to Darood and Hawiye. i personally do no blame them cause they have right to protect themselves. someone said Absame have more population then Isaq.

  3. We all know that Ogaden is one of the major Somali clans in Ethopia, however, the name Ogadenia was invented in 1948 by late Emperor Hailes Selassie when the Somali nationalism began in all Somali-speaking territories after the 2nd World War and the motive behind that new name (Ogadenia) was two reasons.

    Firstly, Haile Selassie's political game was to avoide the name "Somali" to be identified in areas inhabited by ethnics Somali Ethiopians in order to stonewall the spread of Somali nationalism, and instantly named the Somali provinces as "Ogadenia" and entered it in all World Maps.

    Secondly, Haile Selassie Wanted to create frictions over that name among the Somalis so that they would never agree to each other with their common interests in Ethiopia, and this is what we have been experiencing till today.

    • you obviously are ignorant about Ogaden History, go to the British Parliament archives you'll see the name Ogaden was written into record in the 1700's, please if you are going to be talking about history bring proof instead of talking out of your arse.

      • I think either you're a kid or a savage with long tail, long feet and twisted big horns who has just come out from the bush in Qoraxay!

        …..see the name Ogaden was written into record in the 1700's……

        First of all, do you know when the first whiteman set foot in the Horn of Africa? The line quoted above is quite enough for me to know exactly what type of beast you are and no more.

    • kar rujiye,

      Ogaden it is not ( one of the major clan in Ethiopian but biggest clan Somaliand Ethiopia ).

  4. If there ever was a slave tag, traitor, back stabber and fitna prone other than the Majerteen, I have not seen or come across one.. They invited and celebrated Ethiopian soldiers to Somalia, first time ever of Ethiopian military in Somalia proper soil.

    The Ogaden, with all due respect to their struggle, are working for both sides of the issue. The Liyuu, the ONLF (some call argagaxiso), the Abid in Jigjiga, all are Ogaden but espouse for and against Ethiopia's federalism. So MJ PISS, is it fair to characterize the Darod, specifically the MJ and OG, doubled faced, two-timing, munafiqiin?

    • Listen Majerteen are not like the Isaaq who bow down for the white trash man Majerteen dislike Hawiye And we both know the reason why remember 1991 Hawiye militia burned, raped, looted, killed any person of Darood tribe?

      but still I wouldn't blame Abdulahi Yusuf (AUN) for the ethiopian invasion in Mogadishu in fact it was Ali Mohammed Ghedi the former Prime Minister of the Transitional Federal Government, Mohamed Dheere and the Abgaal parliament that invited the 50,000 Ethiopian troops to fight the Habar Gidir islamists.

      Majerteen patiently waited for the opportunity to finally kill two enemies (Abgaal & Habar Gidir) using one arrow (Ethiopian).

      Sxb Don't get twisted I'm not biased kk I am a Hawiya myself I'm just telling the truth I know all the clans trademark.

      Isaaq = white trash worshippers

      Majerteen = power seeking selfish clan who think Somalia belongs to them only and think that they are the chosen ones who should lead Darood clans thats why they only poke their noses into Darood clan territory homeland especially SSC, Kismaayo etc

  5. When it comes the difference between Liyu vs ONLF vs Raskamboni, I think it is a three way tie. Although Liyu single handedly decommissioned ONLF, they did so with Ethiopian help. Raskamboni need to get out of the Kenyan wing and do something their own heroic knocks to prove themselves.

  6. The OGs; are part of the big picture Absame are scattered across Somalia, K5 and NFD.
    The MJs are scattered across Somalia only. For all the 5star greater Al-Somal, the MJs
    and the OGs were/are the most notorious, saboteurs, backstabbers, conspirators, etc.
    and always responsible for all the ills of the 5star of the Greater AL-Somal. By comparison
    the MXs are somewhat less dangerous and could be more complacent in nature.
    Fortunately, the Somaliland were blessed to be outside the scope of these monsterous
    OGs and MJs!!!. All their current notorious scandals would be doomed into failures bcos
    the EPRDF,SFG and Hargeisa Govt would not accept such highhanded conspiracies
    as described by the writer.

