Somaliland police have arrested journalist Abdimalik Muse Coldon, a well-known social media activist who has campaigned for the closure of Hargeisa cultural centers and Abaarso schools in Somaliland.

Mr. Coldon has in recent days launched a campaign against the Hargeisa Cultural Center and Abaarso School. He alleges that the Cultural Center invites same-sex marriage activists during book fairs and that Abaarso School promotes western culture and values in its syllabus.

Somaliland government officials have strongly refuted Coldon’s allegations against the mentioned institutions, and officials at the Cultural Center, and some of Somaliland’s most prominent poets and artists have dismissed Coldon’s allegations as baseless and misleading.

A video posted on social media shows Coldon being detained by a group of Somaliland police officers in Burao.

Previous governments in Somaliland have repeatedly detained the outspoken journalist for his close links with the federal government of Somalia.