This in Order to avoid ‘unconstitutional’ extension

By Hassan Ali

The Representatives of International Donors based in Nairobi are said to have written a letter to H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) in which they call on him to assign a scheduled date in which the voter/citizen registration process will begin so as to put in place a robust and effective voter/citizen registration system to guarantee the integrity of each and every vote in the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections.

According to Somali language Newspaper Geeska Africa had obtained through reliable sources reports stating that International community had in the letter to President Silanyo raised earlier concerns over the scheduled date for voter/citizen registration process which was expected to begin in the middle of 2014 or early 2015 so as to put in place effective preparations for the upcoming elections and in order to conducted them in a free, fair and secure manner, in accordance with International standards.

International donors in their letter to President Silanyo are said to have stated it would be almost impossible to hold elections on time in due to lack of any preparation by the current government and the present time limitation for elections to take place considering and the stretched table of the international community which is expected to play a vital role in preparing providing financial and technical support is crucial to the in any peaceful elections for the first democratic elections in Somalia which is due in 2016. 

The Somaliland Government has allocated only 25% of the overall expenses needed while the remainder 75% will be funded by the International community which remains committed supporting Somaliland democratization process.

President Silanyo response to the international community is yet known. Opposition parties have been raising their concerns in the past regarding the election schedule agreed upon by all political parties and the National Election Commission.



  1. When we have understanding, we remember what inspired us. Inspiration then gives us momentum – it is our energy. What is inspires Siilaanyo and his administration is money. Man money making is their energy, and thier wallets are not yet full of money.This is why Siilaanyo is unable to give a definite date for the presidential election. However opposition parties have zero tolerance for any excuses to extend Siilaany's term.

  2. At least it is better to have a someone with money rather than having with someone whose motive is only to steal and run away.

  3. Silanyo is eager and ready to pass the torch on when the time comes, but he has a immerse concern worth not to discount it of which who'll fit in his shoes to be the next leader of the modern Somaliland ? that's the question we should be asking ourselves as well.

    The way it looks, no one has been groomed up to become a presidential contender in the next elections among the opposition leaders thus far.
    Perhaps we should blame Silanyo on the gross incompetence of the official oppositions.
    Oh, what the heck? we said Silanyo had something to do with the recent locust infestation, women miscarriages, delayed rain season etc.

    • LOL honestly you made me laugh. Silaanyo is responsible for women miscarriage. You are right people blame the president for everything but when it comes to the truth we all know that he is a great leader and a hero who we are all proud of. I think president Silaanyo is the most popular and respected leader in Somaliland with gratitude and respect to all our current and previous leaders.

    • I personally think that Pro Ismail Smatar is perfect for that role. he is highly educated, has great vision, amazing character and most of all younger than Ciiiro who might be wanting to be a president.! if he candidates himself i will be the first to support him. GOD Bless