They vehemently scoffed at falsities peddled and cautioned individuals, politicians and the media fraternity who indulged in it

By M.A Egge

The armed forces have sternly warned the perpetuating and spreading of lies and malice against the security forces by any individual or institutions.

The strong warning was contained in a press circular read to the media warned the members of the public, politicians and the media against spreading false reports against the integrity of the security forces.

The armed forces of the Republic of Somaliland have strongly responded to the recent emergence of false news that has been spread against the security forces, and warned the opposition parties and politicians, whom they said have made it a habit of perpetuating disconcerting falsehoods against the different arms of the security forces.

The Deputy Head of Foreign Relations of the National Armed Forces  Colonel Niman Yusuf Gahanuug, and the Communications Commander of the Police Department, Mohamed Farah Noor, who spoke to the media yesterday noted that the news spread in the media and some social media were grossly false and malicious hence detrimental to the impeccable general image of the armed forces.

The commanders took seriously dissemination of lies, which insinuate that there was discontent factions in the military, something that is utterly false, baseless and completely without foundation but meant to tarnish the name and image of the security forces.

Colonel Nim’an Yusuf Gahanuug read a press release vehemently denying the reports that were maliciously disseminated against the integrity of the National Forces.

It read:-

“The armed forces are the backbone of the existence of the nation of the Republic of Somaliland. We stand at all times and in every place to perform our constitutional duties, which are not dependent on the seasonal times or hour, day or night, but at all times.

“All the forces of the Republic of Somaliland obey the laws of the country. The constitution enshrines their rights of security without undue interference, hence it is forbidden for politicians and social groups to interfere in the affairs of the various security apparatus forces, because they are independent from political affairs, and stand for the defense and protection of the law.

“The General Commands of the Armed Forces of Somaliland notifies and assures the people of Somaliland that there is no member of the Army that has gone to another place or a group that has gathered in a particular place, and that the news that has been spread in the media and some social media platforms are blatant lies and a serious crime that is out to tarnish the reputation of the Armed Forces, which is against the laws of the armed forces.

“We hereby assure the nation of Somaliland that all members of the Armed Forces of Somaliland are in their official stations fulfilling their duty to defend the honor of their country and their people and to protect the law of the Republic of Somaliland.

“In recent times, politicians and members of the public have been interfering in the affairs of the National security Forces in an unethical and illegal manner by spreading false and imaginary news on Facebook and Twitter which against the honor of the national army; and by thus,  all the media inside the country and outside, the politicians and social sectors of Somaliland are hereby strongly cautioned and warned to desist from such tendency forthwith and perpetuating lies against the security forces.

“Any individual or media outlet that indulges in this crime against any arm of the country’s security forces will be dealt with according to the law.

“The military is intact with integrity, all servicemen and personnel are at their due stations on the stand-by, with high morale and have wisdom and patriotism hence cannot be swayed by internal or external subversive distractors”.