Mr. Hassan Sheikh, the recently clannishly selected President of Somalia is committing an offense under United Nation’s Humanitarian law. He gravely impinges on the self-determination of the Somaliland people by relentlessly and erroneously claiming that Somaliland is a province of Somalia.
Claiming the territory of the Republic of Somaliland is also a blatant aggression against a democratic and a sovereign country, which fulfills the Montevideo international charter of December 26, 1933. At the same time, Mr. Hassan’s argument is quite similar to the familiar illegal Saddam Hussein declaration of renaming the State of Kuwait as a province of Iraq.
On July 1st, 1960 Somaliland formed a union with Somalia that union was officially named “the Somali Republic” and not “Somalia”. By continuously referring to Somaliland as a province of Somalia shows Mr. Hassan’s unfortunate and poor familiarity with the Somali Republic’s civics. Based on his claims of statesmanship, a university professorship and a PhD degree under his belt, the man should know better – he should minimally be able to correctly name and understand the history of the long gone union he elusively claims to rule.
Somaliland conducted a popular national referendum in 1991 to withdraw from the 30 year-old union with Somalia – for more than two decades and counting, Somaliland had zilch to do with Somalia. For that reason, Mr. Hassan should understand that Somaliland has never been a province of Somalia; Somaliland is not a province of Somalia and will never part of his exceedingly embarrassing and erroneous so-called Federation of Somalia. Somaliland is a different country Mr. Hassan and that is why the international community is encouraging a dialogue between the two equal entities – Somaliland and Somalia.
Mr. Hassan came into power in Mogadishu through a Stone Age style, corrupt and clannish selection system. He often forgets that he can not manage Mogadishu city let alone the whole of Somalia (former Italian colony), which he ostensibly alleges to be “under his jurisdiction”, even more pathetically the man claims the ownership of a democratic, peaceful and stabile country to the North of Somalia – Somaliland. This is a good indication that President Hassan is burying his head in the sand and is chewing something he is unable to swallow.
As a matter of fact, Somalia (the former Italian colony) has disintegrated into small tribal enclaves under Hassan’s watch. Those tribal enclaves are faultily called “states of Somalia federation” and each enclave has multiple presidents and administrations. These multiple presidents and administrations of each state maintain to have been selected democratically. Who are we to have a dispute with the self-imposed multiple state leaders, since Mr. Hassan and his team were not elected democratically but were selected in the same undemocratic way as the state leaders?
The democratically elected government of Somaliland is the only party that can legally negotiate on behalf of Somalilanders in regard to relationships with other countries. Despite Mr. Hassan and his cohort false claims, Somaliland government had nothing to do with Somalia selected- government. For that reason, Mr. Hassan with all the velour of his unrealistic, dictatorial and fascist instincts can not, out of nowhere, exhume and impose his ill-will on Somalilanders.
Mr. Hassan is preposterously following the footsteps of his predecessors including Siad Barre. He is inconsiderately trying to deceive the international community with the fake claims of being the democratically elected president of Somalia and Somaliland, while he has got no genuine authority over either Somalia or Somaliland.
Instead of trying to annex a neighboring democratic country– the Republic of Somaliland, Mr. Hassan must stick with the collection of his Air mile points, which I think is the only thing he is capable of doing with the generous international donations destined for the improvement of the lives of his impoverished Somalia citizens. Somalia’s impoverished citizens live in makeshift huts made of dirty paper boxes and no more than a stone throw away from President Hassan’s luxurious Villa Somalia. What a disparity of life styles?
Mr. Hassan is ignorant of the fact that the international community is well aware and weary of his fabrications. With his accustomed tale, his phony wide smile and with all the glitter of his white two sets of teeth, Mr. Hassan intends to fool the international community, but he cannot deceive Somalilanders, because they know , in this case, Mr. Hassan is not giving them a friendly smile but is trying to bite them. Somalilanders saw too many wolf-teeth during their union with Somalia and they have the scars to proof the consequences of believing Somalia’s misleading smiles- too late Mr. Hassan, a deceptive Somalia smile is no longer in style in Somaliland.
By Yusuf Dirir Ali,MD


  1. A lovely article thank you.

    The International community, UN, AU, EU and the USA were all represented as the observers who witnessed the Creation of the Road-Map process and oversaw it's execution through to the muuqdishu held SELECTION process in which Hassan Mahamoud was alleged to have bought 190Votes to be SELECTED as the President of the Road-Map Government.

