By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland refugee and internal displaced agency has issued a statement in it states that more than 10 thousand families living in internal displaced camps are in dire need of drinking water in the eastern regions of the country.

Mr. Abdikarim Ahmed Mohamed “Hinif” the head of Somaliland refugee and internal displaced agency speaking to reporters said, “Due the failed rains more than 10 thousand internally families living the eastern regions of the country are unable to have access to water for drinking, for agriculture or to provide for their livestock. Therefore were have asked both local and international NGOs to attend a meeting to scale measures targeting acute needs of the affected people.

He added, “The most affected regions are Sahil, Togdheer, Saraar, Sool and Sanaag and the districts of Guumays, Fadhi-gaab, Gar-adag, Ceel-afweyn, Ulluulay, Mandheera, Wadaamo’goo, Caynaba and Oog.

Mr. Abdikarim Ahmed Mohamed “Hinif” further stated that the government is working on water and sanitation services are currently being upgraded and hygiene education is being promoted. As one of the priorities is supplying safe drinking water, the project is rehabilitating wells and distributing water filters.