By Goth Mohamed Goth

Mr. Abdirashid Ibrahim Abdirahman, the Director-General in the Ministry of Trade and Tourism this week wrapped up a productive meeting at Berbera Economic Zone with the Somaliland Special Economic Zones Authority, DP World, the Somaliland Chamber of Commerce, and key government institutions. Exciting times are ahead as BEZ, nestled by the Port of Berbera, emerges as the game-changing hub for maritime, logistics, and industry in the Horn of Africa.

BEZ is poised to cultivate a conducive & competitive environment with a fresh regulatory framework, tailored facilities, and enticing incentives.

In the evolving realm of global trade, accessible infrastructure like economic zones is paramount, facilitating seamless international shipping and market expansion. The integration of Berbera port with Berbera Economic Zone signifies a monumental leap towards a premier trading ecosystem, ensuring Berbera’s relevance in the future marketplace.

BEZ offers a spectrum of amenities to meet diverse business needs: from land plots to retail outlets, serving as a catalyst for Berbera’s global ascent and privileged to gain insights into this transformative venture.