    1. The Observers witnessed and signed the documentation of the process as it's witnesses. As such the observers are fully aware the Road-map process only involved the contribution of it's signatories namely; Puntland[Faroole], Galmudug[Caalim], ASWJ[Ibrahim Sheikh Hassan ] and TFG[Sharif Ahmed].
    2. The Road-Map signatories only represent Somalia-Italia[50% of the 1960union of 2-states]
    3. Hassan Mahamoud was Selected by and for the territory of Somalia-Italia.

    Therefore the USA Recognition of Hassan Mahamoud is merely a recognition of the Re-Independence of Somalia-Italia from the Somali-Republic. At least this is one potential way of perceiving the Legitimacy and Sovereignty of Somalia-Italia.

    Somalia-Italia is NOT a suitable default polity to represent the 1960union of 2-independent states. Allowing this to be the case will derail the 2-state dialogue process where the international community has guaranteed to support the dialogue of Somaliland & Somalia as that they may formulate a mutually beneficial future relationship.

    Recognition of Somalia-Italia's Re-independence is acceptable as such 19-Jan-2013 will mark the re-independence of Somalia-Italia and the nature and future of Dialogue between Somaliland and Somalia will continue on equal footing.


    Re-Recognize Somaliland-Republic also just as Somalia-Italia has been 19-Jan-2013 to level the playing fields of the 2-equal states.

    Road-Map government's recognition as the legitimate government of SOMALI-REPUBLIC is both an insult and damaging to the democratic future of both states. Credit will be given to a non-representative government that was intended for half the former Union and USA Saw itself fit to proclaim this HALF government with no legitimacy as the Government of the United Somali-Republic.

    If there is to be any hope of continued productive dialogue between the two governments of a the neighboring states then USA's recognition needs clarification…

    What legal basis affords a Road-Map Government designed by 50% of a dissolved UNION to be:

    – Recognized as the legitimate government of both states?
    – Recognized as the single political authority over both Territories?
    – Recognized as the single government of both population?

    Hassan Mahamoud was designed by the Road-Map for the Road-Map community and that community is only one of the states of the former UNION as such for Hassan Mahamoud to retain any legitimacy the Road-Maps political authority and territorial authority both need to be clarified by those who saw it fit to recognize a fragile 4sq km government that requires 20,000 Foreign troops to keep it alive on life support.

  2. no one denies that Hassan Sheikh Mohamud came into power through clan section. Every clan elders from all corners of Somalia Dir, Hawiya, Darood, Rahanweyn and the minority clans selected MPs to represents their clan interests and in return those MPs opted for Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as the president of the Republic of Somalia.

    Isaaq has no excuse to separate from somalia because they are well represented by Dir elders and ofcourse somalia first female foreign minister Fauzia Yusuf Haji Adan identifies herself as Dir.

  3. There is increasing indicator of diplomatic and local governance failure under of SNM administration. To hide this fact from their people they got a good reason to deceive yelling that their country is threatened by Somalia. We know SNM are ruthless enemy of Somalia and Somali people, we know that they fought from their own houses in Hargeisa in eighties using women and children as human shield, they killed, looted property, raped woman in town and villages, this criminals are now agitating war between neighboring clans for their evil gains. SNM's camel give milk when their bloodshed, b/c it enables them get good reason to still and loot poor Isaak people and use them as destructive weapon, yet isolate them till they suffer a lot….
    I would advise the president of Somalia not to waste his time with this criminala, rather he has empower Khatumo and Awdal State and many many unionists in Somalinad.

  4. Keep crying you separatists. Somalia is going to focus on empowering Awdal, Khaatumo and the majority pro unions. So keep barking for the next 20 years while the rest of Somalia is prospering. Remember, you still using the passport of the Federal Republic of Somalia, and will always use forever.

  5. There is not insult at all, rather there is argument between facts and fallacies, just and injustice. But who can convince dump who see thing through a needle hole.

