The PFM Coordination Department has organized a two-day training on Comprehensive Operating Accounting Procedures and Financial Regulations Manuals for Accountants, Admin, and Finance personnel from the public sector. The training will be conducted for two batches of 70 civil servants each.

In their opening remarks, the Deputy Minister of Finance Development Honorable Abdulkadir Mohamoud Sheikh and the Director-General Mr. Mohamed Abdi Gurhan have stressed the significance of this training in promoting transparency and accountability in the management of public finance.

The Auditor General of the state Mr. Ahmed Yusuf Dirir and the chairman of the Civil Service Commission Mr. Farhan Aden Haibe, have similarly emphasized the need for Accountants and Admin and Finance staff to retain their learning and apply in practice.

This training is aimed at setting out a standardized Financial Management system for use in government services, which is capable of producing accurate and reliable accounts free from errors and fraud.

The PFM is designed to improve the government’s capacity and systems to utilize public funds, towards meeting the National Development Plan (NDPII) goals and those of Vision 2030