Gabiley, 18 Jul 2009 (Somalilandpress) — Some 17 army trucks and their soldiers rolled into Elbardale farmlands on Thursday, shifted out of Sool region to help restore security following last week’s violent clashes that left five dead and three wounded after a farmland dispute sparked a fresh feud between two rivalry clans in the Gabiley region.

The latest clashes between the Hared and Mohamud Nur clans is the fourth time armed conflict has broken out in the region in the past six months. Both clans claim ownership of the land and efforts to resolve the crisis have failed in the past but now the government plans to establish a military post in the region.
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Along with the 17 trucks from Sool, the government also moved army divisions from Burao to Gabiley and Awdal regions as reinforcement as well as fresh police to work alongside the military.

In a related development, Rayale also fired his commerce minister, Mr Osman Qasim Qodah and the minister of the Presidency, Mr Amin Nur Ismael – after they disagreed on the Elbardale conflict.

The government also arrested Radio Horyaal journalists Mohamed Osman Mire and Ahmed Saleban Dhuhul, and has closed Horn Cable TV (HCTV) over their reports on Elbardale on orders from attorney general. The authority accuses both private media of stirring up the rift.

Many accuse the president of fueling the unrests during pre-election period so election can be postponed again for the third time – Somaliland is poised to hold presidential elections on September 27.

Mediation efforts to resolve the conflict through diplomatic channels are also underway both in Awdal and Gabiley region.

Meanwhile, Somaliland elders, religion leaders, Diaspora communities, opposition parties and the government have all called for calm and both sides to break a ceasefire. Tribal disputes are common among Somalis even in Somaliland.

Source: Somalilandpress


  1. This is Rayale strategy to start a fresh conflict in the West, those men should be in Sool but no Rayale wants to stir up new things, this guy needs to go he is over staying and over using the power. I had enough of him.

  2. I wouldnt trust Rayale with the army, maybe he is moving all the reer Awdal soldiers in Sool back to Awdal with the Somaliland army equipment, you never know those people are snakes.

  3. I hope this is a temperary move since Somaliland armed forces are more needed in trouble border with pugland of Somalia, than in Gabiley.

  4. This is it. Riyaale is definitely up to no good, why else would he not implement the Guurti decision in the Eelbaradle conflict, the guurti have spoken and rendered a valid verdict and all he needs to do is implement the guurti decision thats all. Vacating Sool to Majeerteenia forces is a sinister move on the part of Riyaale so they can re-take Laasanod. Somaliland army is big enough to use in both fronts so why is Riyaale moving the army units from Sool to Eelbaradle when there are no clan fighting big enough to require the army intervention, something is not right about this and with the sacking of the minister from Gabiley by Riyale I suspect he is cooking a bad meal to postpone the elections and stay president for life but believe me he is mistaking and the people are tired of his NSS ass