Hargeisa, 2 July 2009  – Amazing it is how some of the websites talk about the refusal of Somaliland government to participate at the so-called Washington meeting. It is also clear that most of those websites misunderstood or are just misguided by the declaration of Mr Donald Payne about Somaliland refusal. But my reaction and I believe most of the reactions of all Somaliland lovers are moments of joys and happiness. Yes, we are all proud of our government. Let me explain myself.

The other day I was reading an article written by our honorable Mr. Dalmar kaahin and I remember one the quotation of Mr. Kaahin which says: “And because the hearing is convened in Washington doesn’t mean Somaliland will jump on the wagon to join the meeting.” This is absolutely right. Somaliland came because of the will of its people and we will not surrender our hardly gained freedom because an American congressman invited us to reconcile with the south.

The Somaliland government did the right thing by refusing to participate in this meeting, and our government was just doing his job because it was elected to protect the interest of the Somaliland people and it is not in our interest to lower ourselves and surrender our will because a “congressman” says so. Somaliland answers only to God and to its own people.

It is also clear that Mr. Payne was upset when he said: “If they (Somaliland) want to be isolated I will do all I can to isolate them”.

Too many questions arise here:

Is it the meeting really held in Washington? The United States?

The symbol of the free world? It is true that Mr. Payne represent the voice of the United States government?

How dare a United States congressman is talking about suppressing the will of a given people by “isolating them”?

More questions are asked and more answers come out. Let me try to give an honest picture of what is going on here.

It is clear that the United States will not recognize Somaliland as long as the USA interest is to satisfy the Arab world specially Egypt (Which is the most furious opponent of Somaliland sovereignty) for different economic and political reasons. But this will not discourage us because the feeling of freedom and the notion of statehood are something that the Somaliland people are enjoying for 19 years and only God can remove this will.
We all know that the so called International communities are self interest so do the Somaliland people too.

However in order to fulfill its own interest somebody has to be realistic, the international community has to be realistic, Mr. Payne need to be realistic. How long it will take to the international community to understand that the key for Somalia stability is in Somaliland? How many more billions of dollars they will be wasting for a factious government (TFG) before they realize that they are wrong? The first thing that I leaned in Political Science at the university it that: “Politics is the art of the possible”. Somaliland is not a Possibility, it is a Reality. So if the international community needs to stabilize Somalia they need to see the only reality this region, Somaliland.

Some people (especially Somaliland enemies) believe that the key to Somaliland destruction is to not recognize it internationally but they forgot that Somaliland people survived 19 years of isolation and ignorance of the international community; can Mr. Payne do more than that? I really doubt.

And then what was this meeting all about? What were the purposes and results of this meeting? The answer of this question is nothing, absolutely nothing. It was just a mean for Mr. Payne to show to the congress that he is doing some progress on the Somali nightmare.

This meeting was Mr. Payne’s meeting not the United States government. And we can understand Mr. Payne frustration because he did not realize his personal wishes.

I will advise to Mr. Payne to go back and read the history of the Somaliland people then understand the psychology and what is going on inside the mind of a hard working Somaliland patriot, you may me chocked, probably you will hate him but you will never underestimate him.

God bless the land of my fathers, Somaliland.

Jibril Y. Omar
Kabul, Afghanistan

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  1. abdi you words show the heart of someone full of hate and unhappiness….allah said for "someone to have the best in life,… you must also want the same for a muslim bother first.

    Jibril Y. Omar….mashallah bother you represent the millions of educated somalilanders around the world…but dont you worry bother, Im currently in london about to complete my Ph.D. If you see what im seeing everyday you would want to cry…there are somaliland bother and sister (by the thousand's) finishing their Ph.D's and Masters….its only a question of time when we penetrate congress meetings with our own congressman….penetrate hospitals with our own doctors, Only a question of time when we influence the International communities because we are deeply embedded in it. Inshallah

  2. There is Somaliland flag next my bed and when look at that Green, black, white red and shahadah in white script waving up there, my heart swells near to burting, tears froms in my eye from thinking of all that it it represents. Sacrifice, Freedom, Glory and Tradition. Mr. Payne, for this land and its people the greatest on earth is the land that we love and all its inhabitants will never surrender to a self interest serving individual like you who has no clue nor understands history of Somali and Somaliland people.

