The Day of The African Child was this week  commeramorated  under the theme of Eliminating Harmful Practices Affecting Children: Progress on Policy and Practice.

The Somaliland Ministry of Employment, labor and Social Affairs led the way in marking nternational African Child Day.

Mr. Abdirahishid , the Director General in the Ministry of Employment, labor and Social Affairs speaking during the occasion said , “The Day of The African Child  reflect on the situation of children in Africa and that of the Republic of Somaliland and examine strategies for continuing to improve their education and accessibility of all child right.

He added, ” This year, we have made a progress on finalizing bills and policies that will protect the children’s rights when we secure the approval from the concerned government institutions: the Public, the Parliament, and the cabinet.

✤ The Child Protection Bill has been passed by the House of Representatives and is on the business agenda of the House of Elders – expecting its approval.

✤ The Rights of People with Disability bill has been submitted to the cabinet for approval – a bill that will also protect the rights of children with determination including the deaf and physically disabled children.

✤ The Social Protection Policy that will establish Child Sensitive Social floors/Schemes has been drafted and is on the way to the cabinet.

✤ The FGM Policy that will also eliminate the Harmful practices of Female Genital Mutilation has been submitted to the cabinet.

✤ The council of ministers has passed FREE Education for all Disabled people including children at all levels.

✤ The Child Protection Policy, Alternative Care Policy, Juvenile Justice Act, and the Labour Law that prohibits child Labour are in place.

Apart from the progress made, our children are still facing many challenges – all stakeholders must work together to achieve the national and continental agendas for the protection of our children.