  6. You are right, you are the one who stands for fallacies and injustice. I used to work in Somalia and Somaliland as a UN expat in the eighties and I'm familiar with the difference between Somalia and Somaliland. I eve sat face to face with Afweyne more than once.

    Somaliland is million years ahead of Somalia, when it comes to good governance, justice and respect of human rights.

    • @ Jack

      Look white boy why don't you put a lease on those white trash hoes causing chaos on Oxford Street? In spite of our tribal boundaries, all Somalis consider themselves One people, One Religion, One culture, One Lanuage. If delusional tribe wants to revive a dead British white trash colonial village then hey are free as long as they take their rightful tribal areas

      • That is BS. We have all kinds of colors, nationalities and religions here in London and we do not eat the meet of our citizens as you do in Mogadishu.

        You nothing in common with the Somaliland that I know. Unlike in Somalia people in Somaliland are highly civilized and better educated.

        • Learn how to spell ok,before you start insulting others.Wheres your proof how come in "somaliland" their are "terriorists" who control large parts of eastern "Somaliland".How come the "Somaliland Police" shot and killed minor kids in a peacefull protest in "Somaliland"?And why did your BS as uk goverment deter its people from travelling to "Somaliland" aka northern Somalia

        • Jack
          First of all I would like to thank you for the facts you mentioned above. Secondly I will like to apologize for the insane comments some bloggers have answered you back with.

          This southerners logic equals to insanity, their civility equals to stone age civility, their reasoning equals to my way or the highway, their fairness equals to totalitarianism, Their nationalism equals to greediness manipulation and propaganda spinning, Their understanding of government equals to favoritism of ones clan like if the government belongs to their family only. Their strenghth equals to destruction and bringing down anyone who doesn’t think the way they think, Their unity Equals to uniting in vice and selfishness, Their protocol Equals to lies and defamation, Their love for their fellow citizen equals to hate and jealousy, Their intellectuality equals to stigma defamation lies and rewriting history according to the way they might think will serve their simplistic way of spinning the truth.

          All that said you might see why it ain’t worth a second even to waste ones precious time on this kind of sanity deprived people
          This clearly shows why we somalilanders took back their country and will never ever reunite with this morally bankrupt people.

          I would end up with this advise to all my fellow somalilanders, please and please do not answer back to this lunatics as the say goes “never ague with a fool otherwise people might not notice the difference”.
          God bless somalilanders and their country.

          • It's not southerners you attempted to described.It's you' who's a tribal animal and deceitful and sorry for a woman. and you don't deserve any rebuttal. So why don't you go away like you did the last time. because you have not gain any wisdom and you still the same empty vessel you were before and no among of time is going to be good enough for you. LOL

          • You alcoholic brick how many names are you going use. and second everyone project what they are other to be. third go get sober for god's sake. because your writing is saying. this person is not Right frame of mind.

    • Jack you might use to work in the north and south of Somalia, but you should know that the person you are arguing with hails from that region. In fact, he hails also from the Isaaq tribe. Stop making yourself a fool, as if you know north-west Somalia better this person. And about having been face to face with Afweyne, so what, are you basing your argument based on that? You must be a retard if so. You should know, we know each other better than you can ever know each side. Go back to your pub pleas.

      • You are the most weakest person ever to use this website , when it comes to intellectual discussion. What I have been observing when you make comments, is that you tend to call names and throw insult here and there. How can you convene anyone about your stand and what you believe in?

        Your comments is as fake as your name sake.

  7. Jack
    Still looking things through needle hole, let me tell a legendary Somali story of a man who got blind in his adult life. The animal which this man sow in the last moment was a rabbit. Whenever people talk about size, his question was "is big enough as rabbit". You guys got blind during Siyad bare regime and that why you always compare every somali leader with him.

  8. Hi Jack,

    Please ignore these ignorant Somalians, they all PhDs in hatred . They do not know how to argue a simple case despite their claim of holding LLb. Look no further, see what comments they make on this very page.

    I two was in Somaliland and Somalia in the seventies and I can tell a Somalian from Somaliland through their gestures as soon as they start talking. Somalilanders are more composed and logical than Somalians.

