By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Berbera Municipal council handed over the five brand new vehicles to the minister of interior in a ceremony held today at the council headquarters.

Mr. Abdikarim Aden Adde , Director of projects at the Berbera municipal council speaking during the handing over of the five land cruzier vehicles said, β€œThis is part of councils 2019 plan to contribute to the security of the region.

Hon. Abdishakur Idin, the mayor of the port city of Berbera on his part said, β€œWe are always called upon when security issues arise in the region and the main need is transportation which we contribute by renting private transport thus the resolve by the council to buy new vehicles which will be distributed to the various districts in the region.

Brig. Gen Abdirahman Foole, the deputy commander of Somaliland Police force thanked the Mayor and councilmen for their contribution and he acknowledged this is not the first time the police force is receiving vehicles from the Mayor and Berbera Municipal council.

Hon Mohamed Kahin, Minister of Interior speaking during the occasion said, β€œThis is part of the pledges made by the government of President Muse Bihi Abdi during the campaigns time to improve the infrastructure and other public amenities such as health, water and security and secondly I would like to laud the Mayor and councilmen of Berbera Municipality for allocating and include in their 2019 budget the funds to acquire these vehicles for the police force.

In a similar event, the Mayor of Berbera Municipality handed the keys to the new police rapid reaction unit premise to the minister of interior, the first such premise in Sahil region.