  3. Hey Abid,

    Why is every comment you post about Somaliland is like this, "Somaliland doesn't exist…laa laa lalaa laa…Somaliland is fake..laa laa lalaa laa…"

    Every time you I read your comments you remind the little fat kid in my neighborhood when I was a kid. He rejected everything other kids had or said because deep down little fatty was the least confident kid in the village…and today as grown up man he is still lacks confident…his wife runs the show.

    Criticism is appreciated. If you want to tear Somaliland down and explain what it is doing wrong that is fine. If you oppose its independence respectively, that is fine too.

    But childish behavior really damages your credibility. In fact, when people read your comments, they would say, “Is this what the so-called Somali unionist are all about”.

    For love go God, if that is how they speak, we don’t want to have anything to do with them.

    In a nutshell, your comments defeat your purpose so nicely.

  4. Brother Jamal,

    Good to know many brother and sisters from Somaliland are going well in schools in England.

  5. My bother ciro

    In the past there has been generalization of all the somali boys and girl, changing their ways, like using durgs and drinking. But Only Allah can see me today, when i say 65.000 students are compeleting their education every semester (half a year in university's) currently in the UK and around 15.000 are somaliladers…and you could only imagine the numbers are around the world, subhanallah….it's only a question of time, when we have to be respacted and listened to.

  6. Thanks Mr. Jibril Omar, you have hit the nerve of truth with your Article, Mr. Payne, do not represent US government and for that matter not even US house of representative. His decsion alone has no bidding what so ever, with out full house vote which will be unlikely.

    If what is written about what he said regarding Somaliland is true, Iam really sorrow for the guy, how in the world a US congressman of African American background, whose his own people were mistreat and Isolated for centuries by racist policies of USA, will even think this way is beyond me.
    But, one thing is for sure, whether those who hate Somaliland like it or not, Somaliland is here to stay.
    Long live Somaliland and it's people forever Amin!!!

  7. My brothas and sistas.. this Pain guy is really desperate. As som of the experts tell the US to give up on this Tfg. this is his last gasp of air. He is powerless, so he has to be angry.

  8. I would like to remain these hatefull people that Somaliland people will never let other July massacres happen. we will member July 17 massacres this month.

  9. Do the so-called Somalilanders honestly believe that there can be a country called Somaliland?.
    What you like to call Somaliland is comprised of five tribes. Of those five, only one of them is advocating for this project and the other four are not interested in it but are waiting for the rest of Somalia to emerge from the civil war and stand once again on its feet.

  10. Mr.Payne is still smarting over the fact that A-Shabab tried to bring down his plane on a recent visit to Mogadishu..Isolate this!!! As for Abdi, he lives in cloud cuckoo land.."waiting for the rest of Somalia to emerge from civil war", Abdi, it is not going to happen for another generation.

  11. Mr Payne just wants to use Somaliland forces to go kill innocent women and children in Mogadishu in the name of "fighting terrorism and piracy" – we refused.

    Now lets not go on about it guys we made our statement, Mr Payne isn't interested in "Somalia" as many already think, he wants "Northern states to send forces" to masscare woman and children in Mogadishu with the help of their "4 ton military supplies" and the backing of Ethiopian and Kenyan forces.

    Djibouti already fall for his trick and is thinking of sending forces, Puntland state is allocating 1000 – Somaliland said no, there is no reason why we should do the dirty job for Mr Payne and Nairobi. Kenya has over 400 000 active forces, but it doesnt want to go in, they want to get paid from the United States, and use forces from Somaliland, Puntland region, Djibouti and Ethiopia to go do the dirty job.

    Somaliland is smart, it said no.

  12. I just want to point one thing here, i know some of you guys mentioning your education level which doesn't mean any thing to most of us, but what you do with especially if you use in the community of somaliland then it will translate a win. Somaliland know what is wright and wrong and we do not need higher education for that. one thing for we all sure is we'll not be part of somalia in this world. myself i have 4th grade education but i'm wise man and wise man alway know what is wright.