  9. I wonder what the author of this crab and other Satanic National Movement (SNM) supporters would say when told they are hypocrits. If you want to secede from the Somali Republic, why are you claiming land that does not belong to the clans that supported the above mentioned Satanic movement? I wish you could get this through your thick skulls but we in Sanaag will never be part of this experiment.

  10. Well done Dr Ali.

    I could not agree more with your objective and informative description of the conniving Somalian wolves' gambit. Fortunately Somalilanders are fully aware that ruse is an archetypal characteristic of the wolves in Muqdisho; nonetheless thanks Dr Ali for exposing the crocodile tears of Hassan Gurgurato for what they really are.

  11. @truth you are right my friend not only the use the passaport they still use somalian area code which is 252 . So let them dream while it lasts!

  12. @Jack

    I want you to pay attention ok Somali people are a tribal society where everything goes through tribal elders basically tribal elders have tremendous power over their clans and have the last-word.

    The government of Somalia inherited a clan-based power sharing system called 4.5 formula where the main major clans share power equal. The Issaq clan of Somaliland are well represented by Dir tribal elders clans and ofcourse somalia first female foreign minister Fauzia Yusuf Haji Adan is from Somaliland.

    Somaliland cannot be recognized because it would bring a devastating war which isn't fair on somalia who has just found peace after 20 years of chaos.

    There are two scenarios that would instigate this war If Somaliland is recognized.

    The Former British Somaliland consisted of five clan Isaaq, Gadabuursi, Ciise, Dhulbahante and Warsangeli. The Issaq clan are the only clan out of the five clans of British Somaliland which wants to separate from somalia while the other four clans regard themselves as Somali unionist and wants to remain united with Somalia

    Then you have Puntland which shares tribal lineages with Dhulbahante and Warsangeli. Puntland has successfully annexed the eastern part of former British Somaliland AKA Maakhir.

    khaatumo state is another eastern southern part of former British somaliland which has established its own regional administration part of Somalia.

    so where is Somaliland?

  13. Dhahar, Baran, Laas Qoray and parts of Ceerigaabo is mine and Ceel Afweyn and parts of Ceerigaabo is yours. So who truly owns the region now?

  14. Self proclaim Somaliland,s sensational approach will not cure the cancer in Somalia, but it may add fuel to a fire.First. there are 5 tribes that live in north Somalia. four of them do not want to separate from Somalia while only one tribe wants to separate from Somalia.However, pleasing one tribe who wants to separate from Somalia may create fuel that many can not extinguish in the future.

    Two tribes in north somalia have blood or tribe related in Puntland, so it is important to be added All discussions to Puntland other wise the out come will be nill. that's when we got rid of Faroole.

  15. For the last 21 years, every so-called President of Somalia, have tried every way they can, to undermine Somaliland sovereignty, nothing change and Somaliland still keep on moving forward. The same is true with current President of Somalia he is trying to undermine Somaliland, but he will fail like is previous mentors.

  16. @The author

    Yusuf, you know that Makhir state, Khatumo State (borders Nugal region) and Awdal State are all inhabited by people who don’t want to dismantle Somalia. All those regions are falsely being claimed by the Somaliland regional administration. That is why we have a fighting that is raging in Sool as I write this comment. The killing that has taken place in Hudun as recently as last week is criminal.

    Yusuf, It is true that Somalia disintegrated into many feuding tribes, but today the only region that there is a tribal war in Somalia is what you call Somaliland (sic.). The two stumbling blocks that bedevil the restoration of Somalia as a nation for the last 6 years were and still are 1) Al-shabab terrorism and 2) the problem created by the die-hard separatists in northern Somalia who want to carve up Somalia into fiefdoms. Can you explain to us why the Regional Soccer Tournament in Hargeisa is indefinitely postponed? If Hassan Sheikh does not control much neither does Siilany – your fictional president who doesnot control Laba Dhagax district of Hargeisa where the locals are keeping the government sway not to use their stadium. A Somali proverb says "every tree has enough fire starter under its canopy".