  7. Mushaakilka haysta puntland amaba daarood waxa weeyaan wax kasta istir bay ku doonayaan.
    Dadka degan bariga Somaliland inay sheegtaan bay doonayaan. Waayo waxay leeyihiin waa daaarood.
    Sidaa owgeed ayay doorasha da u gaadhsiinayaan.

    logic-ka hadeeynu raaaco ma jubbaland doorasha ayay gaadhsiin iyo ogaadenka nfd iyo ka kilinka shanaad iyo mareexaanka gobolada dhexe jawaabtu waa maya.
    Daarood Somali wuu lugooyaa, waayo siduu isku balaadhinaayo oo uu isir wax ku doonayo ayuu dagaalo galay ay kamika ahaayeen kii 77ka oo uu hogaamnaayeey siyaad barre iyo kuu snm la galay
    Iyo kii mugdisho iyo Somalia laga saaray iyo kii majeertania lascaaanood lagaga
    Saaray. Marka waxa kuu muuqanaysa in daaroodku dagaalka bilaabaan markey adkaatana yaacaan.
    Waxa la saadaaliyayaa meesha xigta ay dagaal ka bilaabaan ay tahay arinta jubbland oo u muuqata inay Somalia iyo kanya ka dhex qaraxdo.
    Daarood waa khatarta ugu halista ah geeska Africa
    Ha la iska ilaaliyo!!!

  8. The reason why these Rastafarian ONLF's have not captured a single village and are still in the bushes after 3 decades has mainly to do with the name Ogaden which from there have been put in coma by the Liyu police .

    Now they are trying to bring their tamed mentality from Garissa/Jigjigga to the Jubba's which they will fail.

    You know the sad thing also is that i and many other Somalis from Somalia actually didn't mind Madobe to rule the Jubbas and for the Ogadens to finally truly rule somewhere but then their dependency on their real muscle the Kenyan's who are trying to Hijack the Jubbas has been their downfall.

    I also think this Jubba incident is also a conspiracy conspired by Aids Abba and Nairobbery against Somalia to finally convince us to do away with claiming Somaligalbeed and North Frontier District through showing us how treacherous the majority clan of the people they occupy and we are trying to free are after their failure through the military way.

    This new idea of theirs i must say is actually working better than their military way cos for the first time in History the Hawiye are actually slowly starting to see the occupied Somali regions as no longer occupied and are thinking about talking to Aids Abba and Nairobbery to demand that in order to have the Hawiye on their side the none D@roods and honest Daroods are treated as kings and to show no mercy for those treasonous.

    • 4 hours later you post something else get the f!ck out of here you bipolar sufferer.

  9. Dear Mr Samatar,
    It's a quite interesting article,for me,the Somali next generation will be the last war between Ogaden with the help of some clans of Darood(unfortunately).
    Look at these two links,it will tell you everything.
    Ethiopians and Kenyans could play the dirty game……,we will wait who's going to win!
    Thanks again Mr Samatar

  10. Yaa kaa Gadan Warkaan Raqiiska ah?? Ogaaden Waa Ogaaden meel uu joogaba Dowladaha Jaarka ah iyo kuwa aad rabto inaad wax u sheegto oo ah Ethiopia ay ogyihiin Xaqiiqda ee wax kale u sheeg kan waad ku fashilantaye!!!

  11. Samatar,

    Ogaden been there for a very long time, but the ONLF was founded in 1984. Having said that, thanks for the article, certainly you've depicted the right picture for what we call it daroodism

  12. miskiin laan gaab ah oo cadhaysan cadalkii ayaad leedahay!!!!wax cilma ah nooma aad sheegin…!!

  13. Skinnies on each others' throats again. Anyone surprised? The cave baboons are centuries behind the world. Shoot each other and finish this job;its taking long already.

  14. Mohamud Aden Samatar,

    To make for you LONG story short, the difference between these three names ONLF, Raskanbooni brigade and Liyu Police is,

    1- ONLF is rebel movement freedom fighters created 1984 reserve area in Ethiopia. they are most effective rebel in Ethiopia and well known around the world.

