By M.A. Egge

Somaliland’s political parties, UCID, KULMIYE and WADDANI, held a tripartite meeting in Hargeisa, and the meeting discussed the issues of preparation for the elections and how all stakeholders could have the same view on the ongoing activities and the draft items that need to be completed.

The meeting was attended by most of the leaders and officials from the three parties led by the Chairman of the KULMIYE Party, who is the Minister of Internal Affairs Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, Chairman of the UCID Party Eng. Faisal Ali Warabe and Deputy Chairman of WADDANI party.

UCID party chairman Eng. Faisal Ali Warabe, who shared the points they discussed with the media, said that they agreed that the interests of the nation should be taken care of, that free and fair elections should be held, and that any disagreements that arise should not be discussed in the media.

He said. “We have agreed to have a united front for the common good and interest of the nation, to have a smoothly clean, free and fair election, avoid conflicts and any disagreements that arise should not be passed on to the media but addressed through a standing ethical committee such that the populaces may not be divided or polarized”.

He noted that they have had the understandings that hate speeches or malice should not be disseminated but they urged for sobriety.

In the same breath, the UCID chair said that the message they had for the nation was that conflicting and thorny differences has been addressed and put and set aside and that they have joined hands to pave for the best way forward.