Somaliland has boycotted Somalia elections and asserted independence a few days after meeting between Somali federal and regional leaders declared an end to a long-standing dispute over key electoral aspects.

In a statement issued on Monday, the Somaliland Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the world should know that it was not part of elections scheduled to happen in war-torn Somalia.

“The Somaliland government informs the United Nations, the African Union, the EU and the international community in general that the Republic of Somaliland is an independent nation which is not part of the elections of the fragile administration in Somalia,” statement reads

It further added that Somaliland regained its independence in May 1991 and that it is still a sovereign nation 30 years on, which holds its own elections, giving citizens an opportunity to elect politicians serving highest ranks in the national executive and legislative branches.

“Therefore, Somaliland warns Somalia government and the country’s politicians to desist unrealistic sovereignty claims aimed to sway public opinion.”

Somaliland government told its citizens to raise vigilance over “plots by the enemy of the republic” and take a unified and firm stance against anyone that transgresses the country’s sovereignty.