    To be honest without them today reserve area wouldn't get any development, they are responsible why Ethiopian government give more consideration today reserve area.

    2- Raskanboni Brigade most of them are Wamo folks or inhabitant of lower jubba ( jubbaland), this Brigade was created by the International community and kenya to bush out Al-shabab from Jubbaland.
    They have nothing in common with ONLF or Liyu police in reserve area ACCEPT they belong the same "TRIBE".

    3- Liyu police was created the Ethiopian Government for political reason since the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY and amnesty international criticize Ethiopian government horrible crime they are committing in reserve area.

    Liyu police replace Ethiopians army so they can do Ethiopian their dirty jops. today Liyu police have branches in Somaliland, Puntland, central Somalia (Hiiran), and Jubbaland.

    • Well explained. However, let me correct you for two things.

      1. There is no Liyu Police or Ethiopian army in Somaliland now or before. Yes Ethiopians are in their side of the borderline and they never crossed the line between the two countries.

      2. Haud and Reserved Area was called the only parts that the clans from Somaliland inhabited in Ethiopia, i.e Dhulbahante, Issaq and Gedobirsi and it was controlled by the authorities in Somaliland until it was handed over to Ethiopia in 1954. You got it!

      • It's well known Ethiopia run Hargiesa Council day to day bases operations. the reality is Liyu Police and it's admin represent Somalis live Haud/reserve area/kilil5 according to Ethiopian Government.

        All reserve area/Haud/killi5 was handed over to Ethiopia by the British Government 1954, there is no difference between all these three names it is call ( SOMALILAND ETHIOPIA). so, your explanation it's not correct.

        It seems these days any officials visit Ethiopia must see Liyu admin cause Ethiopian Government believe ( SOMALI ADMIN IN ETHIOPIA) can build Bridge between the two nations. it does not matter which area of SOMALIA they from whether Somaliland,Puntland, Mogadishu, Jubbaland.

    • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

      two point i would like to make to mr cagdheer with size 16 shoes.

      first you said "Ogaden have been dieing for Somalinimo for the past 200 years, from Ahmed Gurey". Now i dont want to break it to you that the hero ahmed gurey was not fighting the habashi 200 years ago. this tells me that you are a true cagdheer and a member of the bigger darood SHEEGATO network who have no history and make up fake history to mislead thier children.

      second point is that you are claiming that the hero was darood (cagdheer). Those proves that daroods are the fakest people on earth and will claim even prophet mohammed (saw) was darood. daroods have no history and are just pure SHEGATOOOO.

      • There is a reason why this website and this Mohamud Aden Samatar are writing about Ogaden people and trying to fabricate their history and its because they are relevant and your not….

      • Jaarso an Oromo Midg@@n trying to be Somali calling me Shegatoooo, how ironic….


  15. Jabuutawi,

    I do NOT see why your involve Somali problem since your not pure Somali. secondly, you have still FRENCH BOOT CAMP mentality.

    Learn History you sound very selfish French Boot camp, who invited the Ethiopians into Mogadishu????? Moryaan did very simple answer. islamic court threatened Ethiopian Government.

