Somaliland has bowed to a lot of diplomatic pressure exerted by the US ambassador to Somalia, which involves a controversial issue allowing the movement of people between Somaliland and Somalia.

The issue has been turned down  by Somaliland delegation attending Djibouti talks.

Ambassador Donald Yamamoto has made a phone call to President of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi in which he pressurized on accepting the inclusion of a problematic article on free movement of people between Somaliland and Somalia including politicians hailing from Somaliland but are stationed in Mogadishu.

President Bihi has refused the envoy’s demands from the outset.

A communique issued by the foreign affairs ministry of Djibouti cited that the two sides agreed upon the permitting of movement of people for non-political purposes.

According to the communique, it is stated that the two sides have agreed on not to impede non-political, social engagement (cultural, academic, sports, and trade) in a bid to enhance peace and the talks between the two sides