By Goth Mohamed Goth

Members of Somaliland Medical Fraternity participated this week in an international health conference in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Dr. Saleeban Hagog, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Hargeisa University, and other doctors are among the dignitaries invited to attend the international conference in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.

The Federation For Islamic Medical Associations” is an umbrella of 30 organizations spread all across the world, which includes hospitals, universities, and charitable organizations. All of them are united to help and improve the health of Islamic countries, especially in the areas of research, treatment, care, and medical knowledge in Islamic countries.

The Federation for Islamic Medical Associations, which was established in 1960, held its 39th conference which began on the 28th of this month in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, and the international conference will continue for four days.

The benefits that Somaliland received from the 39th Conference of the Federation for Islamic Medical Associations.

  1. Somaliland Doctors will have the chance to attend two weeks course to improve their knowledge at Riphah International University and Peshawar Medical College in Pakistan.
  2. Somaliland Doctors will during the course of their stay in Pakistan without being charged any money and will pay for food and accommodation.
  3. Some of the students of Hargeisa University will go to Pakistan for advanced training and the first five students will go this year and the expenses will be paid by FIMA (Federation of Islamic Medical Associations).
  4. Doctors working at Hargeysa University, Hargeysa Group Hospital, Gargaar Hospital, and Manhal Hospital are given high-quality training.
  5. Doctors from the Republic of Somaliland will take part in the upcoming FIMA conference next year which is due to be held in Malaysia.
  6. A high-level delegation will be sent next month to the Republic of Somaliland and will immediately assess the hospitals. An office will be opened at Hargeisa University to conduct specialist exams, inshallah the successful students will be taken to Pakistan and their education will be free.
  7. The dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hargeisa, Dr. Ayanle Saleban Ahmed, has been invited to an international conference in Pakistan in the New Year.
  8. The university is pleased to announce that the students and faculty of the Faculty of Medicine have implemented important issues that we will soon share with the public.
  9. Finally, Hargeisa University has recently become a member of FIMA (full membership) as an associate member.
Somaliland doctors participated in the international conference.
1- Dr Saleeban Hagoog.
2- Dr Mohamud Ahmed (Dr Chine)
3- Dr. Abdirahman Mahamud (Aw Koombe)
4- Dr Abdirisaaq Yusuf
5- Dr. Adam Ahmed Dahir
6-Dr. Ismahan Mohamud Ahmed.
7- Dr. Abdirahman Ahmed Ismail.
8- Dr. Hassan Abdi Yusuf.