    • Allemagan your barking like a stray Dog and spilling hatred. People have realised the truth your cheap lies did not work and will not work.Disguising of Khatumo and Awdal have been made by selfish people for their personal interest and that did not work as you do not have the real or basic meaning of keeping us into this Bogus Unity. We people of Somaliland we have tested the sweetness of Democracy and freedom of choice, Law and Order and we are developing ourselves and our Area in every aspects be it Education/Civic/and many more development and we have killed tribalism and built Political Parties that represent every One and it is proving in every day. so please stop spilling hatred to our beloved people of The Republic of Somaliland.

  17. Did you ever hear the word "majority rules"? I agree that there are five tribes in Somaliland, but in reality 95% of Somalilanders want their sovereign country of Somaliland. FYI unlike Somalia, in Somaliland people put country before clan affiliations and we elect our government through one man one vote and through tribal selection system.

    Its only through elections you can tell whether people want their government or not. You can not base your statistics on the number of tribes in certain area and say: " I'm against the government so my is my tribe". That is stupid and can only happen in Somalia.

    For those of you who claim that there are different tribes running different administrations, I should say where is your proof? There is no such things as Khatumo, it exists in the little brains of Ali Khalif and few other individuals in Mogadishu, I myself hail from Las Anod, I was in Las Anod two months ago and there. Khatumo has no followers there at all and Las Anod is supposedly the biggest Dhulbahante town. People there are happy with their local and central government.

    • You proof>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> is what tied you up from getting recognition for the last 20 years, what is killing your boys on daily bases in SSC land, what made your Guurti to change your fabricated constitutions, what fores to lit fire between Issa and Gadabursi in a desperate attempt to divide brother and sisterly clans. Khatumo and Awadalites exist and every Somali knows these, they are not people who move in the dark like you, they will delivering their cause to ensure that you clash big rock on your head

    • You are spreading fabrication.' Hagar Younis in Yemen' What a lie? Hagar Younis live in Sanaag and Sool. Which you are deliberately trying to exclude to enable you to support your earlier claim that these parts are'nt ours to claim. Infact there is proof that Sanaag is traditionally resided by the Isaaq and still is. You're lies will only further degrade your already none factual arguments.

  18. Most of the commentators are missing the point. This article is about Somalia and not Somaliland. Can you all base your comments on this topic? you can both agree or refute what the article is all about. But please stop drifting away from the topic. If you drift away from the topic, you will be defeating your argument and will make no sense at all.

    REMEMBER : Only losers go the easy way of posting insults and ignorant racist comments. Please do not try to go astray and cover the truth, because we all live in a global village and every little detail from your countries is on open air.

  19. Hi guys
    I have read this interestjng article and I found it exceptionally truthful and fact. Why am I saying this- I worked in Somaliland for 4 years as a teacher and I have read the history of Somaliland. I mean,the majority of inhabitants of Somaliland want remain to be an independent state even those living in Sanaag and Sool. You also need to understand that When people saying Sool and Sanaag province , these provinces are not exclusive for.non-Isaq tribes and as an outsider. Even if UN asks people to vote for thier independence, they will unanimously vote for independent country.

  20. First to all the Isaaqs, who are against this BS called Somaliland, from the bottom of my heart thank you.

    See when others say some against them they tend to go sour and insult people, Typically the first think they say is, Darood this Darood that, which is sad because there are a lot people who are unionist but not Darood. I use to let that bother me as novice to this site and its Darood haters, which lead me in anger to say some hate full things to Isaaqs (well really intended for secessionist). After awhile I realized something this was a trap, they want you to say such things, and that is why they insult you first then cry about after, then they proclaim you a Isaaq hater. At first wonder why this is, why insult others and then write article asking other to reframe from such things, then it hit me. It is a way for them create clan animosities online, see if people are busy insulting each other, then there is less focus on their BS articles. Which leads me to ask, why isn't this site offering a complete and fair balanced opinions from SomaliLand as a news website instead of a mouth piece for the secessionist and Somaliland Government, or should I say the crooks.