  16. An Open letter from Garissa to our cousins the ‘Marehaan’ community
    To begin with accept greetings from your cousins in Garissa county of Kenya. We believe and know very well that, you are an important part of us and that your position and role in our societal needs and expectations is undeniably essential for no one in his right mind can do away with a real brother.
    To take you back on memory lane and facts in history, the people of Garissa are the very ones who pacified the land you currently occupy in Somalia; all the way from Galgadud through Gedo. You will also remember that, the famous King Abdi Ibrahim who also led the Garissa community after emancipating the Darod and Orma from the Elaay King at Buur Hakaba pacified Bay , Bakool, Gedo and lower Juba and in his sun set days fought the British in Jubaland and some of the settlements that our cousins the Marehaan were demonstrating in against their brother’s leadership in Jubaland this week was Ceelwaq whose known name is ‘Ceel Hache’ and Grand Elder ‘Hache’ who first settled at and dug the well in the mid of Ceelwaaq town has his off springs living in Garissa’s Bulla Iftin as ‘Rer-Hache’ and a clear pointer of the land that you currently occupy as being ours all including our fight against the British by King Abdirahman at Bardheere, Sarinely, Saakow and Salagle.
    Back from the short walk in memory lane, we want to affirm that, we love you, we respect you, and we value you for without you, our known and open enemies in the God forbid and horrible South-Central Somalia will have a space to rejoice and therefore we would rather have a brother as one of us and a neighbour than persons nursing historical enmity and have since 1960 planned and organized the downfall of your parent family the ‘Greater Darood’.
    You very well know that, both pre-post the late Gentleman’s (Jaale Siyaad) period, we always treated you as close kins and of course there may have occurred some isolated individual wrongs but we have never thought of or organized a collective punishment against the Marehaan and indeed you can very much recall the heroic reception and welcome that our leaders including General Mohamud ensured the Marehaan leaders led by the late President Siyaad were accorded to the chagrin of the Hawiye militia leaders like Gen. Aideed and the late Wajir west MP; Ahmed Khalif. To be more specific, we flew, entertained and accorded your leaders grand welcome, after your today newly found friends; the Hawiye humiliated them and we kept them in Garissa and Kenya as their home place with the late President and his entourage issued with Diplomatic Passports and immunities and kept in the then most prestigious hotel i.e the Safari Park Hotel under the watch of General Mohamud. We vacated our palatial homes in Garissa for the top Marehaan leaders and gave them the necessary safety and support with all documentation until they left the country to places of their choice. All these was done because deep in our hearts, we know Marehaan were our kinsmen and never have we dreamt that, our arch enemy since time in memorial will mobilize our cousins against us so that, they oppose our suggestion of federalism and armed to fight and kill us for the sake of the Moqadishu ‘paymaster’.
    I must caution that, not all Marehaan are set against their brothers the Darood but to be honest a good number who are opportunist, self-seekers and owned by the Hawiye either by virtue of marriage or blood relation have waged an unexpected war of all forms to humiliate their Darood brothers in Jubaland and to mention but a few; we have people like Saacid Shirdoon, Abass ‘Talhe’, Barre Hiraale, Mohamed Abdi Kalil and many at Abudwaaq and Garbaharey of whom majority are Marehaan ‘Galti’ who are bent to see our humiliation and even if it was their wish, our ultimate expulsion from Jubaland.
    Garissa people are saddened by the fact that, the Darood family had to face each other in a war that was planned by the Hawiye President and his ruling group in Mogadishu and we pray that, those amongst you who have been misled, will reflect on your actions against Jubaland and come to your senses and lead the process of Jubaland protection and defence against the enemy.
    Ooh Brothers, we once again urge you to read the signs of time and stop following Hawiye illusions as we have formally severed any relationship with them and that no one and we repeat no one can take us back to their humiliation and not even by the entire NATO ground, sea and air assaults can convince us to trust them again!!!. Therefore do not leave me for the enemy when I cherish you as my blood brother for you may live to regret your actions.

    Somalia is finished Hawiya killed Somalia there's so much hatred out there in Somalia the somali clans are arming themselves to the teeth as soon as the Amisom forces pull out from Somalia soon there be a killing spree.

    I appeal to Somaliland to return the SSC regions to Puntland and then Somaliland should join and merge with Djibouti under great Dir state and Puntland and Jubaland should both declare independence and should join up with their lost Ogaden brothers in Ethiopian.

    Let those hawiye kill each other.

    Ps I am a Hawiya.

    • I see you post it before me hahah the guy i bet was crying when he wrote this now that's what i call a b!tch with b@lls hahahahahaha!

    • Keep dreaming, you Darood fool. You Daroods are pathetic! Until the 1990s, Ogadens were nothing. The Kenyans treated you Ogadens with the contempt and scorn you so richly deserved. It is only recently when other Somalis came to Kenya after the Civil War did the status and profile of Ogaden savages improve. Now you Ogaden savages are paraded in the Kenyan media and politics as "representatives" of the Somali people.

