Mogadishu – This evening at around 06:30 PM, the Wadajir District Police Station in Banadir Region received information that the body of a citizen was found in his residence situated at the General Daud estate, of El Qalow district, Mogadishu.

The deceased was named Mr. Abdinasir Muse Abdurrahman, son of Mako Nur Dhimbil. He was 32 years old, born in Gebiley, Somaliland, a resident of Wadajir District, and until the time of his death worked for the Somali Civil Aviation Authority.

“The Mogadishu Police announced that they’re holding in their custody 6 suspects linked with the murder of the deceased and evidence left at the scene, the investigation of this case is still ongoing, and will share the outcome with the public,” said the police spokesperson.

The deceased Mr. Abdinasir Muse Abdurrahman, was part of 20 ICAO air controllers from Somaliland who were working for the Mogadishu Regional Airspace Control Center.

Mr. Omar-Sayed Abdullahi Adan, the Manager Director of Somaliland Aviation and Airports, expressed his deepest condolences to the relatives of the friends and the JSL nation of the late Mr. Abdinasir Muse Abdurrahman.

The Manager Director speaking on behalf of the Republic of Somaliland Civil Aviation and Airport Authority, and the nation of JSL, stated that the SL authorizes will quickly evaluate and review the status of all Somaliland-born workers working for the CACAS Project (ICAO) in Mogadishu.

The death of the deceased Mr. Abdinasir Muse Abdurrahman comes at a time when tensions are running high between the governments of the Republic of Somaliland and Somalia over the issue of airspace control.