Somaliland: press Release Urgent Emergency Humanitarian Assistant
The Vice President
To: All International Agancies And Organizations

Since The Year Of 2007. The “Dayr” and “Gu” rains in Somaliland were below normal rainfall (Deyr 07/08, Gu 08, and Deyr 08/09) and this year’s “Gu” was poor.

As a result, poor pasture, scarcity of water, food and waakened human animal health were experienced. Reports coming from pastoralists are predicting a serious, but looming famine.

According to fewnsnet. The cumulative effects of drought have resulted in a decline in reproduction rates and re-stocking for all species. Moreover, due to poor livestock body conditions, the number of saleable animals in local markets has been declining. It is predicted that the export figures for the current year could drop further. The drought also affects a significant number of urban households whose income and food source are strongly linked to livestock marketing and trade.

The livelihoods of pastoralists are further aggravated by severe food shortages caused by global food inflation and by continuing locust invasions to vegetations where short rains were reported during the “Gu” season of this year.
All the six regions of Somaliland are affected by the drought, and 40% of the estimated populations of 3.5 Millin of Somaliland are affected. That equals to 1.4 million people.

Given the worsening livelihood situation, as well as the deteriorating human and animal health as a result of food shortages, water and lack of fodder for animals, predictions for serious humanitarian catastrophe seem to be imminent that require to be averted.

The government of Somaliland, therefore, appeals to the international community for urgent emergency livelihood assistance to avert severe food shortages and hunger. Moreover, assistance and support to urgent water trucking, rehabilitation of boreholes as well as rehabilitation and distilling of boreholes and dams, and the supplies of necessary medications for affected human and livestock populations will be paramount to avoid break-outs of disease epidemics. Nutritional support to the weak and sick will be also necessary.

The situation is unusual and, therefore, requires quick, rapid, and unusual responses from the international community to deliver humanitarian assistance and supplies.

H.E. Ahmed Yusuf Yassin
Vice President of the Republic of Somaliland and
Chairperson of the National Disaster Management Committee.



  1. The Somaliland community in North America should be concern about this emergency issue and do something about it. Just like they are concerned about the upcoming presidential election.

  2. We should also try to relay on our people. Not only external funds can heal the wounds but as long as we do it for ourselves others will be interested to help.

  3. The climate change is real and its causing more devastations than earlier predicted, I think the rich nations who created all the pollutions and changes to the environment need to reach out for the poor nations like Somaliland.

  4. We should get all the info and pass on with our representatives, local press, charities, ngo's, etc, wherever the people of Somaliland live.

  5. Somaliland Diasporas must mobilize themselves whatever organisations exist in your cities, towns and regions need to mobilise, every dollar can do something, lets get water and food for these nomadic societies, $1 can get 1 litre of water and that will go long way.

    There are at least 1 million Somalilanders living abroad, if every person donates $1, for those of witha family of say 5 donate $5, then we good to go, we need to establish Somaliland Disaster Appeal Organisation (SDAO), who can channel these charities and also organise the fundraising events world wide.

    We don't need Somaliland Forum or Somaliland Europe Society, we need to establish one united organisation for disaster appeals. Good Zakat as Muslims.

  6. That is exactly why we need a change in leadership so we can get a president and ministers who actually care to the extent they mobolise the large Somaliland diaspora like we did back when the SNM fought against Somalia. This current administration is too corrupt to do anything beneficial and it is not until we the people replace it with one that has the people's best interest at heart. Until then expect all to remain the same.

  7. Who ever is the leader at any time will be blamed but I say your country needs you. People choose leaders and so they should also make the decision to help themselves and their own people in time of need. Somali people need to adopt a different approach to politics. People are the government and so our leaders are what we have? I say move with the times and get everyone to contact their nearest family in Somaliland and send as much money as they can at these difficult times. We have a perfect system of giving to our families who then use the money to solve immediate problems. However longterm goals can be planned by government and any other agencies. Two solutions will inshallah support our people.