    If a Somalilander stood in then center of H-town and said to hell with SomaliLand he/she would be arrested and jail with out charge, yet on here you have a website, who claims to represent the people of SomaliLand. Yet all articles are one sided and if by miracle they do let some one else speak, it usually tends to be, people who are just as extreme in their bias like them, thus keeping the mood the same, they hate us, we hate them. which only goes to serve the secessionist and their crooked agenda.

    They preach and talk about democracy, justice, freedom of speech, self determination and etc. Yet the only thing they do is deny others what they are asking for and apparently stand, which is BS. Which brings to the conclusion that the only thing free about this site the free for all at the comment section.

    Now in regards to this article, the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia is acting according to the wishes of the people, the secessionist, do not speak for the Federal state of Somalia in the North west, they are just temporally occupying the region, they will be ousted by the people once they see what they have been offered. Which is in the Federal Somalia they can run their own regional affairs and share some power with Federal Government 50/50. Their are many who hail from SomaliLand region who are in the Government, all clans of the north west have been given true representation, in a fair and proportionate way unlike the secessionist occupiers. Who wish to deceive the world and all the people of the region. Which brings me back, if the President of Somalia says you are part Somalia and the Constitution that was written under the watchful eyes of the UN says that Somalia's territory is from the Aden to Kenya, from Ethiopia to the Indian ocean. If you have no IC recognition , if Britain who you have been running after all this time has said no, we don't recognize you. Then wouldn't you suffice that your part of Somalia and the only people who are in denial about this, are the SomaliLand pretend Government and the secessionist crowd.

    SomaliLand ceased to exist when the Somali Republic was created, so did Italian SomaliLnd. The Federal Republic Somalia shall be built right over it. The Somali people and the IC are in agreement and the only ones who are in denial and gonna lose out are the crooked pretend Government of SomaliLand and secessionist. cheering crowd, who do not not represent the region as whole, but only the self hating Somalis and crooks who stand to gain something in the the demise of the territoriality integrity of The Federal Republic of Somalia.

  21. @ Gee
    Don't blame the Issaq Clan, blame the Secessionist in among them, who wish to hijack a whole territory for themselves. They Do not represent the Isaaq clan or any other, they only represent their selfish interest of being at the top of the food chain, in that region.

    @ Buuxiye why is it when you seccesionist are slap in the face by some of the IC top players, you start to talk like an idiot, what right do you or your pathetic unrecognized pretend government have to ask any Formal Governmets of the IC questions. If the The USA have ignored you in recognizing the Federal Republic of Somalia and if the Brits are tell their citizens to leave SomaliLand, why is it hard for you to understand the meaning. You and your pretend government are not legitimate and the only reason why they have said so bluntly is to create the least amount of problems for themselves in the the future just in case things go south, the art diplomacy should not be too hard understand by a self proclaimed Somalland intellect.

  22. My God, Someone has to say enough is enough to these lose cannons, who have one thing in common. They want Somaliland to be reunited with Somalia, but they never come up with single enticing argument. How can they be wanting to unite with Somaliland and turn to insult Somalilanders? This is why Somalilanders want us to go to hell, because we are good for nothing losers, who are good in nothing but hypocrisy. I now hate to be from Somalia, because of you devilish people.

    I live in Mogadishu and I wish all the best for my brothers and sisters in Somaliland. They have the right to join or leave the failed union, it is up to them and not to no one else.

    I do not understand why this people are also claiming the Juba region. Don't they understand that no one can steal someone Else's land? I think Somalia will explode in civil war and this time question of the land deputes will be brought an end. It is going to be Darood vs rest of Somalia.

    • There are basics facts for that

      1. Trading on the names of people and land that does not belong to you
      2. Behaving like camels boys in this civilized world, even you don't know how to claim separation
      3.Being self decorated
      4.Worship of the word Somaliland….
      5.Enormous hate for Somalis, Darood, Faqash, Wanlawayn, dead horse etc are the term used in yar insults……..

  23. My God, Someone has to say enough is enough to these lose cannons, who have one thing in common. They want Somaliland to be reunited with Somalia, but they never come up with single enticing argument. How can they be wanting to unite with Somaliland and turn to insult Somalilanders? This is why Somalilanders want us to go to hell, because we are good for nothing losers, who are good in nothing but hypocrisy. I now hate to be from Somalia, because of you devilish people.

