Boodhari Mills is proudly announcing that it will start selling its products to the local and regional markets after the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Its products will be available in 25 Kilos bags and 1 Kilo x 10 packs of premium quality flour.

Boodhari Mills has recently got a higher share price which increases the interest of customers and the company.

The mill has the capacity to produce more than 48,000 tons of premium quality flour per year (final expansion phase). The combined market size of Somaliland and Somalia is 360 million dollars (USD) per year.

​Additionally, the project will produce a substantial quantity of animal feed to sell to the local Somali livestock owners which are estimated to be 40 million animals in the Somali Peninsula. Animal feed is currently imported from the emirates at a cost of $500 per ton.

​Both of these markets are untapped and you are at the right place to explore this opportunity for a limited time only.

​Sourcing a portion of the wheat from local farms and forming strategic partnerships with the communities is a competitive edge in the market both on returns and contributing to sustainable development in the rural areas.