Somcable Fiber-optic 20 year telecommunications monopoly is curtailed


The 20 years Somcable quota to distribute fiber-optic internet service has just had their monopoly curtailed.

Following a parliamentary amendment whose motion was reportedly tabled by 20 MPs, the Telecommunication Law No 50/2011 was re-aligned to meet the statutory constitution of free market enterprises.

The article gave the Somcable the sole monopoly to import and distribute fiber-optic telecommunication services for a period of 20 years in the country way back in 2011.

The contentious clause has now been amended to allow competition in the sector whose viability would be beneficial to the populace since it would aid in ebbing further the internet and associated telecommunication costs within Somaliland.

The move has seen the giant telecommunications company in the country, Telesom, Somtel and Golis released separate press statements shortly after the amendment was made yesterday.s

The institutions hailed the President of the country and Telecommunications Technology Minister for having seen to it that the constitution of the land is aligned in its adherence, impetus to investiture made and the further technological advancements in the sector is made.

We were further privy to a joint statement from the so-called Somaliland Association of Telecommunication Operators (SATO) who welcomed the move terming it timely in a free market scenario.

Signed by Eng. Ahmed-yasin Omar Hashi, the association noted the new developments and will help the stepping up of technological developments in the sector, cut costs for Microwave plants, good development and progress in the interests of the operators, their customers and the nation at large.

They called for the establishing of a central exchange system to coordinate the sector and counter any fore bearing hiccups in the sector if any.

The new twist of the events in the sector is a huge about-turn given the manner Somcable was given the quota and how their rights were closely safeguarded.