      You Ogadens are nothing more than servants for you Kikuyu masters, your sole purpose is to serve Kikuyu and to subvert Somalia.

      What have you Ogadens ever achieved? How dare you insult other Somalis, I for one will NEVER consider Ogaden rodents as being Somali, you Ogadens are PROVDEN FAILURES!

      You Ogaden have never had state and will NEVER have state!

      Your pathetic attempts to steal Jubba by collaborating with Kenya will fail, is already failing. The second in command of ONLF/Ras Kambonni has been eliminated. The coward Madobe is so frighten he hides in Nairobi.

      You Daroods you are talkers, liars and coward.

      Mohammed Ali 100% Hawiye

      I believe the Isaaq and Hawiye should work together and eliminate our common Darood enemies, Daroods can never be trusted or reasoned with.

  17. You are bunch of sick cowards full of hate, envy and Jealousy. Ogaden is the most famous tribe in Somali history, you all know for a fact that's true, its been taught to you in your history classes in Somalia forever. Ogaden are known for their Courage, Gobanimo/Nobility and Leadership. Read any book on Somali history and you'll soon find out the truth.

    ONLF, LIYUU POLICE, & Raskamboni are all Ogaden, and we are proud of our armed forces. You can all die with your hate, your cuqdad and your inferiority complex disorders.

    Ogaden have been dieing for Somalinimo for the past 200 years, from Ahmed Gurey to Sayid Mohamed Abdullahi Hassan to 1964 & 77 War. Enough is Enough, for the first time in History Ogaden have realized that Somalis are evil, backward and demented people.

    I promise you, not one more Ogaden will die for God-dam Somalis. As you all see how well established Ogaden are in Kenya, all the businesses and high-ranking Somali Kenyan government and military officials are all Ogaden. The top ten Somali millionaires are all Ogaden. Liyuu police are 65,000 strong, ONLF 56,000 strong, Raskamboni 50,000 strong, furthermore, as we speak, ONLF and the Ethiopian government are in negations on holding a referendum for the Ogaden nation.

    You guys can forever hate on us but the truth is Ogaden for the first time in history has really united the Darood Empire, From Ogadenia, Puntland, Khaatumo State, Makhir State, Jubaland, to NFD & United we will rule Africa, like Allah intended for his chosen people the Daarood Nation.

    Sleep on that my Enemies…

    • Are you trying to tell us that the Amir of Zeila, Imam Ahmed Bin IBrahim Al-Ghazi known as (Ahmed Garan) was an Ogaden?

    • you bloody liers should be burned by habashi masters. how can you claim that the richest somalis are cagdheer, "The top ten Somali millionaires are all Ogaden". the four richest men are isaaq, 3 next richest are isse and the 3 other richest men are hawiye. in no where is there a darood let alone a cagdheer in the top 20 richest somalis.

      i was quite open minded when i came to the website to read the article but i realised what a cancer daroods are to somalis. you people realy are sheegato who will claim anything.

    • You are dreaming. Top Ten millionaires and what else? You just bunch of watchmen in Kenya. Remember back in the 50's you were not allowed to set a foot in Central Nairobi and Eastleigh after 6 evening. Go and ask your elders about this story. while my grand parents who came from Somaliland and Indians were settled in Eastleigh. If you talk about NFD what do you offer in kenya apart from watchmen and few soldiers who could not get employment in other fields. How could you lead Darood Nation while we other somali's consider you as Somali Gypsy's.

  18. Lets have an honest discussion people, what history do Somalis have besides Ogaden History? Go read the historical archives of Italy and Great Britain concerning Somali people. You'll find out that Ogaden have played a fundamental role in every aspect of Somali History.

    The Ogaden people are the most Nobel of all the Somali Tribes, and you all know that for a fact, stop denying reality. Without Ogaden Somali wa gablan, Without Daaroodna Somali wa Bantu.

