The electioneering process of political organizations joining the stage for competitive votes has entered the second phase of the stages stipulated in the constitution of political organizations’ establishment and subsequent metamorphosis to mature into official political parties.

This is an exercise regulated every ten years and a trademark of Somaliland homegrown political system.

The new political organizations are in the middle of a busy week of sorting out their foundation and structure, and in the city of Hargeisa and some of the capitals of the regions of the country, the congresses of the organizations that are struggling to participate in the elections are going on with enthusiasm.

The initial stage is the one of registering the organizations, building their structures and cementing them in a solidified manner by holding general meetings to earn the support of the populace through the delegates’ representation system.

Law No. 14/2011, article 5, paragraph 3, letter B,  states that during the period of operation of six months before the election, they must provide evidence showing where each organization has held its congress, its structure, its rules and other articles.

All fifteen political organizations have held their congresses, prior Sunday the 18th of September 2022 to beat the deadline set.

The Waberi, Kaah, Rejo, Talo-Wadaag, Hilaa’, Barwaaqo, Dal-Jir, Ogaal, Ubah, Horseed, Galool, SPP, Miisaan, Iftin & Mideeye. All of them held their GMs in the country’s capital, Hargeisa, attended by the Committee for the registration and verification of political organizations who were observing the adherence of the constitution to the letter.

On the other hand, the organization’s registration and classification committee, which released a brief statement late Wednesday afternoon, announced the deadline for organizing the organization’s congresses.

This news was published on the committee’s website on Facebook, signed by their spokesperson Mr. Mukhtar Abdi Jama, noting that Sunday, September 18, 2022 as the deadline time for holding general meetings.

They underscored the fact that there will thence be a ten-day period for the phase of submissions of the 1000 compulsory voters endorsements from each of the 6 main regions.

“it is after thus that the committee’s verification work will be ended by forwarding the needful to the national electoral commission,” concluded the spokesman of the committee.