    I live in Mogadishu and I wish all the best for my brothers and sisters in Somaliland. They have the right to join or leave the failed union, it is up to them and not to no one else.

    I do not understand why this people are also claiming the Juba region. Don't they understand that no one can steal someone Else's land? I think Somalia will explode in civil war and this time question of the land deputes will be brought an end. It is going to be Darood vs rest of Somalia.

    • afxaaran.

      I think you need to talk your cousin buxiyes, because you have alot similarity mental problem. Darood is ALPHA male of the family always been that way. Puntland+Jubbaland+eastren sool and sanaag+70% reserve area+80% NFD all belongs to them. they are masters, now go hid your head on the wall.

  24. tellmetruth,

    You got it right brother; our objective should always be to refute the separatis' lies and the misinformation. Let us just negate their hollow arguments and leave the hating and the insulting for them. Nothing irks separatists more than showing how fallacious is their argument and reasoning and they become sour when you do not engage them in clan politics.

    By the way, how come we have Britons who know Somali politics so intimate to use words like "Afwayne"?. Did every separatist changed his/her name to English names such as Rob, Jack, Gregory and William from the date the British Government stated that it does not recognized tribal government in Somalia?. Where are the die-hard separatists who do usually frequent this blog like Osman Qaal, Mohamed Cheers, Omer Hussein Du’ale/Hargeisawi and Gobad. May be the separatists are signalling that as former subjects of Great Britain, they are prepared now to even abandon their Muslim names only if UK will recognize their fictional country. We badly need Kayse to explain why we are all of a sudden arguing with folks from Leeds, Manchest, London and Glasgow.

  25. Allemegan,

    Now you think Allah is Daarood HHHAAAAAA… Darood folks, that is what I call hopelessness. Haven't you Dhulbahantes drinking hard liquor in Taalex, when your master Afweyne was in-charge? Look guys may be you can fool the Somalilanders, but you can not fool me, I was born and breed in Mogadishu and I remeber the days when Dafle was the head of the NSS. Sorry, those days are over and Hawiye is your boss. Put your heads down, when I am around or I will take you back to the ex-fiyooraha. Any memories, losers?

  26. What is the cure for mistrust? there are no easy answers, but why can we not forgive each other and move on? Tutsis have forgiven Hutus in Rwanda. We all suffered during the civil war, Hawiye, Daarood, Isaaq. I Cannot thank enough for Isaaq family that saved my life in 1991, I lived with my family in Mareerey, Jilib a Southern Town. The town had a sugar factory that most of the people worked. In March 1991 the Mooriyaan led by Aided defeated SPM and soon we found ourselves under the occupation of USC, We all fled, some to the bush others were killed. Some surrendered, but luckily the invading rebels were busy looting the sugar factory so we had a chance to flee. I and my brother asked ride and safety for Isaaq family. They knew we were Daarood' but never the less gave us safety. The reason why i am telling the story is that we are all Somalis, we share culture and we feel for one another. If anyone is to vote for Somaliland to be independent country i would be the first' but again its complicated.

    • Buuxiye may be biixi, the truth is already there, President of Somali Republic made his stand clear! "Somalia has 18 provinces".

  27. One thing i know is that some individual tribes are against everything to do with Somaliland out of jealousy,they don,t love us to unite with them because they wants us, they just simply don,t like the progress that Somaliland achieved for the last 21 years from zero to top let's live peacefully side by side.

  28. Listen Daroods everywhere, you must accept that you are history. If not , that means you did not learn your lesson. Its OK we will repeat the 1991 lessons once more. Stop talking nonsense on the air and come to Mogadishu, the classrooms are ready for you, please don't forget to bring your angry women this time they too need to have good time in Lido.

      • kkkkk, that is right sahra. just ignored this is another moryaan or pretending moryaan.

        @Afraxan, i rather go raskanbooni clean beaches instead of moryan infested lido dirty beaches.hahahaha somalia is changed now.

  29. I am from Gadabuursi and majority of my tribe are support the republic of Somaliland in Somaliland we have loin cut in power sharing, but in Mogadisho only one minister at the vulnerable ministry so we sees the Somali unity as hell