By Goth Mohamed Goth

A four-day training course for 50 young entrepreneurs who were the finalist in UP SHIFTING to support local youth entrepreneurial talent and connect them to the local market and beyond was concluded yesterday (Sunday) at the Hotel Ambassador.

The event wrapping the four days training course was attended by representatives of Nagaad women umbrella officials, UNICEF officials and other sponsors who are youth- enterprises Program.

Ms. Nafisa Yusuf Mohamed, the executive director of NAGAAD Women’s Umbrella Women’s speaking during the occasion gave an in-depth detail of the UP SHIFTING program which will fund startups for 50 youth both Male and Female alike.

The NAGAAD official added, “All of you have successfully made their presentations and secondly, I must admit every presentation you made was enlightening and innovative also the impact you have on the society and thirdly those who trained you are themselves have become social influencers, But you have all succeeded and the financial institutions are ready to fulfill their pledges as they promise us and we have met them in their offices. The work is in progress and I hope you shall be role models to those who will follow as already many people are watching you on the media now that you are equipped with the ideas, funds and we have seen those who are ready to invest in farms and other small business who remarkably made their presentations but don’t give up and with God’s help you shall succeed. I wish you all the best and success in your endeavors”.

Mr. Yahye Balima of UNICEF said, “I am glad to see youth who are creative and ready to come up with ideas to empower themselves and representatives of D.O.T the agency tasked with the training praised the program.

Mr. Hussein Hassan, one of the officials of Premier Bank and Hoodo Bacaluul of Dahabshiil Group, spoke on their role in financing youth.

“We are open and our job is to invest in small businesses and help them grow,” said Hoodo Bacaluul from Dahabshiil Group.

Hussein Hassan Hussein, one of the officials of the Premier Bank, said: “Every year we organize challenge/competition to fund the youth, especially young people in universities, to fund the ventures they come up with. We compete with the winning team and give them an interest-free loan, which can be repaid.