Brigidier General Abdillahi Fadal ImanBy Goth Mohamed Goth

The commissioner of Somaliland Police Major General Abdullah Iman Fadal speaking to reporters during a press conference held in his office today said, “Police are holding in custody several suspects linked to a horrific murder of a young man which took place last week in near the Hargeisa River.

The Police commander said, “Law enforcements officers have arrested three suspects in our custody and we are still pursuing for the fourth suspect and we they will be arraigned in court as soon.

“The murder victim who was in twenties was ambushed and attacked by the four suspected stabbed him a couple of times Inflicted serious injuries which led to the death of the young man on Thursday evening”, he stated.

Somaliland Police Chief reassuring citizens said, “The Police force is ready to serve and fulfill their obligations day and night so the public can live in peace and stability.

In the recent past city residents especially around and within the city  have been livings in fear following frequent attacks by these muggers who prey on unsuspecting victims anytime from 6pm in the evening.

The spate of violent crime the city of Hargeisa has seen over the last couple of weeks is unconscionable and drives many residents towards anger and sadness, burglaries and robberies were commons but seeing three people killed by thugs in just one week is something unbearable. Residents have in the past highlighted the problem with authorities before but there is no will to fix it.