The meeting of cooperation and sharing of information related to maritime issues in Somaliland which lasted for two days in Hargeisa was concluded on Tuesday.

The meeting which was opened by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Dr. Issa Kayd during analyzed ways and means of cooperation and sharing of knowledge related to the marines and its resources.

The meeting was attended by officials from the ministry’s Director General Mr. Said Ahmed Abdi, the chairman of the Anti-piracy agency Mr. Mohamed Osman and an official from the EU CUP, amongst other participants.

Mr. Said Ahmed Abdi, who closed the meeting, gave a recap of the issues pondered during the workshop and its importance for the nation.

“The sea and everything related to it is our national treasure”, he said.

He further continued, “The location of Somaliland is very strategically important and as a government, we welcome anyone who works with us on maritime issues, so that we can develop them concertedly”.

Mr. Mohamed Osman, who also made a speech at the closing of the meeting, echoed the DGs sentiments and noted that they would articulate the information acquired at the workshop and collate.

On the other hand, at the closing of the meeting, an official from the EU CUP, which organized the meeting expressed their satisfaction with the ministries and other agencies that they are cooperating on the matter.





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