    • I don't despise Ogaden as a people but the fact is, they were the least civilized among the Somalis, however, they began in nowadays to fabricate a new history for themselves which they don't belong, yes they were only known as camel looters but nothing else. What about the dates that the Isaaq businessman brought to the Ogadens in which they kept it for weeks to be cooked due to lack of fire, and the next trip the same businessman brought another dates to them, then they angerily shouted "no" timirtii horeba dab loo waa? kkkk.

      • You’re despicable, if the Ogaden were least civilized why were they the first to sign treaties with colonial European powers? Why were they the first to establish an anti-colonial movement in Africa? Why is an entire region populated by every Somali qabil named after one sub-clan the Ogaden. It’s because of Ogaden people that Amharic isn't the official language in Hargeysa and Xamar, it’s because of Ogaden you've remained Muslims u ungrateful brick, if we are the least civilized why are your refugees from Hargeisa and Burco coming to our Universities in Jigjiga, u animal.

        • You read the history of your forefathers from this link.

  19. Mohamud Aden Samatar

    You are one disturbed individual with an obsession and envy towards Ogaden.

    Please go back to school and learn how to write English you ignoramus, and go see a therapist for the mental disease you suffering from.

    Somalilandpress have you no shame… this disgusting piece of trash you call an article is disturbing in so many levels, do u have any idea what journalistic integrity means.

  20. Jealousy: is an emotion and typically refers to the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety over an anticipated loss of something that the person values, particularly in reference to a human connection.

    Jealousy is a familiar experience in human relationships. It has been observed in infants five months and older. Some claim that jealousy is seen in every culture; however, others claim jealousy is a culture-specific phenomenon.

    After reading this article its clear you people are simply jealous of Ogaden history, culture, nobility, land, resources, power, influence….etc….

  21. darppd refugees claim nobility.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    next the african american slaves will claim superiority

  22. Ogaden members of somali clan are all losers. They are always the one who side with the foreign eleme ts and blame others. Take for example the Ethiopian side. The emperor always bought them and mengistu haile mariam also did the same. Today they servants of tplf/Kenyan govt. in the recent somali history, they destroyed Somalia by declaring tribal war on the decent people of isaq in Somaliland. Recently the have tried to use the liyu police to terrorise the haud and reserve area. However, when the isaq people took arms and killed many of their nomad soldiers within short period of time Abdi Ilay cried for help and asked the isaq elders to mediate him. That was a year and half ago. The liyu police learned a good lesson and even stopped killing and pillaging in hinterland Ogaden. Today liyu police are not roaming haud and reserve area and killing people indiscriminately. The narrow minded Ogaden clan members has to learn that fact that they are not great people as they always claim to be. They are simply mercenaries working for foreign elements. Take for example, Abdi Ilay and ahmed Madobe. Both are paid and supported by foreign forces to destabilise Somalia and divide Somali people. History tell us that Ogaden people are a bunch useless people, even the mad mullah they call as a hero used to be a useless mad person intoxicated by daroodism.

  23. What happened to quality control of the somali media? There is no truth in this article at all, and everybody knows that most of Abdi Ilays victims are from his own clan. ONLF have a higher goal than focusing on internal somali clan issues. Abdi Ilay was never ONLF lol. I hope don't believe in this B.S. But even worse is that this website is playing with its own integrity. If they can release an article like this one which is 90 % lies, how can we trust the rest?

    • Are you saying Ogaden is the name of all Ethiopian Somali Region. Can the Issa call The Region Issaland, can Gadabursi Call Gadabursiland, Gurgure, Bartireland etc.?,

      Calling Ogadenia the whole Ethiopian Somali region, is calling Somalia Majertenia or Hawiyeland etc.

      Use your brain if you have one , before you name a Somali region after one Somali tribe Ogaden, where you have so many non Ogaden tribes in the Region.

  24. The Ogaden are traitors and fifth columnists, they are nothing more than pathetic pawns of Kenya. The Ogadens are absolutely deluded they have created a bogus history for themselves. The Ogadens were nothing more than Camel thieves.

    Daroodsim is a failure it died with that pathetic Marehaan dictator.

    Ogadens are liars, cowards and failures.