By Goth Mohamed Goth

A wooden dhow and its cargo worth millions of dollars destined for the port city of Berbera sunk due to strong winds on Saturday evening.

The ship was on its way from the United Arab Emirates to Somaliland when it sank off the coast of Berbera in Sahil region on Saturday afternoon.

Mr/ Jamal Aidiid Ibrahim, the chairman of Somaliland chamber of commerce today speaking to reporters during in a press conference held in his office said, “I regret to announce that MV Mohamed Nimcaan(Wooden Dhow) and its cargo which is estimated worth is 5 million dollars sunk last night not far from the port of Berbera.

“The MV Mohamed Nimcaan(Wooden Dhow) which set sailed nearly two weeks ago from the port of Dubai in the UAE was carrying according to its cargo manifest building materials, cement, timbers,  vehicles, spare parts which belonged to 81 individuals,  all of whom are Somaliland citizens”, He said.

He added that two crewmembers of Indian nationality are missing at sea. None of the cargo on board the sunken dhow was salvaged.

It’s unclear whether the sunken cargo was insured.

The wooden traditional dhows provide a crucial Trade link for East Africa to the Middle East  Market.